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Online Dating Tips

Would you like some online dating tips before you start looking for a new relationship? But are you uncertain about the safety and security of online dating? How can you make the experience a positive one? While online dating was a very new phenomenon in the 1990's, today it has become a very accepted way of meeting a date - or a mate!

Women often turn to online dating because they are shy about approaching men in face-to-face social situations. Meeting someone online can be a more comfortable way to ease into a relationship. Online dating also offers a greater variety of potential dates to choose from - many more than the typical woman would meet in her daily interactions. By learning some online dating tips, you may find the relationship you have been looking for.

Online dating tips: #1 - play it safe

If you meet a guy online, don't immediately jump in with both feet. Avoid providing too much personal information at first. You don't want to be scammed by someone who's posing as an online love interest, and it's been known to happen. If you agree to meet someone that you've met online for a date, one of the most important online dating tips to remember is this: meet in a public place and let a friend know where you're going and that you'll call when you get home safely. In today's technological world, you can check out a lot before you even meet the guy. Start by "googling" him. In a way, you're doing your own reference check. If you like a guy and think he's legit, he probably is. But in the immortal words of a former U.S. president: "Trust - but verify."

Online dating tips: #2 - keep it light

When you meet a guy in the "real" world, you may know him from work or the neighborhood. You may drift into a relationship and get to know each other over time. Meeting someone online thrusts you suddenly into someone else's orbit, without any point of reference. The relationship may feel more intense - people often experience a feeling of: "where have you been all my life?" Don't rush - start off slowly and keep things light, until you really get to know each other better.

Online dating tips: #3 - welcome to my world

You don't know his friends, his habits, or even his favorite restaurant. He hasn't met your best friend or your officemates, and he doesn't know anything about your daily routine. One of the most important dating tips is to get to know each other's real lives, and move from a virtual world to the real one. People in online relationships start dating in the cocoon of the online world-chat rooms and email, finally graduating to phone calls. Once you meet, you need to start moving out of that cocoon and really fly into each other's worlds. It may be cozy in a relationship that shuts out the rest of the world, but it isn't healthy or realistic. The sooner you start moving in each other's circles, the sooner you'll know whether you are a good fit for each other's lives.

Online dating can be an exhilarating activity, but as with any new experience, reasonable precautions should be taken. By following these online dating tips, you can open up great new possibilities and then bring them to reality.

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Open Your Heart to Love - A Powerful Dating Tip For Women

Here's an easy and powerful visualization technique to help you open your heart to love and men. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Become conscious of your breathing, slowly inhaling and exhaling to the count of seven, for at least three to five cycles. Imagine a beautiful pink rose or other multi-petal flower in bud form that resides in the center of your heart. The petals are fresh and tightly bound, protecting the delicate center. Notice the inherent beauty of this bud and all the fabulous potential it contains.

Next, give yourself permission to slowly and gently open that bud and your heart. In your mind, say these words, "I open my heart to love. May divine love flow through me, from me, and to me." Bathe yourself in this flow of love and feel it wash over you. Then, slowly, visualize the petals of your bud unfolding. Imagine them gracefully and tenderly unwinding, and loosening up bit by bit. The more the flower opens, the more your heart opens, and the more you feel the energy of love flowing all around.

Continue visualizing until the bud transforms into a fully blossomed flower, petals spread wide facing the sun. See it and yourself with all your amazing inner beauty. Lastly, express gratitude for this profound experience of love and your newly found openness. When you feel complete, open your eyes returning to full consciousness to enjoy a love-filled day!

This exercise can take as little as one minute or as long as 30 minutes. Choose the timing that feels right to you. If you notice any hesitancy in opening the blossom fully, feel free to stop where you are comfortable and then visualize a little more progress the next time you try the technique.

Practice this visualization if you have any concerns or negativity about men or love. If you want to find that genuine heart-connection with the right man, you'll need an open heart. The more you work with the exercise, the more you'll move through your day in an open manner. Men will see you as safe to approach and be more willing to start a conversation. Open your heart and watch what a difference it makes in your love life.

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Should You Have Sex on the First Date? Find Out Some Great Dating Tips

One author wrote ' If I had a nickel for every women who's asked, "Will sex on the first date ruin everything?" I'd be a well to do financially woman with a lot of slutty friends. Sex on the first date is not considered the best road but find out more from people that have experience in the dating and online dating vista.

All I recognize is that I still respect the man in the morning even if he does put out on the first. Occasionally I even fix him breakfast. But I'm not always sure the spirit is reciprocal. She continued. And this affirmation makes one inquire about the principles of the dating setting and how to behave even if you just got together from an online dating website or have been in a respectable friendship or occasional relationship for a while as Friends.

This could possibly come as a shock however oftentimes is something of a double standard in our world today. A concupiscent adult female who is unembarrassed and un-remorseful with her sexual appetites often runs into heartbreak. Sometimes this represents the outcome of her lover's religious raising, which could ignite the unconscious minds "shame on" button after sex -- even while his understanding wishes to argue it's okay. Sometimes it's due to a more world-wide "good girls don't" perceptual experience. Sometimes it's due to the fact that your partner's solitary involvement in you to lead off with was sexual and having met his curiosity, he's set to move on.

Realize, a lot of men do not necessarily regard sex in the setting of a dedicated relationship. So their response to your question might be: "Relationship? We don't have a relationship -- we had sex!" Which makes sense with the dating and relationship scene these days. It might appear that some online dating sites are just for that: sex. It really is best for guys to look for safe relationships with a adult female, through smart dating habits.

Sex on the 1st date. This really ain't breaking news here. I mean, there exists really nothing new about this quandary. While obviously I don't acknowledge for certain, I am pretty certain it's been around since the whole concept of going steady got started, whether it existed before the online dating web sites came around or before there was even a social online dating scene. Earlier times in this century, when dating really got started, it still was a 'social taboo'

Every dating book that I have ever read, every dating and relationship and advice blog or on-line dating website and online relationship social forum that utters about sex on the first date sounds out it's a unsound thought. Many guys say it's a risky idea. I would suppose it seems as though the consensus follows that it's a unsound idea. Especially when meeting on-line, on the net, through dating web sites, Facebook, MySpace or any other techniques that are not through family and acquaintances one requires to take even longer to develop a good man and woman human relationship to get to know each other. Then communicating online through electronic mail or on the net you'll then acquire a better estimation of what attracted you in the first place if it was through an onlilne dating website.

They allege that sex on the first date stamps out the mystery and that guys like a challenge. There's also that saying no one wishes to buy the whole ice cream truck when you are giving out the popsicles for free. Oh and who wants the whole cow when you are giving the milk away for free is a very familiar story that you possible have have read about on the social blogs and dating website chat boards on the internet. I am pretty sure there are dozens more, but you get the idea here. Part of me can buy into this. Though technically if we experience sex on the third or fourth date won't that wipe out the mystery? Plus if you are only into a person because they are mysterious I don't think you're headed for eternal bliss. After all, the mystery does eventually expire right?

I could go on about that, though that is not particularly where I am trying to go with this. Most women have learned very early on that a woman gives the last say with the entire sex thing. A lot of guys have told me that this is because the woman has more at stake. Which, sure I can agree there. Shes the one that can get pregnant thing.

Though here's what I have to say about that. If you are leaving the decision to me, don't complain about the decision that I make. Let me explain here because I don't mean that a guy is actually complaining. I know he's not calling his friends saying something like "man you won't believe what this chick did last night."

To me, when a guy gives you the go ahead to decide something, that implies that he's fine with whatever decision you make. He's cool if you want to have sex; he's cool if you don't. However, if you aren't going to call me again based solely on the fact that we did it on the first date I would say that makes you pretty not cool with the decision I made.

It's kind of like when a guy asks a woman where she wants to go to eat. She says she doesn't care and he can choose. Then when they get to dinner she complains the entire night about how she didn't want to go to that restaurant. Not cool is it? In fact it's a pretty darn annoying.

Here's the thing about this whole sex thing. Women enjoy it too and we don't always want to be rational about it. Sometimes women get caught up in the moment and just want to do what feels right. Sometimes a woman doesn't want to do things (or not do things) just because that's not what a woman "should" be doing. Sometimes she just wants to be who she is and not worry so much about what a guy will think of her. We don't punish a guy for doing that so why can't we do the same? She would think.

And I know there are guys out there who legitimately don't buy into how "wrong" sex on the first date is. Though this kind of adds to my whole point here. How are women really supposed to know what a guy is thinking or will think? How are women supposed to know which kind of guy we are dealing with here?

Perhaps if a guy really feels that strongly against having sex on the first date he should speak up (just like the woman that actually cares about where you go to eat). And I know, I know. Guys won't ever turn toss off sex but if you don't address then it's not fair to use it against a adult female, right?

I am well mindful that there exists a double standard, so I kind of feel like I am pounding a dead horse here. All I am enunciating is that if you actually care about your dating companion, getting sex on a first date (and by care I mean it alters the way you feel about your dating relationship partner) then don't act like you don't care.

As for myself, sex on the 1st date, and probably any, is simply too hazardous. It is best to wait until marriage. I don't doubt that there are may of you that the heartache.

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Some Useful and Great Lesbian Dating Tips

Lesbian dating tips will empower lesbians to go out and form strong and stable relationships. Good dating advice is usually very invaluable and you need to make sure you know what to do in a lesbian relationship. The following are some of the lesbian dating tips that you will find very helpful to you. Lesbian dating is not easy and just like any other relationship, you will realize that you need sound advice at many instances. The first thing is to be yourself and, make sure you maintain a natural flow to a relationship. If you start off as a different person, there is a time where you will unmask and you might not be that pleasing to anybody. Being yourself is not always very easy and, all you have to do is maintain your character and ensure that your principles are intact. The other thing is to have a listening ear. In a relationship, you need to have deep concern for the other person. This way, you will have the heart to listen to your mate honestly.

If you are forced to listen, you will probably get bored and you are likely to stop listening in the future. Another thing is safety. This applies most when you are meeting the person for the first time. This rules that go with the first date are not just for other forms of relationships. Lesbian dating needs to be safe and secure for everyone. Lesbian dating tips are in plenty and, one that is sure to enhance your lesbian relations is honesty. There is no other great tip like this one. You must maintain honesty in the relationship if you want it to work for you. You must be honest with your feelings so that you can take the relationship to levels you have not been to. This is true because lies and deceit will only work for the detriment of your relationship. When meeting for the first time, is it vital that you maintain a light mood. It is not always easy to transform the mood from dull to bright.

Therefore, if you are confident about a few humorous moves, you can engage them and, make your partner more at ease. Some people try flirting moves to make the mood light when you are meeting for the first time. This is fine only if you truly like the person. It is advised that you should keep it subtle. This is because you do not want to scare your date. There is something magical about letting nature takes its course in a relationship. You will be very delighted to know that you do not have to feel overburdened by a relationship for it to work. Obsessing over a relationship will only make you feel uneasy. Therefore, take time and ensure that you take it easy. You need to be ready if you want to take a relationship further. Remember, the key to a relationship is to make it progress from the first day of meeting. You will be pleased to see that you will make your relationship go even further than you anticipated.

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Time To Learn Some Dating Tips

Developing a relationship through internet is a very interesting experience. You will have a plenty of options when it comes to dating online. There are many sites that provide you with free dating tips which are valuable and useful for many people. These sites provide you with some great insights and tips with regard to dating experience and overall increase your level of understanding about many things in the dating arena. Dating tips can prove to be of great help to the starters and fresh daters. Here, you will get to know some of the fundamental aspects with regard to dating and the nuances associated with it.

The most important of all dating tips be well aware of your limitations about dating. If you are a balanced and sensible person who does not take a relationship for granted then dating can be a real fun. On the contrary if you keep flirting and switch relationship and people often, you will lose your credibility. When you are looking out to have a smooth and happy relationship you need to follow these basic tips. Ensure that you have a good profile that will make you stand out from the rest and also make sure all the information about you are true.

Dating services are provided by both general and specific dating sites that are designed for a specific group of people with a common interest. If you are looking through to date women online dating services become a member of the site that is specifically designed for that purpose. There are plenty of articles on the internet that are based on the tips. These articles provide you with great guidance in relation to dating. Through these online dating tips you can get in touch with the right kind of person and also know how to handle things in a relationship better.

Dating tips are available based on the age, relationship status and likings of a person. There are different kinds of tips available for both men and women. You need to aware as to which move you must take in a relationship. Personal information should not be shared with the other person in the initial stage. You can share it at a later stage after to know the other well. These tips for dating also vary according to the different stages of a relationship. Browse your way to a good and reliable site that provides you valuable information about dating.

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Top 9.5 Online Dating Tips

Millions of men and women have signed up at online dating sites. The research indicates that there are few dates and even fewer marriages that take place as a result of meeting people online. Some of the responsibility for the poor results lies with the customers themselves. Too many men and women fill out their profiles and then sit back and wait. They expect the computers to match them with their perfect mates. And they really don't want to actually work at finding their life partners.

Are you living in a fairy tale?

Some of the reluctance to take charge of your love life is the result of what I call the Fairy Tale Trap. This dating trap is an entrenched part of our culture. The Fairy Tale part of the trap says that we don't have to take responsibility for finding our soul mates. Indeed, our soul mate will just appear because...it's fate. Someday, our prince will come, if we just wait long enough.

Well, it doesn't work that way. The perfect employer doesn't call you with a job. The perfect car doesn't drive itself into your garage. And, your perfect partner won't magically appear someday to take you away from all of this. You have to get out there and look. Online dating services can help you look. They help you screen more prospects more quickly. But they won't find a mate for you. You have to still put in the effort. If you want the best results from your online search, try these proven tips:

Secrets to online dating success

1. Know yourself; be yourself. No phoniness. Be honest and demand honesty from dates. Or else. First email, first date, doesn't matter. At the first sign of untruthfulness, walk away.

2. Post several photos - with your clothes on. You catch fish according to the type of bait you use. What do you think you are attracting with racy photos of your T&A? If you want someone to love you for yourself, post photos of yourself, not your body parts.

3. Write a paragraph or two about yourself that no one else could write. Be unique. Most women fall within a fairly narrow range for height, weight, hair color, eye color. They are all "nice", "attractive", fun, good sense of humor. Tell the world something it doesn't know and can't get from a standard fill-in-the-blank profile.

4. Contact lots of people and answer lots of contacts. It's a numbers game. Besides, if you corresponded with only one man how would you know he's the best one for you? You never had a choice, did you?

5. Online dating safety tips 1) No personal email addresses. Get a new free one from hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. 2) Do not give out your personal phone or cell phone numbers. Instead, visit http://www.freeaudioconferencing.com and get a free bridgeline. This is a private telephone number that exists in a computer far away. You give this number to a possible date, and tell him to call that number at a specific time. Then, both of you call that number at the agreed time to connect over the phone. It's anonymous and untraceable.

6. Most of your contacts and replies won't result in a match or a date, let alone a relationship. So what? Do you always watch the TV channel that comes up when you turn on the TV? You browse the channels, so browse your prospects. The more you do this, the better you will get at it. When you finally meet Mr. Wonderful you'll be very good at screening and evaluating possible dates.

6a. On a scale of 1-10, you'll want to date 10's of course. You'd be smart not to waste your time on 1's. But, how about those 4-5-6's? Personality can make up for a less than perfect face or body. Besides, the way to get good at something is practice, practice, practice. If you want to be comfortable at dating, conversation, and screening your dates, date a lot of people. Consider it good practice. Whenever Mr. Right does come along, you'll be practiced, you'll be polished, and you'll be ready.

7. Don't think an online dating site will have your perfect date today, this month, even this year. People come and go a lot at these dating sites. Expecting to meet someone good on the first search is like expecting to meet your mate the first time you visit the grocery, the video store, or the coffee shop. The most useful tip is: be patient. You may spend months before someone compatible logs in and sees your profile.

8. Don't expect only one online dating site to have your perfect mate. Mr. Wonderful may have joined another dating site instead. If you're serious about finding a life partner, join the top 3-4 dating sites and visit them at least weekly to see if Mr. W has signed up yet.

9. And the most important of all online dating tips: Don't expect ANY dating site to find you a man. Dating sites can be helpful, but they are just one venue for meeting possible dates and mates. If you were looking for that perfect outfit you wouldn't keep shopping in just one store. Use all the resources available to you to find your perfect partner.

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Top Dating Tips - Can You Find Your True Soul Mate?

Top Dating Tips from my personal experience are not for the faint of heart and only for those serious on their quest to find their true soul mate. First let me share a short story that changed me from the inside out on finding my soul mate that I am married to today and thoroughly in love with.

Top Dating Tips For Those With Conviction

I am so excited to share the turning point in my life that lead me to my soul mate I get to make our memories together with today! Let me share with you, it is not easy to find that special someone who is going to be your best friend and lover at the same time. People are born into this World with so many different personalities and likes and dislikes. It is a wonder how any of us find that soul mate who we settle down the rest of our lives with.

First I had two prior serious relationships, the first one left me after five years together. We started dating as teenagers and were not mature when it came to give and take in a relationship. Then my second one was for beautiful looks, fun personality...yet destroyed my self esteem when they were anger for any reason. It was an awful break up, even though we attempted to make a clean break.

Then a turn of fate happened that changed my life for the better shortly after that. I had stopped by a doctors office while I was marketing for the company I worked for and was reading a brochure on the wall, while waiting for the doctor to invite me back to his office. I was shocked to realize 4 of the 5 signs were me, ugh! Why I was suffering with Co-dependency issues with low self-worth and I had to look to others to feel good about myself.

I had always strived to dress sharper as I matured in age, I pushed myself to be the best in my career, so now it was time to step up and prepared myself for a mature rewarding relationship. I finally realized just being with someone is not a true relationship, you both have to want the best for the other person.

I know there are single people reading this right now, please do not be impatient to get married. Not only do you have to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for your future soul mate...they are out there right now, this very minute experiencing challenges of their own, being shaped and formed for you!

Top Dating Tips To Find That Special Person

- Stop Being Serious: Once I made my mind up that I wanted to find my soul mate, I purposed in my heart not to every settle for just anyone. I began to date around three people at one time and was completely truthful with each one. First tell them that you want to find that special someone where both of you know without a doubt, you were made for each other. Do not let anyone tell you it is a dream, I personally waiting six years until I found mine!

- Learn To Grow And Find What You Like: Your future partner will find you attractive from learning your hobbies, likes and knowing that you are well rounded. Okay, so you are looking for that perfect person to find as a mate. You want him or her to be in good shape and well groomed as well as an alert and a smart personality. Question, do you think that this person would want those same things from you?

- Be Open Minded, But Know What you Want: So you are looking for someone who likes Sports? Enjoys dressing up for dates? Cannot wait to go out boating on weekends? So you have dated others that share your passion, but now you finally found someone that you both connect. The point is be open minded because there are available, quality people everywhere.

- Persistence Is Key: Three years after I made my decision to date or play the field until I found the right person, I pretty much thought I would grow old and retire single. I even prayed to God at that point in my life, I have yet to find that special person after avoiding serious relationships, what is wrong with me God? The creator had me wait another three years, but it was worth it. My only concern is that the both of us can grow as old as we can together. I know of several friends who are in their forties now and they have just completely given up in trying to find a mate. Avoid this please! Because it is a numbers game and sooner or later if you are persistent it will pay off.

If your friends give you a hard time for not having a serious relationship, say what I did, " I might be alone, but I am happy!" My last relationship I felt so lonely and miserable, that I never want to experience that again...so be strong and begin to date around.

It is not wrong to date around, especially when you are up front with everyone you date...do not lie to anyone! If someone gives you a hard time then share with them this response, "If you and I are to be together, our journey will unfold and if it is to be, we will know". You see, you are dating around learning to relate better to others and when the right person comes along, you will be available!

I hope this is helpful in your quest to find love from my top dating tips!

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Ultimate Dating Tips, Advice, & Strategies For Dating Mastery!

Although this article has a lot of great dating tips, advice, and ideas, it offers much more. It gives you an education and a step-by-step strategy that you can use to dramatically improve your dating success and enjoyment.

To draw your attention to key points, you will find these markers throughout the text: (Dating Tip:) & (Dating Ideas:).

Benefits to Mastery

Most of us approach dating in a lackadaisical manner as if our actions were dictated by instincts that we have no control over, like it is with animals. The difference, of course, is that humans have an infinitely superior intelligence that provides us with the ability to think, analyze, and choose.

Mastering dating rituals and techniques can change everything in terms of how successful you are in the courting process. This includes not only having the ability to recognize early when it's time to move on, but also how to create romance and passion with the person you have determined to be a promising match. (Dating Tip:) Dating rituals and techniques create the mystery and romance that women love and render the enticement and passion that men love.

Other benefits to gaining these skills is having more poise and confidence, which translate to having more fun! The final reward is a successful dating experience with someone you recognize as being the one who's right for you!

Building from the Basics

We will develop this information from a solid foundation by building from the basics of dating. For it is through the dating basics or rituals where we will apply the techniques that we shall learn about. Even the highly experienced dating veteran will benefit from this review.

The first date can produce a wide range of feelings from extreme nervousness and apprehension to being relaxed and self-assured for the well prepared or experienced. Opinions on how the date went can also vary widely from, "I think we had a great time" to "I'm not sure if either one of us had a good time or not." The uncertainty and mixed emotions are normal. The variation to either end of the scale of possible emotions depends on how much dating experience a person has and how long it's been since they dated last.

Responsibility for at least the first several dates, even by today's standards, typically rests almost entirely on the man. Ladies can be helpful, however, by being cooperative with plans and gracious as her man tries his best to execute the various dating rituals and customs such as opening doors, ordering wine, and so forth without stumbling.

First Date

The first date should be scheduled a week to two (2) weeks in advance, and it should be on a weekday (Monday through Thursday), not Friday or Saturday night. Friday, and especially Saturday, nights are reserved for the more advanced stages of dating. If work or school schedules doesn't permit this, then a date during the day on Saturday or Sunday will work. (Dating Tip:) Incidentally, you should be trying to date several people, or at least more than one (1), during your quest. Focusing on just one person can stifle your resolve to reach your target.

Guys, you should select a particular day and time for your date in advance of asking her. If she tells you that it's not a good day, do not negotiate unless she offers a specific alternative that fits into your plan (Monday through Thursday, anytime, or Saturday or Sunday, during the day). If she doesn't offer a specific alternative (This would not include, "Call me next week."), say to her, "Perhaps some other time." That's it! (Dating Tip:) The reason for all these tactical moves is this: If she is interested, she will help make it happen by re-arranging her schedule or by offering a specific alternative. Ladies, I'm sure you will agree with this. (Dating Tip:) Gentlemen, if you do get an unclear response to your invitation for a date, then make the decision based on your gut instincts on whether you should give it a second try or move on. If the second try doesn't work, then don't waste your time, just move on! The same is true for the ladies. (Dating Tip:) If a guy is not following these guidelines by not giving you enough advanced notice, or he has no plans when he picks you up, or he's not attentive during your dates, move on! In either case, the situation for the person you are attracted to could change in the future, but for now they are probably not interested.

The destination for your date should be simple and inexpensive, but clean and nice, and in your neighborhood. There is no sense investing your time or a lot of money until you determine if you like each other. (Dating Tip:) Most women will only become uncomfortable, or perceive you as being foolish, if you spend a month's pay on the first date. (Dating Ideas:) Possible locations for a first date might be at a local tavern, a coffee house, or an inexpensive restaurant.

Your Best Act is Being Yourself

Don't try to impress your date with your money, your position, your car, or your body measurements. Using these things to win someone over will only attract those with superficial intentions. (Dating Tip:) Win them over by showing them the qualities you have inside by simply being yourself.

Actually, the most important thing you can do on a date is to be yourself. There is always the temptation to act like the "Goddess Princess" or the "Knight in Shining Armor," especially after a few drinks. There is also the tendency to go along with things that conflict with your values, or to overstate your accomplishments or virtues. Trying to be somebody you aren't will not only bind you to a pack of lies, but it will often bring about an arrogant and conceited manner in you. It's also a lot of work being someone you're not. Wouldn't you rather have someone fall in love with you as you truly are? Of course you would! So do it. Be yourself!

Attraction Intoxication

Although you may be intoxicated by the beautiful or handsome appearance of your date, do not reveal the full extent of your feelings just yet. Save that for the right moment several dates down the road. Just say, "You look very nice this evening." and leave it at that. (Dating Tip:) In regard to sexual innuendoes, they have no place during the early stages of dating. They can be offensive to women, and sometimes to men as well.

Do not permit physical attraction (or lust) to cloud your judgment. When this happens, your vision begins to fade away, and you risk the chance of fooling yourself into believing that you have found the one who's right for you. Don't allow physical attraction to obscure your emotional requirements. Because when you find someone who satisfies both, the fireworks will be a continuous grand finale', and not a brief show followed by a string of duds. So don't settle for an individual who falls short of your vision. (Dating Tip:) To quickly determine if someone meets our criteria, we need to pay attention to our intuition and not be timid about attempting to determine their true character through tactful questions.

Tactical Questions

Keep the conversation light during the first few dates, but try to tactfully find out if your date has the qualities you seek in a partner or friend. (Dating Tip:) And don't tell them your whole life story and all your intimate secrets right away. Prolong the mystery. In fact, always try to maintain some degree of anonymity in some area of your personality or life, as it naturally provokes more excitement. Mystery is a mental aphrodisiac!

Take notice of your date's personality attributes and how they demonstrate their values through their actions and unrehearsed comments. Then ask yourself, "Do their responses reflect my values?" Human resource professionals carefully use crafted questions to get people to talk about themselves while they unwittingly reveal key aspects of their character. (Dating Tip:) Questions like these, used in a date setting, can also be revealing as well as lead to stimulating conversation.

On the first few dates, your questions should be geared toward discovering what you have in common and generating stimulating conversation. Save the more probing and tactical questions for a later time down the road. Typical questions might include:

- Where did you grow up?

- Do you have brothers/sisters?

- Where did you go to high school/college?

- What are your favorite movies?

- What are your favorite songs?

- What are your favorite sports?

- What type of books do you read?

More probing questions, which tend to reveal a lot about a person, should not occur until the third or fourth date. You can keep them from sounding like interview questions by presenting them playfully in a game-like manner. Probing questions might include:

- Where do you see yourself in three (3) to five (5) years?

- Using single words, how would you describe yourself?

- What's your greatest achievement?

- What's your greatest disappointment?

- If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

- What is your best attribute?

Here are a few words of caution regarding the use of questions. (Dating Tip:) If you're dating more than one person at the same time, and you have any tendency to get confused about what you've talked about with each individual, I would suggest that you make notes on what you talked about in your journal or calendar. Nothing is more disappointing to a date than when it is discovered that you can't remember what you spoke to them about. (Dating Tip:) On the other hand, nothing is more charming to them than when you remember specific details about your conversation.

At the End & Before the Next Date

Gentlemen, if when saying good night on the first date you feel a kiss might be appropriate, kiss her once to the duration that feels right. (Dating Tip:) Then say good night, turn, and walk away. Do not linger, talk more, try to kiss her again, or ask her for a second date!

Ladies, be sure to thank your date for the things that he bought you during the date. Be sensitive to the fact that dating is expensive and you never know how deep a man is going into his current budget to take you out.

Wait a few days and think it over. Is he or she worth pursuing? If so, gentlemen call her about a week later and schedule the second date for around a week from then. (Dating Tip:) Ladies if you haven't heard from him within two (2) weeks, move on! Don't allow yourself to take it personally, even if you had a great time! Don't waste your time trying to figure it out. Just get yourself back out there! Ladies, if you're the one who's not interested, simply refuse his offer for a date, even if you don't have a date for the company Christmas party! You'd make a much better impression on your friends and management if you were there with someone who was truly right for you!

Second Date

The second date should be advanced one more step by scheduling it later in the week on a Thursday or Friday evening, or Sunday, but not Saturday night! The destination should remain inexpensive, but slightly more adventuresome. (Dating Ideas:) Perhaps a light dinner at a unique sandwich or coffee shop, a movie, a special ice cream parlor, and/or a walking tour through a popular area with a lot of interesting stores.

The goodbye kiss on the second date can last a little longer, or a kiss or two (2) during the date is OK, but don't draw them out for too long. (Dating Tip:) Build up to that. Then later on down the line, after your friendship and feelings have been established, the long romantic kiss will be very heartfelt and memorable. If rushed, there's the possibility that the progress of your relationship development may not match, resulting in an awkward moment. So let interest, excitement, and romance develop at its own pace and give your partner/friend something to think about between dates! (Dating Tip:) Gentlemen, after the goodnight kiss, if there is one (some people take longer and that's OK too), say good night and leave. Do not linger! And do not schedule the next date then. Wait! Waiting not only gives you a cooling off period to get your head straight, but it also builds excitement and romance.

Third Date

If things seem to be advancing well and your date appears to fit your criteria so far, gentlemen, ask her for a third date after about a week and schedule it approximately a week in advance. And elevate the courting process to the next level, perhaps a Friday or even a Saturday night! (Dating Ideas:) Dinner and dancing, or dinner and a movie are good choices.

Ladies, if he doesn't meet your criteria at this point, move on! (Dating Tip:) Don't think that you can change him! Instead of wasting time, get back out there! If he calls, just tell him that your situation has changed and you're no longer available. If he's persistent, be honest, but also remember to be kind and empathetic. Just tell him something like, "I think we would both be happier with someone else."

I am placing more emphasis at this point on the ladies decision on whether they should move on because women typically have better judgment than men during the early stages of dating. Later on, it switches.

Dancing Expresses the Heart

I am going to change directions for a couple of minutes to provide you with some important and exciting thoughts about dancing. Let me start by giving you a bit of history on dancing. Humans have been dancing for thousands of years. Many different forms and uses evolved along with the development of human society. Although dancing was used for a wide variety of situations, its underlining purpose in most of them was to inspire and to gain unity of thought or focus. Male warriors danced together to strengthen one another, females danced together to support one another, spiritual leaders danced to achieve a closer connection with their higher power, and lovers danced together to celebrate, connect, and express their affections for each other.

I would suspect that the greatest number of dance variations, especially in modern society, exist between men and women. There's the waltz, the tango, the swing, the two-step, and many more. My favorite is the free-style dance that you might see in a nightclub, because it allows complete freedom to express your individuality.

Whatever your tastes are in dance, what is important is whether or not you and your partner/friend harmonize in style, rhythm, and tempo. (Dating Tip:) If not, it is very likely that you will not harmonize in other major areas of your relationship as well, but especially in the area of romantic compatibility.

Think back. Have you ever danced with someone who seemed to be dancing alone? They moved in a manner and speed that was way out of rhythm from yours? Have you ever danced with someone who forcibly led with his or her own style without regard to whether you were following or enjoying it? Have you ever noticed how this same person tried to control everything off the dance floor as well? It's very uncomfortable to be in these situations and not enjoyable or fun as it should be.

In contrast, when you find someone who harmonizes with your dancing style, the activity can be both fun and erotic! You will also find that you get along, almost mysteriously well, off the dance floor as well! If you can't fully appreciate the amorous and romantic aspects of dancing, rent the movie "Dirty Dancing."

You can see then that the way a person dances is really an expression of their internal self. (Dating Tip:) Therefore, it is important to zero in on this aspect of your interactions when you're with someone. Don't settle for less, either. Dancing with the one who's right can be absolutely magical! And your dancing skills really have little to do with it. Now let's return to our main topic.

Evaluate Your Aim

After the third date, it's time to consider if you should continue dating this person or not. (Dating Tip:) Start by reviewing your criteria for an ideal partner or friend and comparing it to the person you've been seeing. If you have not yet created a list of criteria for your perfect partner, I would strongly suggest that you do.

Do not rationalize! Think carefully about your evaluation and then make a decision to continue or move on. And stick to it! Incidentally, this choice becomes a lot easier if you're dating more than one person at the same time, which is highly recommended.

Reality before Sex

If you've decided to proceed, and you feel sex is a possibility, it's time to revisit reality, and discuss contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). This would be appropriate for couples of any age. (Dating Tip:) You may feel uncomfortable with the thought of discussing these subjects with your partner/friend, but it's your life and these issues must be resolved. One bad choice in this area can instantly ruin your life forever!

(Dating Tip:) I would strongly suggest no matter how truthful, safe, and healthy your partner/friend seems, that you make certain that an adequate birth control method is being used, and that you both get tested for STD's before your first sexual encounter. If you don't have medical insurance to cover these expenses, most local health departments offer birth control counseling and STD testing for free or at a nominal fee.

Fourth through Sixth Date

If you're ready to move on to dates four (4) through six (6) it's time to start planning some adventures. (Dating Ideas:) Guys, get creative and do some research to find some unique restaurants and activities such as dinner cruises, plays, concerts, or special events. Concentrate on the activities that would take you outside of the area where your date lives or works. Your objective is to create unique, memorable, and adventurous experiences together.

After the sixth date, it's time (once again) to consider whether or not you want to continue dating this person. (Dating Tip:) Again, review your criteria for an ideal partner or friend. At this point, it may be more difficult to break away or think clearly, especially if you've been intimate and your weekends are no longer lonely but filled with the excitement of dating! Think carefully about your evaluation, and then go with your gut instincts as to whether you should continue or end it. Keep in mind that it's a lot easier to end a relationship in the early stages than later. In fact, as time goes on, it gets progressively more difficult. So give it serious consideration, and don't allow a temporary good time to postpone your discovery of the one who's right! If you decide to continue though, do so with gusto!

Seventh through Ninth Date

If you decide to move on to dates seven (7) through nine (9), it's time for some trips, some introductions into your personal world, and some romantic activities. Ladies, at this point, it would be fitting for you to start planning an activity every once in a while, where you pay for a portion or all of the expense. Even if it's just a home-cooked meal, most men will love it! (Dating Tip:) Guys, some brainstorming and research may be required here. Also, planning an activity together might be appropriate, allow you to see how you work together, and may result in a truly memorable experience!

(Dating Ideas:) Trips might include an entire day (or evening) at an amusement park, cultural center, a specialty show, a zoo, or a museum. For those who are more sports orientated, a day of snow or water skiing, sailing, golf, or tennis may be more of an appeal. (Dating Tip:) Exposure to each other's personal world is necessary so that you can thoroughly assess the integrity of your matching. This means that you need to introduce your partner/friend to a couple of people and activities that are important to you in your life. Then you will need to do the same with your partner/friend and gain exposure to key people and activities in their life. (Dating Tip:) You will then be able to determine whether or not your two (2) lives will blend together successfully. (Dating Ideas:) Romantic activities can vary from a walk on the beach, a picnic in the country, or a candle light dinner at home to those of greater intimacy such as a weekend at a resort.

After the ninth (9th) date, it's time (once again) to evaluate whether or not you want to continue the relationship. (Dating Tip:) Again, review your criteria for an ideal partner or friend.

At this point, the idea of breaking it off can be painful. But if it's not working by now, I can assure you, it probably never will! So if your evaluations on this person are coming out poorly and they have few, if any, of the qualities you "must have" or "cannot have" in a relationship then you need to face facts. (Dating Tip:) Don't rationalize! Don't sell yourself short! And don't waste anymore time! Think carefully about the conclusions you came to in your evaluation. Make a decision, and don't look back!

If, on the other hand, you determine that the person you are dating matches your criteria for an ideal partner or friend, and you feel that the chemistry is right, then continue on without fear, without hesitation, and without measure of what you expect to receive in return!

Brad Paul


Copyright ? Brad Paul

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Myrmidons of Melodrama

Myrmidons of MelodramaDating in the 1950's! Dating Do's and Don'ts is one of the greatest examples of 1950's culture ever acquired. This famous film takes teens through the gauntlet of rigid rules for dating, from asking the right girl to how to say good night. Alan Woodruff, otherwise known as "Woody" receives two tickets to the Hi-Teen Carnival and is suddenly confronted with the realization that he must ask a girl out. He settles on Ann Davis since she "knows how to have a good time." As their date progresses, the narrator gives Woody several important guidelines to follow that make him a swell guy on a date. Dating Do's and Don'ts is that vintage 1950's social etiquette film that takes viewers back to a time when the rules of conduct were simpler, restrictive, and by today standards, absurd.

Price: $18.98

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Patti Stanger: Married in a Year

Patti Stanger: Married in a YearFemale fans of Patti Stanger, TV's Millionaire Matchmaker, who've secretly wanted to hire Stanger to remake their own love lives as she does for her hapless millionaires, will love Married in a Year. Stanger presents an engaging demonstration of her 12-month "love action plan" to keep women's eyes on the dating prize: true commitment including an engagement ring, within a year. Stanger is assisted by capable actors who play out how new relationships might unfold, and who's making the right and wrong choices along the way. Stanger's no-nonsense approach is one of her best qualities, and Married in a Year is Stanger at her most caustic, and most insightful. The tips are intuitive, but also good reminders for single people of either sex--especially how to spot red flags and how to move on quickly, not wasting precious time in the wrong situation. Stanger also hangs out with some frank-talking men who speak about their own deal-breakers in a relationship, what they expect and look for in a potential long-term mate, and what mistakes women make from the male perspective. And women, Stanger will not be going easy on you, either. You need to perk up your appearance (use Spanx, whiten your teeth, dress like you want a man to notice you, and for heaven's sake, cover up that cleavage!). And you need to communicate clearly what your own needs are. As the year progresses, if you hit the big stumbling blocks, you need to be willing to move on--even if you really love the guy. Stanger is remaking The Rules to be both more realistic and potentially more effective--but single ladies will need to be vigilant and be willing to gaily cry "Next!" à la Patti if a guy is falling short. Fans of Millionaire Matchmaker will enjoy the finale of Married in a Year, which features Matchmaker's Mohawked exec, Destin, in a pivotal cameo. --A.T. Hurley

Price: $14.98

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Dating - Tips To Help You Have Good Dating Experiences

Having good dates might mean finding someone who you really like and having fun at the same time. There are however various other things that can help make your dates fun and enjoyable. Below is a run down of tips to help you have great dating experiences!

Be Free

This might sound silly but what this really means is that you should try to allow yourself to be yourself. If you, and your date, like doing a particular activity or going to a certain place then don't feel like you have to conform to conventions about what to do on a date, or where to go. If you both enjoy it and it's safe then just enjoy it!

Take Action

If you want something to happen then you can either wait, or you can make it happen yourself. Take action, take a risk or two (legally) and enjoy yourself. If you like someone ask them out and go for it.

Stay Realistic

Avoid seeking the prefect potential partner. In reality, the perfect partner for you might be the person you least expect it to be. Be open to all opportunities.

Have Reasonable Expectations

Trying not to expect too much out of situations can avoid you feeling disappointed and disillusioned. At the same time, it's important to remain positive. Talk to your friends about your dating and try to keep your expectations in balance.

Be Honest

Being honest, especially with yourself, is important if you want to be able to learn from dating mistakes and move on. If you had a bad dating experience then recognising if it was your fault can turn it into a positive thing in the long run.

Be Flexible - But Don't Make Do

Whilst being reasonable and flexible, and not seeking perfection, is important, so is knowing when and how to compromise, or not. Be truthful with your feelings and avoid making do with a situation where you can't honestly say you are happy.

Have Awareness

Be aware of you and your date's feelings. Evaluate occasionally to see whether the experience is successful or whether actually things aren't going as well as maybe you first thought.

Good Luck!

Will has considerable experience writing in a professional capacity. He is a keen sports enthusiast who specializes in fitness and diet topics. His most recent website about ladies bracelet watches was inspired after spending many hours searching for the perfect watch to gift to his wife, and aims to help others find the perfect womens bracelet watches online.

Dating Tip For Women - Get Off the Bitter Bus!

Are you on the Bitter-Bus? What ? I never heard of that before. What a descriptive euphemism for being down on dating.

When you are negative about the singles' scene, you actually sabotage your prospects. Being happy, positive and open, are much better qualities. Here are a few tips to get you off the bitter bus and on to finding someone new and better:

1) When you catch yourself saying negative things about dating and men, wake up! Stop yourself at the moment you realize the bus is rolling and you are on it. Change the subject you are talking about or move on to happier thoughts.

2) Don't put down the attempts your friends or family are making to meet new people. Be supportive instead because you'd like to see them happy - wouldn't you? When you are positive for others, you will be more positive for yourself.

3) Don't assume because you tried a particular singles' event or meeting method one time, that you'll have the same poor results if you try again. It could happen, but you could also meet someone, so give yourself a break.

4) Someone else's good luck at finding a mate is evidence that it's still possible for you to find love too! Instead of feeling like other people are luckier than you are, why not think "If that person can find someone, so can I!"

5) Generalities hurt you. Not all men (or women) are liars, cheats, non-committal, etc. There are always exceptions to every rule and who even says that this poor behavior is a rule? Everyone is not the same - thankfully or we'd all like the same man (or woman) - Yikes, what horrible thought that is!

Stop riding the Bitter Bus. Follow any of these steps to shift gears and your attitude which will improve your chances of finding the love you want.

Discover 5 Big Turnoffs that Drive Men Away and 7 Surefire Ways to Make Men Want You by Ronnie Ann Ryan, The Dating Coach. Get her FREE ebook instantly, at www.after40datingtips.com Ronnie found love and married after 40 and knows you can too! She's helped over 1,500 people jumpstart or accelerate their search for love. People fall in love every day. You could be next!

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Dating Tips and Relationship Advice in Dating Someone New

When you finally find someone your interested in,you should take the time to find out some things about them. Sometimes you may find that the one you have chosen to date, may be the perfect enemy that your parents warned you about. You may have thought that it could never happen to you to meet the wrong person,but it does happen often. When you decide to check them out,there are some dating tips and relationship advice you should look at when dating someone new.

One thing is to find out as much as you can about their past. Some people do change when they get older but it is not likely,and very seldom happens. You should find out if they are faithful and trust worthy people; and doing this may bring you to find and question, some of their past relationships. This is a great start to easing your mind and checking them out. Some seems to think by taking this step of relationship advice might be a little overboard, but it is best to learn before you commit to this person.

Online dating tips works well when searching for a persons background, and tools are available to perform any type of search your looking for. Knowing peoples background this day and time is only for your own protection. Do not feel that you are doing them wrong by taking this step. This may be the most important decision you will ever make.

Divorce is at a ratio higher than it has ever been in history,and if only 50% of those people would have took the time to research their dating partner more, this percentage would go down tremendously. This in the long run would save money for most by not having to spend on legal fees. This being said,this relationship advice could save a bundle for most people.

Sometimes people do live their lives in certain patterns. If your dating someone that has been married in the past,find out what broke them up in the first place. If cheating was the mistake,and they were the cheater,then you can very well expect it to happen again. These patterns often run in a relationship no matter who they are with.

Not everyone who does cheat will be at fault,sometimes they are in the wrong place in another persons life at the wrong time. Not taking up for the cheating spouse,but it does happen. This is the time to check up on them to see if it has happened more than once. These dating tips and relationship advice is critical to your future,so be aware of these things and search them out before you commit to someone new.

To get the best relationship advice you can get expert tips at http://magicofmakingup-tips.com/

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Dating Tips For Muslims

Among the main 7 religions of the world Islam is one. Muslims are the followers of the religion Islam. But love and relationships should not be based solely on caste, creed, race or religion even if many people do prefer to date and marry people belonging to their own origins. It is a matter of choice and many have this feeling of belonging with the people from their own background. But with changing times people do look beyond their own castes and falling in love is one of the main reasons. While some take this change positively, some do not.

Some families and communities are liberal about inter religion relationships while some are not. If you are not a Muslim and dating someone from that origin you must first figure out how liberal her family and community is, whether you would be welcomed with arms wide open or not. This information is highly crucial because if the family or community does not welcome someone coming from a different background then it will lead to a lot of difficulties and things might not remain cordial. Hence you must be careful about getting into the relationship and committing. So what can you do? Well probably the most important thing to realize is that most families are usually quite relaxed when it comes to this sort of thing these days. So try not get too stressed about it. The main thing to remember is to treat your girlfriend or boyfriend well and respect her. Give him or her your time and make them feel loved and wanted.

You may find that the best course of action is to keep your relationship hidden away from others for a while until you are truly ready to tell people about it. This way your parents and peers do not have to know about what you get up to. If you plan on keeping your relationship a secret, then make sure to never talk about it in font of anybody that you don't trust or that you may feel would tell others about it. Interestingly this secrecy can make your relationship all the more exciting and romantic just like in a movie. However at the end of the day, the time will come when you do have to tell someone about your relationship. So rather than just surprising them, instead slowly build up to telling them so that they are not shocked with the news.

For more information on how to please your man, have a look at how to give head to learn how to give good head to a guy.

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Dating Tips For Women - How to Create an "Ideal Man" Profile

Many single women who are looking for an authentic, loving relationship make the mistake of not identifying the qualities they really desire in their future partner before they enter the dating scene. What often happens is that these women end up settling for whatever man comes their way and developing a relationship out of convenience rather than what they truly want in a life partner.

Have you thought about what qualities in a man are most important, for you?

If not, it's time to describe in detail what characteristics your ideal man should have. Yes, it can be frightening to be completely honest with yourself about who you do want to date - especially if you are afraid you might not get that - but it's a fact of life, whether in business or your personal life, that if you don't know what you want, you won't know where to find it.

Some women have created their "dream man" list, but what often holds them back is self-confidence. They secretly doubt that they "are good enough" to date the man of their dreams. This fear holds them back by lowering their expectations - why even try if you don't believe you will find what you want?

So when they create their list, they aren't honest about what they desire. Instead, they set the bar low and accept any man that comes their way who meets a few basic requirements.

The truth is - if you want to find the right man for you without dating a bunch of losers along the way, you must have standards.

You don't want to focus all your mental attention on worrying whether he felt the same way or if he will call and you want the confidence to say "Next!" when he exhibits traits that are incompatible with or unacceptable to you.

To create your dream man list:

1) List of all the characteristics that you need from a man. When you first start your list, don't limit yourself - no matter how shallow or judgmental you think they are. Just write down whatever comes to mind. For instance, you might write that he is over six feet tall, smart, has a good job, owns his own house, has never been married, doesn't have kids but wants them in the next five years, has no contact with any of his exes, wants a committed relationship, is fit, has similar religious beliefs, is ethical, has a witty sense of humor and so forth.

2) Evaluate your list. Now, go back and look at what you wrote. Not all of these are necessary to have a committed, loving relationship. Many might be "nice to have" but you could still love the man if he didn't have that particular characteristic. For instance, it might be nice if he owns his own home or was over six feet tall, but you could still love him if he had a nice apartment or was 5'11". By doing this step, you can break out the "essential" characteristics from the "non-essential" characteristics.

3) Write down your deal breakers. Finally, make a list of traits a man might have that are unacceptable to you. For instance, he's of a different faith, has anger management problems, is financially irresponsible, smokes, has a drug or alcohol problem, lives in another city, hasn't had a job in the last six months, is controlling, is still involved with his ex's life, plays the victim rather than taking responsibility for his actions, and so forth. These are your red flags that will help give you perspective before you get too involved with a guy who isn't right for you.

Keep in mind, your ideal man list isn't there to prevent you from dating men you are genuinely attracted to. Rather, it is to help you define those qualities you know you need in order to feel happy and loved in a relationship. Your list will help you stay focused on what you want while helping you remain objective when you meet someone who might not be right for you. It's also not set in stone. As you meet and date more men, feel free to add or subtract characteristics from each of your "essential," "non-essential but nice to have," and "deal breaker" lists.

Learn how you can overcome your self-doubt, shyness, and fear when interacting with men you are attracted to by being the amazing, self-confident woman you are. Visit http://www.attractaguy.com for more tips on how to be your "best" self, attract quality men and keep them interested.

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Internet Dating Tips For the Real World

Internet dating tips are easy to come by, but it seems that most of them are referring to some odd Utopian world that has little to no resemblance to reality. Online dating can be a rough ride for many people, and as such there is a need for real world advice on internet dating. Here are a few points to consider when looking into internet dating.

First up, what are you looking for? A light, casual relationship or something deep and meaningful? This is the most important thing you need to be sure of when looking into internet dating. When signing up for an online dating service, be honest about everything on your profile. Be honest about yourself, your interests and your life.

You want to be as open as possible with prospective partners, but don't go into massive detail about yourself at this stage - leave that to be discovered through conversation if you were to meet up. Next is to think of a set of questions to ask your possible new partner, about their life, their interests and their desires for the future. You need to know them just as much as they need to know you!

Ask broad questions as well as detailed ones. Then, when you meet up with the person, you can see how their conversation matches up to their online answers. Above all, make sure that when you meet up with a person that you have come into contact with via online dating methods, you do so somewhere safe and public.

Relax and enjoy yourself, and remember that the other person is probably just as nervous, if not more so than you! The best internet dating advice for the real world is easily summed up: Be honest, be careful, relax and have fun in the company of someone that may well become that special someone.

Lucy is a lifestyle and dating blogger with a passion for passion! Finding that special someone is never an easy thing, but it can be a whole lot easier with some good online dating tips!

Essential First Date Tips

A first date is very serious because it is the time when both the woman or man will examine each other and determine whether or not they want to pursue a relationship with you. I have been on several first dates - but have only been on more then one with two. This is because I discover definite characteristics in them that I knew was something I did not like.

Still, you must consider that the very same principles are being put on to you. If you truly like somebody and wish to make a good impression on them you need to recognize what is crucial to do and what things you should never do.

Bringing Up The Ex

Nobody wants to hear you rant on about your ex for two hours or only for two minutes. It is acceptable to mention them if they notice that you are cautious and you want to explain why - but don't compare them and don't keep mentioning them. All that will tell them is that you are still mad and in search for a rebound individual rather then wanting to enter into a committed relationship.

Manners Are Everything

Table manners is something that our mothers instructed to us and for great reasons. Make a point to be polite to the waitress and that you consume your food with your mouth closed. Bad table manners indicates that you are uncaring of other individuals or that you don't want to act like an adult.

Don't Monopolize

It is crucial to remember that there are two people on this date and that you are trying to get to know each other. Never be the only one talking. Ask them personal questions and find out what you can about how their life is. However, do not be too quiet or else they might think that you are very shy.

Avoid Bad Breath

Before and after you have completed eating it would be smart to pop a few breath mints to make sure that you are not giving out a foul odor. Bad breath is a terrible way to keep individuals from you - but if you like them don't eat up onions or garlic and eat loads of breath mints.

There are great Healthy Food Remedies that will cure bad breath. Also learn some of the more common Myths Of Bad Breath that people fall for.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Follow These 5 Dating Tips and Avoid Common Mistakes

For much of human history, people got married when and to whom they were told to. Dating - the idea of having fun with someone without necessarily being committed for life - is a relatively newer concept. Maybe that's why it can be so difficult. Dating can feel like either the best or worst thing you do! Here are some top dating tips to help you have more fun and feel more confident about the game of love.

Dating Tip #1: Maintain Eye Contact

Looking into someone's eyes while speaking sends a lot of good messages; for example, it says you can be trustworthy, that you are interested in the conversation, and that you are also confident in what you are saying. On the other hand, a wandering eye can get you into trouble!

If you are the kind of person who gets really nervous, try looking at the person's eyebrows, this can help you feel like you're not staring, and it's less intimidating, but you'll still be focused on your date!

Dating Tip #2: Don't Talk About Yourself Too Much

While it is important to share information about yourself as you get to know each other better, it must be just that-sharing. Avoid monopolizing the conversation and give your date time to answer questions and talk about herself, too!

Don't be too intimidated by short silences. A great way of realizing if you are talking about yourself too much is by keeping track of how many of your sentences begin with a personal pronoun.

Dating Tip #3: Be on Your Best Behavior

It is amazing the number of people who simply forget to have good manners, like calling well ahead of time if canceling is necessary. Never stand up a date, or forget your wallet! Say please and thank you when appropriate. Also don't forget proper grooming and attire. Compliment your date at some point, but remember to be sincere. Treat your date as you would want to your mother or your sister be treated.

Dating Tip #4: Choose Your Plans with Care

While sometimes dating can be an adventure, you don't necessarily want everything to be a surprise. Go to places you have been before or at least are prepared for. One or two activities can definitely fill an evening while allowing time to talk, instead of a marathon of events that leaves you both exhausted and grumpy.

Dating Tip #5: Avoid Certain Topics

Try to avoid topics that are overly emotional, like politics or religion, until you know the person better. If you do state your opinions, make sure you realize that other opinions exist. Some subjects, like your ex, or money, should probably be avoided until you and your date are much closer. Don't tell your whole life story, especially on the first date. Leave something to talk about on date number two!

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, then take a look at the How To Get Girlfriend blog http://getgirlfriendsystem.com/ and learn his system for meeting and dating women.

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Helpful Dating Tips for Guys - Dating Advice for Men

Every man on this planet has surely experienced being rejected or being dumped one way or another. Some were even rejected without even getting a chance whatsoever. Some men deal with the rejection in a positive manner while some do not. How you deal with these unpleasant dating experiences defines who you are as a man and as an individual. There are things that you can do to jump back into the dating wagon and gain more positive results. The following tips will serve as a dating advice for men. These tips may or may not work for you but still you should give them a try. We all know how complex a woman's mind is, which is why we need all the help we can get when it comes to the dating game.

For most of us who are a bit oblivious when it comes to attracting and approaching women, or dating for that matter, the following are basic dating tips that may help you get over that proverbial hurdle.

Stop focusing on the negatives and start taking advantage of the positives. There are always things that we do not like about ourselves; that is a fact. What you need to do is to stop worrying about those things and start focusing on the things that you feel confident about yourself. Women love men who are confident about themselves and are comfortable in their own skin.
Look presentable at all times. You need to show women that you know how to take care of yourself. The idea that women are attracted to guys who are rough on the edges is a myth that Hollywood has created. A man who can take care of himself, not just on the physical side but also on other aspects, displays an aura of dependability and that is what women are looking for in a man.
Do not look for your ideal woman in a single place. Find love anywhere you go. While you are searching for her in bars or other traditional singles spots, the love of your life might just be sitting right next to you on a bus or in the cubicle next to yours. The next time you visit your video rental shop, check out the woman holding a copy of your favorite movie of all time, she just might be it.
Do not be afraid to flirt with the opposite sex. If you can, flirt with your co-workers and lady friends, playfully of course. Developing a sense of humor is not rocket science. If you learn to interact with the opposite sex, then you will have no trouble asking a woman out on a date when that time comes.
Rescue a lady every chance you get. It does not have to be from a burning building or a sinking ship. There are others ways you can save the day like from an embarrassing situation or from another guy whom she obviously dislikes. The cat that gets rescued from a tree does not have to belong to a little girl or her grandma, for all we know the cat could belong to a fine lady who lives next door.

These tips are just some of the things you can apply in order to improve your dating life. There are a lot of dating advice for men out there. Just remember that the first step in dealing with any unpleasant situation is accepting that you need help; and believe me, we all need help when it comes to dealing with the fairer species.

Girls are not the only one that need advices regarding relationships. Guys also need dating advices in order to gain full power in the dating wheel. To know more about it, check out http://datingguideforguys.com/

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Holiday Dating Tips - Make the Most of Mistletoe!

Some people might think it's a drag to be single during the holidays - but really, it's quite an opportunity. The season is crammed with social events, so why not take advantage of all that holiday cheer?

1) Attend all Parties to which You Are Invited

You never know who you will meet or who these new friends might know for fix ups. The wider your social circle, the more chance for blind date prospects -so no excuses - just go!

2) Wear a Smile

When you smile at people, you make them feel good by acknowledging their very existence. Who couldn't use a bit more acknowledgement? It's easy to shut down, turn your head, and look away. But believe me, you'll get a lot farther with a simple smile. From a non-verbal perspective - you communicate that you are a friendly type of person who won't bite someone's head off if they decide to take the chance to talk to you. And that's a very good thing.

3) Look Your Best

OK, everything is on sale. If you don't have the proper holiday attire - go buy something new! When you look fabulous - that messages comes through loud and clear non-verbally. How you feel about yourself determines 80% of your attractiveness. Choose party clothes that make you look fantastic. It's not about super dressy or the right designer. Instead, it's about fit, color, style, and yes, grooming. Look good, feel good, be magnetic - that's what I always say.

4) Be Warm and Friendly

When you go out, please be warm and friendly. That means no leaning against the wall with your arms folded. No hiding in the kitchen either. Go ahead - stand front and center with the crowd, so you actually have a chance to meet new people. Isn't that the whole point of going out? If you aren't having fun, pretend you are because happy, friendly people are very attractive. And then things might turn around, right?

5) Keep Expectations Realistic

Be realistic with your expectations of any event you attend. You might meet some great new people, or not. But that doesn't keep you from having a good time and making the most of what is available. Attitude can make the difference between a fun evening and a miserable memory and surprisingly, this is a choice you can make. If the party attendance isn't what you expected, enjoy the people who are there. Once again, you just never know who might be the connection to the partner of your dreams.

Leverage holiday festivities for all they are worth. At the very least, you'll have fun and the upside might be the chance to take advantage of that silly mistletoe.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Known Dating Tips, Secrets, and Dating Mistakes

I hear it over and over--"It was going so great, and then she disappeared on me... why? What happened--we were having such a great time together. I'm tired of this happening--I want to date sexy women, but I want them to stick around. Do you have any dating tips for me?"

Yes, I do. Every time I talk to a guy who tells me this, I discover he's making the exact same mistakes most guys do, dating mistakes that kill his chances of successfully dating sexy women. So, I give him some dating tips to skyrocket his success with sexy women. Here are the most common ones:

Dating tip #1: Don't date. Yes, that's right--don't date. Think about a traditional "date"--it's full of pressure, awkwardness, evaluation and it just plain sucks. What do you do on a "traditional date?" Dinner, movie, kiss goodnight, she doesn't return your calls. Or you have drinks, and try to "make your move," and we all know where that ends up. Much better (and cheaper) to meet for coffee--it's fun and relaxed with none of the normal dating expectations.

Dating tip #2: The less you do and say, the more she's attracted to you. Most guys try to impress sexy women, or "lay a rap" on them. Sexy women have heard it all before. But, if you ask her about herself, shut up and listen, and display a SMALL degree of interest, she'll begin to wonder why you're not slobbering all over her. She'll want to discover more... now you're a challenge, and sexy women love challenging guys. Why? Because they rarely meet one. This is a HUGE dating tip.

Dating tip #3 Be a "naughty little boy." Another big dating tip. Remember the "class clown" in elementary school--the guy who was "cool and funny" all at the same time? When you're talking to sexy women, make unexpected and mischievous comments, the kind that leave them thinking, "I can't believe he just said that... but I like it." This shows sexy women you're NOT impressed by their looks, that you need to see more. This is so different from what they're used to they can't help but be attracted. I cannot emphasize the importance of this dating tip.

Dating tip #4 Avoid all canned pick up lines, "laying a rap," or any type of "acting." Sexy women have heard it all before, and as soon as you spout one, you're instantly a JAG (just another guy). And JAG's don't get sexy women--remember this dating tip!

Dating tip #5 Sexy women are approached and hit on 20 to 30 times a day. This is their world--to get into it, you have to be different from the 20 guys who've already talked to her. (see Dating tip #3 for how to be different to sexy women).

Dating tip #6 Look out for her tests. Sexy women (indeed, all women) will test you to see if you'll stand up to them. If you can't stand up to her, you can't stand up for her. If she asks you to buy her things, that's a test--and a perfect opportunity to be a "naughty little boy" (see Dating tip #3). Say something like, "What do I look like an ATM machine? You should buy ME something, just for the privilege of spending time with me. I like sexy women who buy me things!" This is said in a playful--yet firm--manner that lets her know you're onto her. When you pass their tests, it drives sexy women wild with desire. Very important dating tip.

Dating tip #7 Date multiple sexy women at once, and make sure the others know about it. Sexy women love a man who is attractive to other sexy women, and will compete to "win you." (Here's another dating tip: for proof of this, read any good romance novel). If you want to settle down, you can choose one, but she will always know you're desired by other sexy women--and in a strange way, this creates even more attraction for you. This dating tip really is a secret, but it works very well with sexy women.

OK, guys, that's it for this article. Obviously there are lots of other dating tips, tricks and secrets to put to use, but if you pay attention to these dating tips, you'll be a heckuva lot more successful with sexy women. Now, go re-read all the dating tips!

On with the fun...

-John Alanis, Dating Tips Master

"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

Want more dating tips? To discover how to be successful with sexy women, and for more great dating tips, see www.womenapproachyou.com.

About The Author

John Alanis is the author of ?Secrets of Natural Attraction: How to Get Desirable, Beautiful Sexy women to Chase You.? He also publishes a daily ?politically incorrect attraction and dating tips? newsletter that reveals how to get desirable, beautiful sexy women to approach men for a date first, no matter your looks, age or income. You can subscribe to John?s daily ?sexy women approach you secrets? by going to www.womenapproachyou.com. Upon subscription, John immediately sends you five free ?how to get beautiful, sexy women to approach you!? reports, chock full of ?hidden secrets? dating tips.

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After dispelling common myths about introverts-they're not necessarily shy, aloof, or antisocial--The Introvert Advantage explains the real issues. Introverts are hardwired from birth to focus inward, so outside stimulation-chitchat, phone calls, parties, office meetings-can easily become "too much."

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