Friday, April 8, 2011

Be in a Loving Relationship by Next Month!

I have been in strong loving relationship for years now. And it feels really great to know that I have somebody that is going to do absolutely anything for me, and I'm going to do anything for him, too. It's a fabulous feeling to know that people care, and want you to do better at life.

But I remember when times weren't so great for me. I can remember my old relationship. The guy I fell in love with me treated me so very poorly, and I let him do whatever he wanted to me, whenever he wanted. I was nothing more than a rag doll for him to play with.

But then one day I had an epiphany. And suddenly it all changed. I realize the three key rules to successful individuality and relationships. Here they are:

Be yourself. Its super important for you to always be the real kind of person that you are. If you ever put on a personality that isn't yours, then the person that loves you loves the facade, not the real you!
Master the art of communication. You've got to take time to practice what you say and mean. Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. Notice what you look and sound like. Is that the way you want to come off to other people?
Only let the best people into your life. This means sorting for the kinds of people that make you happy, and allow you to improve.

When I learned these things it turn my world right-side up. Because trust me, it was upside down before I knew them! The last time I spoke to that guy who I let treat me bad, he told me that he didn't love me, and it really hurt. But if I were strong I wouldn't have cared. Because I truly love myself, and ultimately, that's all that matters.

Being in a strong relationship has certainly taught me a lot, so make sure that you get one. It's really going to help you. And who knows, maybe it'll change your life, like it changed mine!

A relationship master, and full time lover, Kristen Lumbato helps people to be their best self, and find the perfect match so they can have healthy long term relationships. Read her nj refi review for refinancing tips, and then check out her dualit slice toaster overview for some cooking advice, while you're at it!


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