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Love Bites: 101 Tips for Dating Guys with Fangs

Love Bites: 101 Tips for Dating Guys with FangsWe know that vampires exist, and that we really, really want one. So how can you score your own gorgeous immortal? And how do you keep a relationship alive when your partner is one of the eternal undead? Claire Hooper has a wealth of experience when it comes to dating guys who can't go out in sunlight, aren't suitable to introduce to your parents, and quite possibly have blood on their hands. In Love Bites she shares her insider's knowledge, taking you from go to whoa to vampire ho by answering questions such as: ‘He’s been around for hundreds of years. Are there any pick-up lines he hasn’t heard?’ ‘I know vampires are really into virgins. Can I just tell him I am one? Or will he read my mind and find out the truth?' ‘Does aloe vera work on fang holes? I need these ones to clear up fast, cos I have to wear an evening dress to a black-tie event next week.’ ‘If, like you say, he’s watching me when I sleep, does that mean he’s watching me when I pee?’ If it all goes according to plan, you'll also need to know how to wean him onto animal blood, where to put his coffin, and how to resolve that all-important eternal life question - will you, or won't you?

Price: $14.39

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Personality Quadrant's Dating Guide - How To Master And Hon Your Dating Skills Simply By Understanding The Way Your Date Behaves!

Personality Quadrant's Dating Guide - How To Master And Hon Your Dating Skills Simply By Understanding The Way Your Date Behaves!How To Master And Hon Your Dating Skills Simply By Understanding The Way Your Date Behaves!

Becoming a hopeless romantic? Not having any luck at scoring a date? Or didn't do enough to impress your date for another one? Personality Quadrant's Dating Guide is a fun-filled, light-hearted guide on how to get a good date by understanding yourself as well as understanding how your date will behave based on his or her personality type!

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Broken Love Relationship - Is Your Love on the Skids?

Are you suffering from a broken love relationship? Was your relationship once easy and carefree, but you're afraid your broken love will lead to a broken romance? Do you want to fix this broken love before it gets out of hand?

Romance comes so easy those first months. It's effortless and we don't have to work at it because the instant passion takes care of everything. However, once that passion begins to return to a more normal level, the truth about our romance hits us in the face. Before long we're looking at a broken love. Here's how to fix it or, better yet, how to avoid it altogether.

Who Did You Fall in Love With

During the dating process men and women tend to be on their best behavior. We're a little more patient than usual and we let a lot of things slide that we usually wouldn't. After all, he's so cute and so nice, so what if he clucks his tongue in an annoying manner every time he has something to say.

Doesn't take too long for that clucking to really get to you though, does it? We learn who he really is, and it's not all that romantic, and he learns that we're not as easy to live with as we may have let on.

The big lesson here is to never assume that everything will be as hunky-dorey as it is those first few months.

True Understanding

Once we get to see the true nature of our partner, it can take a while to actually come to understand the man we fell in love with. Where we thought he was strong, he may have a weakness. Where we thought he was capable, we learn he's inept. It's at this time we discover if we're truly in love or if it is a broken love that we're facing.

The best way to prevent this is to avoid grand illusions of fairy tale endings and see the man before you for who he really is. The higher you put him on a pedestal and consider him perfect in every way, the worst the realization of the mere mortal he is will be for you.

Accepting the Truth

Most women have a pretty set way of looking at a relationship. They want their man to act a certain way, treat them in a certain manner and let go of certain things from his single life. While a degree of this is natural and normal, going over the top isn't. And of course, little of this is discussed during those passion filled first dates.

Few women will tell their new guy that in a very short amount of time he'll have little or no freedom at all if he stays with her.

Respect your guys need to live his life, even if it doesn't completely mesh with yours. Sure we want him to be faithful and present in our lives... that's a given. But to prevent your guy from playing golf, hanging out with his friends or going to that ski weekend isn't the right way to keep a relationship healthy.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

Can Making a Relationship Dating Blog Help With Your Own Relationship Communication?

A blog derives its name from the word "weblog" (which is a publication that is created and meant for circulation on the world wide web). Blogs have become the best thing since sliced cheese because it offers the chance to be heard (*cough*and feel important*cough*) to everyone and their grandmother's dog, as well.

Relationships are not exactly a new convention.

In fact, I would even venture so far as to say that they started showing up many, many thousands of years ago (regardless of what Facebook may tell you). Relationships have a very important place within the stucture of society as well as within the foundation of each individual's life.

Furthermore, communication is one of the key factors that influence if a relationship will begin to thrive or end, to turn positive or negative. It follows that relationship communication therefore also has an important place within our society today - if my no other means, affiliation.

So, can you effectively and efficiently kill two bird with one stone? Can you improve your relationship communication by blogging about it?

Of course, you can - anything is possible if you use this tool tactfully and with a few key points in mind:

Write about issues of communication that you have a passion for: If you love the topic of nonverbal communication, hitting the blog with new submissions will be a pleasure.
Write frequently: If you continuously proclaim to the blogging world just how important it is to have "open communication with your partner", there is a good chance that you will remember the phrase when it becomes applicable to you.
Write about topics that you may not feel comfortable discussing within your own relationship: No need to provide specific details to the world about your love life, but if discussing the issue of rebuilding trust with your partner after an affair has your stomach in a ball - discuss it on your blog to begin with. After writing about the topic, researching solutions, and providing advice you will be in a better place to using your own suggestions.
Make your blog popular: the more readers you have on your blog about relationship dating, the more likely you will have the urge to present them with new reading material. Advertise and market your tool.

There are 4 ways that you can improve your own relationship communication by creating and maintaining a blog about relationship dating. Keep up the good work and who knows, maybe you'll have your own relationship advice column one day.

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The Art of Successful Teenage Dating In Few Simple Steps: A Teenagers Guide To Dating

The Art of Successful Teenage Dating In Few Simple Steps: A Teenagers Guide To DatingHere’s a little of what you’ll learn inside of “The Art of Successful Teenage Dating In Few Simple Steps”:

- How To Overcome Bashfulness

- How To Get Ready For A Date

- When Should You Start Dating?

- Picking The Right Date For You

- How To Ask For A Date

- How To Accept Or Refuse A Date


- What to Do On A Date

- How Much To Spend On A Date

- About Cars, Dates and Families

- Falling In and Out of Love

- How To Express Affection

- Sexual Relations Before Marriage

- About Going Steady

- About Getting Married


- When Girls Take the Initiative

- How to prevent getting tongue-tied? How to develop formulas to use when words fail.

- Simple little icebreakers that get conversation rolling are worth developing.

- How To Develop poise and confidence

- How to carry on a conversation and have fun with a mixed group

- And more

Author Randall Magwood is a dating expert for teens, and has taught many teens around the world successful dating tips that work.

Price: $4.95

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Can You Be Lonely in a Loving Relationship - Ladies, Face the Truth

Who can you consider as lonely people? Are single people the only lonely people in this world? Wouldn't it be so surprising to know that even people engaged in a relationship can consider themselves as lonely people? And you, can you be lonely in a loving relationship that you are in? There are actually many factors that affect your happiness in your relationship. May it be personal reasons or external situations; if you are experiencing loneliness in your relationship, you should determine the reasons why. You should be able to know the root of the feeling. Is it you? Or, is it your guy?

How can you be lonely in a loving relationship? Here are just some relationship situations that make a woman lonely that you might find familiar and learn from.

Can you be lonely in a loving relationship after years of being together? Yes. This might be a cause of boredom and familiarity. For the longest time, you always do things with your guy, even getting your nails and hair done. You make yourself so attached to him that you don't get to experience having fun with your friends anymore. And, you don't give yourselves enough time to miss each other. You just want to be with him all the time that you don't get to spend time for yourself-to grow individually and discover new things about yourself alone.

Can you be lonely in a loving relationship even if you have done everything to make him happy? Yes. It is because it was never reciprocated. You always give him what he wants. You always show him that you will do everything to satisfy him. But have you thought about what you want or what he can do to make you happy? Your guy should know that and he should know what to do about it. But sometimes, we should express it and let him know what we want and what we don't want. It cannot always be all about him. Ladies, there should also be a "what-about-me" time. It's a two-way relationship and we should know that guys can also do things more than what we can do for them.

Can you be lonely in a loving relationship even if your guy treats you like a queen? Yes. The more he treats you nice, the more pressured you feel. Ladies, we know our limitations and up to a certain point we can identify what we can only give to our guy. Say your guy shows you all the love in the world and the only thing to reciprocate it is to give yourself to him. What if we are not yet ready to do it? What if you have been saving yourself for the night after you get married? This can become a reason for you not to anymore enjoy what he does for you. The mere fact that you feel the pressure of doing it with him can actually affect how you relate to him and how you handle your relationship. Be very vocal and honest. Let him know that you are aware of your limitations. You might be surprised that he may give solutions that will lessen the pressure that you have been feeling. All you just need to do is to speak up.

Being lonely in a relationship is tough but it becomes tougher because the guy is not aware of this feeling. We can't just settle to being lonely in the relationship just to prevent him from getting hurt. But as we hide the loneliness from our guy, we make things worst and we expose ourselves into bigger chances of getting hurt the most in the end.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

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The Girls' Guide to Successful Dating: Tips and Tricks for Dating Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now

The Girls' Guide to Successful Dating:  Tips and Tricks for Dating Mr. Right or Mr. Right NowSo you want to meet Mr. Right? Or Mr. Right Now? Whichever you choose, The Girls Guide to Successful Dating will arm you with ingenious tips and tricks to have a successful and fun journey of dating!

Find out:
* How to become more attractive to men
* What to look for in a potential mate
* How to develop charisma
* Secrets to keeping your breath fresh all night long
* What it means when he doesn’t call on time
* Who ends the date first and why
* FAQ’s and so much more!

This book is full of fun and sensible advice for anyone who is single and dating. Get ready to have fun and meet Mr. Right!

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Create a Loving Relationship - Strategies to Make Him Fall in Love With You

Are you ready to be in a love relationship and not just a relationship? Do you want to know what strategies will make your man fall in love with you? Are you tired of scaring men away and ending up empty handed? You can make him fall in love with you with a few simple strategies. You just need a little guidance to make it work for you, but if you follow these and have a little patience you will find yourself in a love relationship.

The first thing you will need to do is often the hardest. In this day and age it is a lot easier to admit that most of us like sex, and many of us think that sex is the best way to hook a man. In all honesty though when sex happens right away in a relationship the relationship becomes about lust and not love. This is especially true for the man. You need to hold off on the sexual aspects of a relationship so that you can become friend with one another before sex gets in the way. A love relationship needs to be built upon something deeper then the physical.

Work on becoming friends. Friendship is the glue that holds a relationship together after the excitement and newness of it all is gone. Work on getting to know each other and find out what you can share with one another. Spend time with him, get to know him, share your interests and his, and become his friend. If friendship is what your relationship is built on then it will last.

Make sure you are honest with him. You want to show your true colors from the beginning. Don't pretend to be cute, funny, or sassy if these aren't really you. Sure he might love them, but when he finds out it isn't you he will be disappointed and will feel like you cheated him. He may even feel he is in love with a woman who isn't real. So, be yourself from the beginning so he can fall for the real you and not some version that isn't you.

Relationships aren't easy. However, you can turn your relationship into one based on love by making your man fall in love with you. To do this avoid sex in the beginning, become friends, and be honest with who you are. This will help you to grow a love relationship where each of you is in love with the other.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones. Tina is part of the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women who want to understand male psychology, how to attract men, and find true love. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

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Do You Want to Succeed in Your Love Relationship? Avoid This 1 Crucial Mistake

Are you in a love relationship and you wonder why things are not going well? Maybe you are making this one crucial mistake. Women fall in love the first time they go on a date and forget about all the important issues that need to be considered before making such a decision. Love has to grow slowly and it is not wise to be in a hurry.

I believe that certain problems can be avoided if only a woman would take sometime to really think about every step. Usually, a woman is so much in love that she doesn't want to show her real self.

So, what is this crucial mistake and how can you avoid it?

Once you're in a love relationship, you should know that you can be with this man for quiet a long time or as long as you can. There is no need to pretend to be who you're not unless you know for sure that the relationship is not going to last. I can imagine pretending to be somebody else and not really being yourself every time you're with your man. It is self imposed torture.

Therefore, be yourself from the beginning. By doing this, you're sure that your man is in love with you and not somebody else. This causes so many problems in a love relationship because the real you eventually comes out. Be honest with yourself. Don't try so hard to be somebody you're not. Don't lie about your background as this simply means that you're not happy about yourself.

Men like women who are honest. He will be quick to commit if he knows that you're trustworthy. What drives men away is when you lie about things to look good. They are not attracted to that. The secret with men is that they think of the future with you from the first date and if you're not what they want, then they are gone.

My advice is to carry yourself with dignity from the first date. Be honest and speak your mind. I don't suggest that you should start offloading your past on the first date but to stand your ground. I believe that if you do this, you will have a successful love relationship.

Get these and other relationship tips to learn more about having a successful love relationship [].

Agness Mumbi has been a powerful, experienced author and entrepreneur whose passion is to help others create quality yet lasting relationships for the past 5 years. Visit her blog [] for more information on how you can use her relationship tips to improve your love life.

Numerology Love Relationships for Life Path (2) - Cooperators Need Love Too

If your date of birth numbers reduce to a (2), you are on Numerology's Path of the Cooperator. If you're on this Life Path, you can know how your relationships will work out depending on your partners Life Path. Will fate give you a lasting and rewarding relationship?

Life Path Calculation

Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology; equivalent to your Sun sign in Astrology. You calculate it by adding together all the digits of your full date of birth, and then reducing the sum by fadic addition. Former president Bill Clinton is an example of a Life Path (2), his birth date of August 19th, 1946, reduces to a two when we sum all the digits as is shown below:

Bill Clinton's Life Path = (08 + 19 + 1946) = (1973) = (1 + 9 + 7 + 3) = (20) = (2)

His wife, senator Hillary Clinton was born on October 26th, 1947, so her Life Path number is a (3) as is shown below.

Hillary Clinton's Life Path = (10 + 26 + 1947) = (1983) = (1 + 9 + 8 + 3) = (21) = (3)

Determining Their Compatibility

Now, to see how a love relationship will work out for a person on Life Path (2), such as Bill Clinton, we look in the table below using their partner's Life Path. In the case of Bill and Hillary Clinton, we check the entry for Life Path (3) to see how things work out.

Note that any of these relationships can work; but the characters and needs of the two people will differ, depending on the match you get.

Partner LP (1)

Both partners need to work on being more open with each other, and expressing their feelings. You must resist the tendency to to become too emotional when dealing with your partner.

Partner LP (2)

Both partners are very sensitive and can have their feelings hurt by an unkind word or too much teasing. You both need to work on being more sensitive of each others feelings, and learning to turn the other cheek for the sake of your happiness.

Partner LP (3)

You are the emotional rock of this relationship, while your partner helps you learn to not take life too seriously. This is a good match, because you tend to compliment each other well.

Partner LP (4)

Both of you tend to be romantics at heart. If you both work at keeping that spark of original courtship alive, your relationship will prosper and bring you happiness.

Partner LP (5)

Your partner highly values the sensitivity you bring to your relationship. In turn, they help make you more spontaneous in your dealings with people.

Partner LP (6)

Both you and your partner hate to argue with each other. If you can learn that the occasional disagreement does no harm, and can help clear the air between you, this relationship can become very strong indeed.

Partner LP (7)

Both you and your partner are highly sensitive. If you can learn to direct this quality toward sensing each other's needs, then this can be a very good relationship.

Partner LP (8)

Your partner's rational approach to life will help you to be more confident in dealing with both your partner, and with other people. This is a very beneficial relationship for you. Try to show appreciation to your partner, they get less from this pairing than you do.

Partner LP (9)

Both you and your partner are very sensitive and loyal to each other. Try to remember that going overboard in trying to please each other all the time has it's own drawbacks. Moderation is the key to making this work.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of 'Numerology 4 You' where you can order your own Numerology reading, including your complete Lucky Days calendar. Visit him on the web today at

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Numerology Love Relationships for Life Path (4) - Builders Need Love Too

If your date of birth gives numbers which reduce to a (4), you're on Numerology's Path of the Builder. If this is your Life Path, you can learn how your relationships will work if you know your partners Life Path. Are you fated to have a rewarding, long-lasting relationship?

Life Path Calculation

Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology; equivalent to your Sun sign in Astrology. You calculate it by summing the digits of your full date of birth, and then reducing this number by fadic addition. Television personality Opera Winfrey is a Life Path (22) which we reduce further to a (4) for purposes of figuring her compatibility. Her birth date of January 29th, 1954 gives the calculation shown below.

Oprah Winfrey's Life Path = (1 + 29 + 1954) = (1984) = (22) = (4)

Her life partner, businessman Stedman Grahm was born on March 6th, 1951, so his Life Path number is a (7). I've shown his calculation below as well.

Stedman Grahm's Life Path = (03 + 6 + 1951) = (1960) = (16) = (7)

Determining Their Compatibility

Now, to see how a Life Path (4) person's Love relationship will go, such as Oprah Winfrey's; we take their partner's Life Path number and look at the corresponding entry below.

Note that any of these relationships can work quite well, but the needs and character traits of the partners will differ, depending on the particular match.

Partner LP (1)

You will help keep your partner's feet on the ground, making this a very stable relationship for both of you.

Partner LP (2)

Both of you are true romantics at heart. It's your mutual effort to keep the courtship fresh and alive that keeps your relationship strong from high point to high point.

Partner LP (3)

You both like to have fun, and your partnership will grow your happiness together, provided that you can learn to tolerate your partner's tendency to be disorganized in their life.

Partner LP (4)

You are both predictable and reliable in your natures, so you will quickly learn what to expect from one another in life. Both of you need to try and make the extra effort to add some variety to your life; it's way too easy for this pairing to fall in a rut.

Partner LP (5)

Your partner is often very quick to make decisions; too quick for your comfort. They need take into account your dislike to express your feelings openly, before they can be comfortable with you in a long term relationship. A little bit of adapting by both of you is called for.

Partner LP (6)

You will need time in this relationship to develop real trust with your partner. Both of you have a reluctance to display your affections too much. Be patient with each other, and this relationship can truly bloom.

Partner LP (7)

Both you and your partner need a long time to form a lasting bond with each other. However, if you are both patient, you will reap a long, stable, and happy relationship.

Partner LP (8)

This relationship is literally filled with competition. Each of you needs to learn to give a little, and let your partner score on you for things to go smoothly. Other people have real trouble understanding how your relationship can work; it doesn't look normal to them.

Partner LP (9)

This is a mating of strong personalities. Your relationship is many things, but never boring. You both need to learn not to assess blame to each other, when things don't go smoothly. Your love for each other runs deep, despite outward signs to the contrary.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of 'Numerology 4 You' where you can order your own Numerology reading, including your complete Lucky Days calendar. Visit him on the web today at

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: And other tips from a beleaguered father [not that any of them work]

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: And other tips from a beleaguered father [not that any of them work]Bruce Cameron is "the talk of parents nationwide" (People). He is "a brilliantly funny writer . . . in the tradition of James Thurber. He is so funny he makes you think that being a grown-up isn't such a crummy deal after all" (Cathryn Michon, author of The Girl Genius Guide to Life); his observations are "warm and funny, exhibiting just the right mix of laughs and love" (Kansas City Star), and "rich with tongue-in-cheek fatherly wisdom" (Cincinnati Enquirer).

A nationally syndicated columnist with the Rocky Mountain News, Cameron gained national attention with the publication of 8 SIMPLE RULES in hardcover, becoming a regular contributor to Time's "Your Family" column and a featured story on CNN, CBS's The Early Show, and in People magazine. The reason is simple: he expresses something very true in a very funny way, examining just what happens when Daddy's little girl becomes a teenager. Beginning with the warning signs (#5: Your car insurance suddenly costs more than the car), the book covers dating (Rule #2: Keep your hands and eyes off my daughter's body or I will remove them), the telephone (seemingly wired to her nervous system), braces (the costliest metal on earth), the first job, and more. "Cameron's take on the angst felt by every father of a teenage daughter is witty, wise, and excruciatingly on the money" (Charles Shyer, writer and director, Father of the Bride I and II).

Price: $11.95

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Numerology Love Relationships For Life Path (5) - Sellers Need Love Too

If your date of birth gives numbers which reduce to (5) when using fadic addition, you're on Numerology's Path of the Seller. If this is your Life Path, you can find out how your relationships will work if you know your partners Life Path. Are you fated to have a long-lasting, rewarding relationship?

Life Path Calculation

Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology; equivalent to your Sun sign in Astrology. You calculate it by summing all the digits of your full date of birth, and then reducing the sum by fadic addition. Actress Angelina Jolie has a Life Path number of (5). Her date of birth of June 4th, 1975 yields the calculation shown below.

Angelina Jolie's Life Path = (6 + 04 + 1975) = (1985) = (23) = (5)

Her current partner is Actor Brad Pitt, who was born on December 18th, 1963. His Life Path number is (4). I've shown his calculation below as well.

Brad Pitt's Life Path = (12 + 18 + 1963) = (1993) = (22) = (4)

Determining Their Compatibility

To see how a Life Path (5) person's Love relationship will fair, like Angelina Jolie's; we look at the corresponding entry for their partner's Life Path as shown below.

Please note, and of these relationships will work, but the needs and character traits of the partners will differ, depending on their particular match.

Partner LP (1)

Both you and your partner are very independent and outgoing personalities. However, your partner has a pressing need for his or her own space; their own territory at home to use as a retreat when necessary. Give them this space, and your relationship will prosper.

Partner LP (2)

You highly value your partners sensitivity to the people and places around you. Work at helping your partner become more spontaneous in life. They will thank you for it.

Partner LP (3)

You need to work on being more open with your partner than your nature would normally call for. Do this, and you will both benefit. Complete honesty and solid mutual trust in each other is the goal in your relationship.

Partner LP (4)

You are often very quick to make decisions; too quick for your partner's comfort. You need to take into account your partner's reluctance to show their emotions before you can feel good about a long term relationship with them. You both need to curb your expectations in order to make your relationship really work.

Partner LP (5)

Both of you love the unexpected in life. To make this relationship work for you, both of you need to come up with ways to add some surprises to your time together. Don't let too much routine make your relationship dull and unattractive.

Partner LP (6)

You need to work on opening up to your partner, and fight against your tendency to hide your true feelings. Your partner is a master at this, and can help you if you ask them. Real openness will benefit your relationship enormously.

Partner LP (7)

Both of you and your partner have trouble at facing reality when life doesn't go your way. Each of you must support the other in facing their problems. With a little work you can turn this into a strength given time.

Partner LP (8)

Your partner is far more reserved in most things in life than you are. But, with your encouragement and support, they can develop more confidence, and the sensual side of their personality will bloom.

Partner LP (9)

Your partner has a strong spiritual side which you find attractive. Don't let your differences about things which are not really important come between you. Learn to respect each other's opinions and not fight over them.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of 'Numerology 4 You' where you can order your own Numerology reading, including your complete Lucky Days calendar. Visit him on the web today at

Dating and Mating: The Power of Flirting

Dating and Mating: The Power of FlirtingWhether you are male or female, flirting plays a major role in attracting and dating the opposite sex.

Do you know how to flirt successfully? What signals are you sending out?

Can you interpret and understand the flirtatious behaviour of another person? Do you know what it's telling you?

Dating and Mating: The Power of Flirting provides a brief, but intuitive overview of this all important topic; a topic and art form that is essential to your dating success. Communicating with the opposite sex is made up of some very important elements. Conversation. Body Language. Flirting. Learning how to flirt effectively and to read another person's flirt signals will give you great insights into a person's intentions, and whether they are attracted to you. Every man and woman should learn and master the art of flirting.

Price: $11.95

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Numerology Love Relationships for Life Path (6) - Teachers Need Love too

If your date of birth gives you numbers which reduce to a (6) when using fadic addition, you're on Numerology's Life Path of the Teacher. If this is your Path, you can find out how your relationships will work out, provided you know your partners Life Path number. Are you fated to have a long-lasting, rewarding relationship?

Life Path Calculation

Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology; equivalent to your Sun sign in Astrology. You calculate it by summing all the digits of your full date of birth, and then reducing the sum using fadic addition. President George W. Bush has a Life Path number of (6). His date of birth is July 6th, 1946 which in turn gives us the calculation below.

George W, Bush's Life Path = (7 + 6 + 1946) = (1959) = (24) = (6)

His wife, first lady Laura Bush, was born on November 4th, 1946, so her Life Path number is (8), as shown below:

Laura Bush's Life Path = (11 + 04 + 1946) = (1961) = (17) = (8)

Determining Their Compatibility

To see how a Life Path (6) person's Love relationship will fair, like George W Bush's; we must look at the corresponding entry for their partner's Life Path.

Please note, all of these relationships can work, but the needs and character traits of the partners will differ.

Partner LP (1)

Opposites tend to attract, and that's what will bring life to your long term relationship. Your partner will probably need some coaxing to take the step and put your relationship on a permanent basis.

Partner LP (2)

You and your partner both hate to argue. However, to make this relationship grow and prosper, you need to accept that the occasional disagreement will do no harm, and will tend to clear the air between you.

Partner LP (3)

You are generally good about your finances and keeping to a budget, which will tend to balance your partner's tendency to be a bit of a spendthrift at times. Don't let your outlook on money become a bone of contention between you, and all will be well.

Partner LP (4)

You and your partner need to be very patient with each other. While you tend to be reserved and reluctant to display your affection, your partner needs a lot of time to develop trust in you. Don't rush things, and all will be well.

Partner LP (5)

Your partner will discover that learning to open up to you and not conceal their true feelings will help your relationship prosper. You tend to be very open with your true feelings, which may confuse them at first.

Partner LP (6)

You and your partner are both at ease in a relationship; romance takes root and grows quickly here. However, you both need to stay grounded and not let the practical things in life get away from you if this partnership is to last for a long time.

Partner LP (7)

You tend to look at the bright side of life and stay upbeat. You don't let the little bumps in the road get to you as easily as your partner does. Work on helping them overcome their anxieties about day to day living and your relationship will grow strong.

Partner LP (8)

Your relationship makes a good partnership because you compliment each other. You help your partner learn to not take things too seriously; while they help you to be more practical. This is a good combination.

Partner LP (9)

This can be a very trying relationship. Your partner tends to set extremely high standards on what they expect from a relationship. They also find it difficult to open up and share their feelings with you. It will take all your warmth and understanding to ease their fears and make this relationship grow.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of 'Numerology 4 You' where you can order your own Numerology reading, including your complete Lucky Days calendar. Visit him on the web today at

Making Cash With Your Own Dating Website

Making Cash With Your Own Dating WebsiteHow much money have you spent on online dating service fees? Isn't it time you start MAKING money instead of spending it? This Guide will give you all the tools you need to establish, promote and PROFIT from a dating website that's all yours.

- Domain Name Registration
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Psychic Advice For Love and Dating

Finding the perfect mate can be an arduous process. Very few people actually experience love at first sight. On the contrary, most people wind up kissing a lot of frogs until they finally meet their prince; and once they do meet their prince there is no guarantee that it's going to last forever. If you find yourself losing faith on love and dating merry-go-round, it may be the time for you to considering seeking out psychic advice. Not only are the great love psychics, there also are amazing psychics that can help you discover what your spiritual life purpose may be.

When it comes to love and dating, many people fail to consider how their spiritual life purpose influences their love relationships. If you are not on your right spiritual path there is a good chance that your love life may be suffering. True love, it seems, can come in the most unexpected times. Love usually happens right when we are least expecting. Usually, these are the times we are focused on are own lives, paying attention to creating a happy and fulfilling existence for ourselves.

If you are struggling with your sense of purpose you may find it difficult to meet your soul mate. In fact, these are the times where we tend to pick the absolutely wrong partner. Instead of choosing a partner that compliments our life and sense of purpose we choose a partner as a means to make are lives seem meaningful. Any time you put that much emphasis on another person you are just asking for a disaster. Relationships are partnerships. Two people are meant to compliment each other, not give each other a reason to live.

Great psychics that specialize in love know the importance of feeling "self-love" before "falling in love." Their psychic advice tends to focus on helping you develop into the best person you can be and to learn how to identify a romantic partner that will add something to your already abundant life. More importantly, these are the psychics that help you discover your sense of purpose and spiritual path.

On a more practical level, love psychics can also give you sound advice on the type of people you're dating. They can often shed light on their characters and intentions, and they can certainly inform you if you are on the wrong or right path. Consulting with a psychic during the dating process can also help you sort through your own feelings and help you determine what your own intentions may be. In the end, psychic advice can make the entire love and dating process easier and enjoyable.

Caroyn Naiman is a professional Tarot Reader. To Learn more about how a psychic can change your love life, please visit our website.

Relationship Dating - This Cannot Be Their Family

Count your blessings that this date is finally over. No it has nothing to do with your date. As a matter of fact the two of you have been hitting it off pretty good. No it has not gotten to the marriage talk stage but you both feel you have a future together.

After tonight you are not so sure. This was the first time you met their family and in many way you wish it was the last time. Sure things started out okay. Mom, dad, brother and sister greeted you warmly and exchanged all the correct pleasantries. Unfortunately from that moment on it all went downhill.

As the evening wore on you came to several conclusions:

a. Dad is an obnoxious jerk

b. Junior is studying for his entrance exam into Moron University

c. Mother is the nosiest human being you have ever met in your life

d. Sister is suffering from a severe case of SRS commonly known as snide remark syndrome.

You periodically turn to your date during the course of the evening and swear to yourself that they could not possible be from this family. You can convince yourself that your date is a scientist here to do a case study. Of course it's not true but it did help you get though the evening.

Now you've got a situation on your hands. You feel strongly about your dating partner but the very thought of visiting that family again let alone having them as in laws makes you physically ill.

So what can you do about it?

1. Get Over It

You love your dating partner so you accept the fact that their family is an important part of their life. You grin and bear it while telling yourself that if the two you decide to get married it's not like they are going to move in with you. You hope and pray.

2. Get To Know Them

First impressions are lasting impressions but they are not the only impressions. If and when you are invited back, try to go in with an open mind. See if there is some common ground that can make the visit easier. Or see if they have interest that you have always been curious about. Sometimes once you get past the initial shock, you discover things are not as bad as they appear.

3. Get Going

Just forget it. You tell yourself that your date is a wonderful person but there is no way you can deal with their family. If you go this route be up front with your dating partner. Understand they may give you an earful for having that type of attitude but at least you didn't try to con then them.

Now your dating partner may be sympathetic to your cause. They may love their family but accept the fact they are not to everyone's taste. Therefore listen if they offer some options which will keep the relationship going. If you feel as you say you do than do not make them beg and do everything within reason to see if the two of you can work out a compromise.

Article written by Daryl Campbell at The Relationship Tip. Is it time to end the relationship?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forever Laid Formula: Best Ways To Get Women To Sleep With You. How To Seduce Any Woman And Get Laid Now. Easy Seduction And Dating Tips For Men.

Forever Laid Formula: Best Ways To Get Women To Sleep With You. How To Seduce Any Woman And Get Laid Now. Easy Seduction And Dating Tips For Men.

You only live once... Do you really want to look back on your life and say I wish I'd had more sex?

You can get laid... Tonight... If you follow the tips on this book. You will learn:

- The ONE secret that seperates the guys who pull girls every single night from the guys who haven't slept with a girl in a year or more... (And it has nothing to do with looks, age, money, or a fancy job.)

- Why lame pickup lines NEVER work... And one sentence that will allow you to approach ANY girl in ANY situation and take her home with you the same night....

- Why nice guys really do finish last... And one simple tip that will allow you to quit sending out those "nice guy" vibes permanently.

- The exact steps that you need to take in order to get "inside the mind" of ANY woman, and get her in your bed TONIGHT.

And that's just a tiny sample!

It's time to take control... It's time to completely change the way you think about approaching and attracting women...

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Relationship Advice - The Issue of Sincerity in Love Relationships

Usually we see guys using sincerity to 'buy' love from a girl, to win the heart of the girl, or a girl persuades her boyfriend that she is very sincere in doing things for him, and demands that her boyfriend show her the same amount of love and appreciation back.

Somehow I do not get it; if we are truly sincere in showing love and appreciation to others, why are we expecting anything back in return?

This reduces sincerity to a loan that demands repayment in future for every good thing that one has received, instead of a beautiful free will gift that it once ever was.

And sincerity has ever since been a source of conflict in many couples' relationship. Girlfriends yell at their boyfriend, saying that with all the love, appreciation and sincerity that they give to their boyfriend, they demand why is their love not reciprocated in return in the same manner and form.

Boyfriends do the similar things by saying telling a girl that he is sincere to change himself, to prove himself as a better guy, and yet he fails to deliver at the end.

Let us be honest with ourselves. Sincerity should never be a currency, or it will always become a source of conflict. That is because we usually use what we contribute to the relationship as a major reason to state our stand.

However in order to minimize conflict with your loved ones, let not what you gave them freely to be treated as a loan.

Otherwise when both parties are demanding standards of each other, it results to major heartaches and a broken relationship instead of improving the love relationship between each other.

To find out more about the issues of sincerity, visit for more details

Also, to find out more about love relationships, visit for more details.

Jonathan has been sharing boyfriend gift ideas, relationship advice and dating tips to help others in achieving their ideal love relationships, and for them to find satisfaction in life.

Internet Dating: Tips, Tricks and Tactics

Internet Dating: Tips, Tricks and TacticsIf there was ever to be a definitive text on the Internet dating scene, this would be it. A straightforward commentary, filled with insight, by an author who not only researched the scene but was actually a part of it.

The information within will make your Internet dating experience a much smoother ride and save you much time by letting you know what to look for and what to avoid to make the experience fun and above all safe.

If you're serious about placing an ad on a web-personals site, this book is a "must have."

Price: $11.95

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Using Good Communication With Your Relationship Dating Partner

In relationship dating, you will find that there may be many similarities between the people involved; however, in the end, we are all unique individuals. You may share some qualities or aspects with your partner, but you are not the same person. Love is partially an attempt to "meld" your personalities, so to speak; a relationship is about union, the attempt at getting as close as possible to being one with your partner. This is quite a monumental task, and it is not so much about succeeding as it is about the path to get there. No matter how hard you try, you are still an individual. However, you can break down as many walls and barriers as you can, resulting in a much more powerful, personal, love.

At the beginning of a relationship, you usually acknowledge that you are both different and unique. As time wears on and good communication develops, however, you begin to take this knowledge for granted and you may find yourself expecting your partner to think, act, or feel the same way you do. While you think your partner is relating to you, they may in fact have no idea where you are coming from! This is a good example of bad communication, based on the assumption that your partner is the same as you. Good communication is vital to any relationship; without it, chances are your relationship won't last long.

The first, and perhaps most important think, is to understand your partner's definition of love and their expectations. This can be affected by a wide variety of factors, including past relationships or the way they were raised. If they were neglected or abused as a child, or if they had a few bad relationships, they may have a hard time opening up or getting too close. The best thing you can to do figure this out is to sit down and have a talk; discuss their past loves, their family, etc. Get to know as much about them as you can, as this will allow you to better understand where your partner is coming from.

Next, figure out the little details about your partner, such as their likes and dislikes. Some people love being told how much you love them, while others would rather be shown affection. Is time alone an important factor? Remember, no matter how similar you are to your partner, there are probably going to be differences in regards to how you like to be treated. For instance, some people need a great deal more time alone, to themselves, while others can't stand be alone for very long at all! Again, having a heart-to-heart talk is a great way to figure these things out.

After having a talk with your partner and figuring out all the little intricacies, you'll have a much better understanding of your partner and what you should or should not do. Knowing what your partner likes or dislikes allows you to do your best to make them content and happy; they should be doing the same for you as well. In the end, your relationship will be much stronger, and you will both be a great deal happier.

You can learn more about relationship communication at the website of

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What Can You Do to Grow a Love Relationship With the Man of Your Dreams?

What can you do to grow a love relationship with the man of your dreams? What arouses true love within men? How can you be the first and foremost person in your man's life? Women long to know the answers to these age-old questions. Although no one can make anyone fall in love with them, there are a few things women can do to enhance the process along and increase their chances of love. So what can you do to grow a love relationship with the man of your dreams?

Men get a little confused discerning love from lust, and it's difficult for women to comprehend and remember that truth. If lust was the same as love then simply dressing in sexy, revealing clothes would be enough to find your true love. Men aren't normally in tune with their feelings and many fear acknowledging them. It takes maturity for a man to discern love from lust and to be honest with themselves and their dates about their intentions.

What place does sex have in the beginning stage of growing a love relationship? That's not always an easy question to answer. Sleeping with a man will never guarantee his love for you and can certainly cheapen the relationship. It's a wise woman who waits. If the relationship is real, your man will also wait.

Men aren't normally emotional creatures, however with the coaching and coaxing from the right girl they could certainly learn how to tap into their feelings. You want to be patient and charming so that he feels emotions and isn't scared away. Many women have to put in lots of time and effort in this area. Patience and time will certainly help you grow a loving relationship with the man of your dreams.

It often takes men longer than women to admit their love, and this means that it can take time to build your relationship. Commitment is dead serious to males and this keeps most of them from rushing the relationship. Be cautious and don't force anything on him. Pressure freezes men. This will stunt your chance of love growth. Time, patience, and gentle consistency are things you can practice to grow a love relationship with the man of your dreams.

To learn more, click Fall in Love and learn Love Mistakes that 99% of women make without knowing.

This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men: Practical Advice from the Gay Matchmaker

The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men: Practical Advice from the Gay MatchmakerMatchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! How does a single gay guy find his way to a right, lasting relationship? Our dating expert shares authentic sagas straight (so to speak) from his client's experiences to illuminate his seven principles, developed to help navigate today's dating challenges. From numerous tips and amazing but true anecdotes to fun-filled facts about where the boys are, readers will escape the dating minefields and find relationship success. About The Authors: Grant Wheaton is the founder and owner of ManMate, Inc., New York's largest dating and relationship service for gay men in America. Since 1985, worked with over 4,000 men and successfully introduced hundreds of couples and soulmates in the process. Dennis Courtney is a writer and nationally known stage director whose critically acclaimed revues have been produced across the United States.

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The Greatest Relationship and Dating Tips in the World (The Greatest Tips in the World)

The Greatest Relationship and Dating Tips in the World (The Greatest Tips in the World)Most people in the world want to love and be loved in return and hope to find a partner with whom they can build a fulfilling relationship. This book by TV agony aunt and relationship counsellor, Jenni Trent Hughes, is delivered in a direct, no-nonsense way but with enough humour to make it enjoyable. Jenni's great relationship & dating tips and advice will show you how to: discover the best places to meet people and what to say if you're shy; communicate effectively and let someone know you would like more from the relationship; argue, make up and solve problems in the best possible ways; discuss sex openly, meaningfully and without being embarrassed; and, pick yourself up and start over again - and enjoy doing it! Whether you are new to dating, in a partnership or even at the end of a relationship, reading this should help you overcome any difficulties and move forward with confidence.

Price: $11.37

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What Makes a Loving Relationship?

What makes a loving relationship? Lots and lots of things, all based around a central theme of love, respect and friendship. There is no great secret as to what makes a loving relationship, just a willingness to work at the relationship day after day, in good times and bad. You cannot really call it work can you? Doing your best to look after and make happy the love of your life.

Couples who are in a loving relationship will give of themselves without expecting any reward, they instinctively know what the other needs and will help and support their partners without a second thought. They are able to do this because apart from the fact that they want to, they have taken the time to learn what their partner needs from the relationship and they are happy to help them achieve it. However to reach this kind of nirvana you have to be prepared to make yourself vulnerable.

You need to know and understand your partner and they need to know you. If you do not know your partner how can you help them to grow within the relationship, how can they help you? You need to be completely open and honest with each other, this will mean letting each other into areas where you could be vulnerable but it will bring you much closer together. If you hold back from your partner the you are automatically throwing up walls and to a degree pushing your partner away. You need to ask yourselves, what kind of relationship can you have if your partner only knows a part of you.

It is true that opposites attract and I am sure that there are opposites who have gone on to build very successful relationships. What will help you is if you like your partner, if your partner is your best friend, if you have shared interests. If all goes well you could be together for decades, it is a long time to be with someone if you do not like them.

One of the great pillars of a loving relationship is communication, which is hardly surprising when you look at how many aspects of the relationship are affected by communication. Communication pulls you together, it helps you to share thoughts, ideas, emotion and new experiences. It all helps to enrich your relationship.

In addition to talking with each other, you need to be able to spend quality time together when it is just the two of you. This will be a lot easier at first but as time passes on there will be work commitments, kids and a host of other things that life will throw at you. It is far to easy to forget that the important thing in the relationship is you two, nothing else matters as much, so you need that time together or else you will drift apart. Go on dates, vacations, walks, movies, it does not matter what you do, the important thing is that you get some you time where you take pleasure in each others company, bring yourselves closer together and dare I say it... You might even enjoy yourselves. I am sure that you enjoyed dating when you started building your relationship, there is no reason why you should stop enjoying yourselves!

Do not forget to give yourselves some me time. You are going to have your own friends and interests and you need time to devote to them. It will help you to unwind, give you something to talk about and bring fresh ideas and experiences to the relationship.

So what makes a loving relationship? You do. Comfort and support your partner, offer your energy without expecting anything in return. Just as you made a commitment to be with your partner are you consistent in your love for them. You do not get to choose the good bits or the bad bits in a relationship, you will face some rocky times but if you have a strong, healthy loving relationship you will find a way through and you will do it together. Keep a hold of your individuality, it is what makes you, it is who you are. Accept who your partner is, after all they have something which drew you to them so do not lose it by trying to change your relationship into some kind of sterile ideal. Focus on the positives and not the negatives and take pleasure in sharing your partners life.

Being a student of life I thought it about time to get my ideas down in the hope that they will help people with whatever difficulties they are facing. If you want to read further into the mysteries of understanding the opposite sex and relationships then my site might be of interest to you. Whatever your situation I wish you luck.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide - How to Exploit Her Inner Psycho

The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide - How to Exploit Her Inner PsychoPickup Artists' Psychological Secrets to Turn on, Charm, and Seduce almost any Woman.

The Art of the Pickup involves analyzing your target, determine her values, beliefs and weaknesses, and role-playing her desires.
Sexual Persuasion occurs by stimulating her subconscious emotions and desires. You create value and scarcity for yourself, remove her barriers, build trust, and initiate the close. The best Pickup Artists are teasingly cocky, have a cutting sense of humor, and the poise to pull it off with class.

The dynamics of Sexual Persuasion share the same techniques perfected by all great salesmen. Any man with the right tools and attitude can transform himself and create an exhilarating lifestyle he controls with style and ease. Face the facts. Women in courting mode are phenomenal actresses; many devote their whole lives to role-playing, camouflaged appearances, and storytelling. They manipulate men by dangling potential sex to satisfy their ego, play games, or vacuum your wallet. Understanding how seduction works is a double-edged sword. You can either go through life playing the victim, or educate yourself using the techniques to your advantage.
The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide reveals how to:

  • Predict, anticipate, & easily influence female behavior.

  • Create instant attraction and lust in seconds.

  • 20 Seduction speaking techniques that create Irresistible Sexual Charisma.

  • Master Speed Dating, eliminate 80% of your dating time & money spent, with a superior closing ratio.

  • Read women instantly; spot and avoid the Psychos, Game Players, and gold digging cons.

  • Build instant rapport with Smooth-talking Sexual Persuasion.

  • Know exactly what she wants to see and hear, and feel.

Considering marriage? With a failure rate of 50%, the best defense is a good offense. Remove her financial incentive to file with a pro-active asset protection plan well in advance. In straightforward, easy-to-understand terms learn the Advantages, Limitations, and costs: the complete how, what, and where to setup multiple Trusts, FLPs, and LLCs. Learn how to:

  • Legally Protect your ASSets from the whims of divorce courts and frivolous lawsuits.

  • Shield a large salary, limit alimony to one based on a nominal salary YOU choose.

  • Structure your financial planning and shield your entire estate layers deep and out of sight.

  • Remove the assets from your name. You Control everything, but own nothing.

Tired of the Chase and want to elevate your Game to the next level? Section three is a Jet-setting Bachelor's travel guide to the best Sex Vacations around the World: where gorgeous young girls compete for you. Spoil yourself rotten, and be a Professional Bachelor.

Price: $17.85

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The Ultimate Online Dating Guide: Uncovering All The Insider Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Online Dating Guide: Uncovering All The Insider Tips and TricksAre you planning on starting to online date right now or in the near future? If so, pay attention! There's finally a new, breakthrough book created just for people like you! And, if you really want to have the most beautiful, significant other that will bring a smile to your face, then this book is definitely for YOU!

Price: $10.99

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Don't Kill Your Love Relationship - Keep Your Boyfriend !

You've found a great man and the relationship is progressing well... but then things start falling off track or so it seems. You begin to wonder, "What happened to my relationship?"  "We both seemed to like dating." He doesn't call you anymore. Your boyfriend is slow to respond to your phone calls. And he seems distant when you speak.

Wake up Woman! If that boyfriend of yours is just your kind of guy, catch that man before he officially becomes your ex. Tighten your love relationship and get your boyfriend back in arms before another woman beats you to the punch.

In fact, there are a couple of specific things that you might find yourself doing that will kill your relationship with a man.

1. Ringing Him Incessantly

One of the biggest ways to kill your love relationship is to always be the first to call him. This is especially the case early on in the relationship. Being too "keen" may cause your man to start wondering what is wrong with you. Apart from that, if you are calling him incessantly you just may become unbearable!

2. Bending Over Backwards For Him

Another dating tip biggie is this - are you doing EVERYTHING he tells you to do? Are you bending over backwards to accommodate his every whim? That's not the way to earn his respect. And not only may he end up taking advantage of you, but he may lose his romantic interest in you too. This is kind of like playing "easy to get" and, the truth is, that's more likely to reduce - not increase - your appeal. Know this, your dating relationship is rather fragile in the beginning.  Don't become a doormat.  That is a good way to soon be calling him your ex.

When looked at in the cold light of day you may agree that these behaviors would logically kill any love relationship. But when you're actually in such a relationship you could find yourself doing one or more of these things without even knowing. When dating relationship starts getting stale, get busy and fix things between you. Look at yourself and see what you can change or implement and then just do it!  Get your boyfriend back before you get your heart broken. Now that you have caught him,  Keep that Man!

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to my Bonus Report on Getting Your Ex Back completely free when you visit You get 25 pages of tips and dating advice to help you get your ex back. You will have instant access to this bonus report and the system that has helps thousands.

Go over to and get ready to make things happen.

From Bj Moorer and The Magic of Making Up System.

Five Secrets to Finding True Love - The Dating Program of Three

The best strategy you can use to succeed in finding true love is the Dating Program of Three. I have taught this dating and relationship approach to therapists, clients and students for more than 25 years and it has resulted in great success. While a full discussion of this dating technique is beyond the scope of this paper, for now I'll just summarize the five most Frequently Asked Questions about this all-important piece of dating advice.

1. Does the program of three mean what I think it does? Yes, it does. Date three people at the same time. And be upfront in telling them you're doing this. And, most importantly, DO NOT have sex with any of them.

2. How can this work for me? I can't even find one good person to date! That's the point--having to find three eligible people means you have to break through your patterns of being too picky or too unavailable. You have to give a chance to the nerdy ones or the ones who 'aren't good enough.' And you have to screw up your courage, smile, make eye contact and open your mouth to give yourself a chance with the ones who are 'out of your league."

3. What about instantaneous chemistry that can be so yummy? That yummy chemistry often backfires when you are looking for lasting true love-the relationship that starts out red-hot can quickly go stone-cold. When you date three people, you are protected from this rapid moth-to-a-flame over-involvement that is the biggest mistake singles make in love relationships. Having sex with someone releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone. If great chemistry leads to having sex too soon, this can backfire because you don't really know each other. On the Program you won't have that problem because you are not having sex with these people. If you are truly on the Program of Three you can't spend all that much time with one person. You can enter relationships in a mature and measured way to avoid premature infatuation, dependency, or pseudo-intimacy. On the Program of Three, if one doesn't call you, another one will. And you can come from abundance with three possibilities rather than scarcity with just one.

4. What types of men should I be looking for? You want to enter the world of romance with the attitude of an anthropologist. Ask yourself: What are the personalities of these natives about? What are they really into? Who fits with you? Who can give you the kind of companionship, nurturance or the belief in you and your dreams that you need to be your best self? On the Program, you rank order your partners in terms of least to most fulfilling. Less stimulating or enjoyable partners are left behind as they are replaced with higher level ones.

5. Where do I meet these plentiful guys? You can use two different online dating services, join professional organizations, associations devoted to the arts or political activities, and/or attend interesting educational courses. Advanced courses are best since they attract more men. Get out there. Expand your interests. Break out of your old habit patterns. Try golfing, bowling, or join a business group. Participate in an activity that's out of the norm for you. Make eye contact and say hello to everyone you meet. Each person has a social network of at least 200 other people who they could potentially introduce you to! Empower yourself and try the dating program of three. It can help you find an amazing true love relationship!

Psychologist, Dr. Diana Kirschner, appeared on Oprah & is a frequent guest on the Today Show. For 25+ years she has helped thousands of single women find love. Her acclaimed new book is Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. For her etips, blog, dating articles, & daily affirmations visit Dr. Diana's professional and academic background is available at

How to Use the Law of Attraction in Loving Relationships

Law of Attraction and Love and Family. Whilst there are three areas in life that are important to people - health, wealth and love - it is usually the latter two that they are most focused on - trying to earn more money or finding the love of their life or increasing the love and prosperity for their loved ones. When it comes to love and family, how does the law of attraction fit in - can it help to create a loving relationship and even mend broken ones?

Of course it can! Everyone is sending out energy, emotional vibrations, at an unconscious level. And since like energies attract more of the same, if you begin to send out positive energy they will respond in the same way. After an argument, it doesn't matter who is the first to say sorry and begin doing good things for the other (sending out positive energy) for the other to soon have no choice but to do the same - they have no choice - they will not be able to help themselves.

If we look at the family situation we'll find that there are already bonds in play that can help to make the relationship better than ever before. We all know that it is not uncommon for families who share the same space to compete over the bathroom, for example, or for siblings to argue about computer games, TV - the usual domestics!

But, the bottom line is that there is usually an element of love in the family, even at the root of what seem impossible relationship problems. Where do you start? I've just said that there is always an element of love in the family, right? Then that is where you begin. For some, however, the disharmony may have been going on for some time and so the subconscious is sending out all the wrong emotional responses (because over time it's been conditioned to act that way). Ok, you're going to fix this problem and mend the relationship - but first, you have to be absolutely convinced that you want to do this, because the first person you have to start with, is YOU! You have to convince your own subconscious first, before you have a chance with anyone else.

Lip service is not enough - you really have to WANT things to change, right to the very emotional foundation of your being. You have to be 100% committed to change. First thing to do is to forget all the bad stuff - stop focusing on what they did that drove you up the wall, round the bend - however you want to put it - stop focusing on it right now. Why? The law of attraction! If you still harbor thoughts about the things they did to irritate you, what are you focusing on? Being irritated! Guess what? You are sending out a signal to your subconscious genie that reads "irritation" - the genie responds with "your wish is my command" and hey presto, you get more irritation!

LET GO! Let go of all the things that irritated you. You have to change the frequency of your emotional vibrations that your subconscious is sending out to the universe. You have to switch from negative to positive - it's as simple as that. Simply let go of all the focus on their faults - their habits that irritated you to such a degree that things got to where they are now. Focus on what they do (or used to do) that made you feel happy. Go look at some happy photos - even check out your wedding pictures (as long as they are happy ones!) Focus on the happy times you shared. Do you remember the things you used to do for them that made THEM happy? Go do them all over again. When you see them, think of the happy times you have spent with them - use your own reservoir of happy memories to change the signal your subconscious has been sending out. In no time, if you put yourself 100% into this, you will find yourself in a much happier relationship than you could have dreamed of.

Ok, let's take a look at trying to attract the love of your life INTO your life. The principle is much the same, only you haven't met them yet (or maybe you have but haven't noticed them). And remember, they are also looking for you! The important thing here is to be very specific when you give your subconscious genie your wish. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?

As I have said, they are also looking for you, so in these terms, forget about political or social status for a moment - this is the love of your life, right? If you start putting limits and restricting choice, you are not really sending out the right signal! Be OPEN! Or you may miss the most wonderful relationship you could ever have dreamed of. Think of values and the type of relationship you want. Think of their personality and how they treat others - yes, think about their likes and dislikes - think about everything that you want in your future dream relationship. Then believe 100% that you are going to find this person.

If you find this difficult, just remind yourself that every day, millions of men and women around the world are creating a new life with the person of their dreams. You are no different from them - you have a right to be happy too. It happens every day. You can affirm this to yourself, each day, if it helps. Now comes the hard bit. You have to be patient. Your genie certainly does grant your wish, but, not always in the timescale that you are thinking in. Believe that it will happen, and it will. Just be patient and give it time.

Ok... you're not so patient. What happens? You date the next person that comes along, just to "fill in time" and hey, guess what, your life gets full of distractions that you would not even recognize the person of your dreams if they walked in the room. You are sending out all the wrong vibrations. Your focus is on your new date and not the love of your life. Remember, he or she is also looking for you! You are both looking for each other on a subconscious level - but yours is now sending out the wrong vibrations. You were so busy keeping yourself occupied with your new date, that you missed out on the opportunity to meet your dream lover, and they walked away without even a hello or goodbye because you didn't know they were there.

Once you set a goal, be patient. Keep faith in your subconscious genie that they will deliver. Keep those positive vibrations working and the person of your dreams is likely to find you when you least expect it! Stay focused on your dreams - the law of attraction will bring them to you!

In the early 1900s several books were written about the law of attraction. Recently, a film was made about it called "The Secret". Some of the lessons from the early books were lost - now they have surfaced again. In December 2009, myself and others will make these lessons available. To find out more, simply send an email to and I will tell you how they can change your world.

Graham Nicholls

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lasting Loving Relationships - Can You Really Have One Or Should You Settle For Less?

Okay Boys! You can get all the paid for or free flirting advice you can stomach, but ya better be careful about what you go after. We all know that men and women are different but if you ask a woman she will tell you she has men figured out. There are very few men that will say the same about women. Flirting and dating is all well and good but every time you start a conversation with a woman you are starting a relationship. It will be up to you where the relationship goes from there.

There have been scientific studies done about why a person does what they do, and they have found answers about how relationships work too. What attracts a certain type of man or woman for one person can be totally different from one person to the next.

What makes a person stay in an unfulfilling relationship or an abusive one?

Unfortunately, children have no say in these matters between partners and no control over how they must suffer through their parent's choices. If you find yourself in a relationship with a single parent please, act responsibly. It does not matter how dysfunctional the parent is, they can do no wrong in the eyes of their children. If you find yourself involved with a single parent and you know the relationship will not be long term be careful of the bond you create with the children..

As an adult you do have choices and you might need to take a step back and a hard look at what is happening in your life. It is possible to decide whether a date is worth more than one night during the first conversation, you just need to ask the right questions and let her do a little talking.

According to the results of various studies there are a few different types of women, fortunately for you, they are easy to separate quickly. Believe me there are some women you do not want to get involved with at any cost no matter how beautiful they are.

Men and women get into a relationship and settle for less than they need. They are in a rush to be married and think they can work through things, live without others or hope to be able to change their partner. These types of relationships usually end in heartache for someone involved.

If you are truly looking for a long lasting loving relationship, you need to recognize it when it slaps you in the face. Know what you want and do not be intimidated by an overpowering whining woman! Do not tell her what she wants to hear just to keep her from crying or throwing a tantrum, be honest and say what you feel.

Prioritize the things you must get from your relationship and the things that you can't tolerate. You may think you can be happy living with some things you can't tolerate or doing without the things you need but you will quickly discover that is not true.

An online dating profile should spark interest and a little mystery that builds relationships. Do you know how to keep a relationship growing after the first date? There is no magic answer but, you can read more of our findings about flirting, dating and relationships at: All of our articles are free for reprinting on your website provided all links and the resource box remain intact.

Long Lasting Love Relationships

Dating and establishing love relationships can be compared to choosing a vehicle. You pick out the make, model, year, color and features that you believe are best for you. After driving your vehicle for a couple of months, you realize that perhaps you should have purchased a larger car, or that maybe the leather seats would have been better, or on hot sunny days, the sunroof would have been nice. However, it is now too late so you choose to keep your car and accept the decision you made. It is the same for a marriage or couple relationship. Not everything will be perfect and there will be major obstacles to overcome but you have made your decision and now you choose to make it work no matter which marriage troubles you are experiencing.

Dating and marriage is different than it was thirty years ago. Today, more than 50% of all marriages fail for one reason or another. Just thinking about that makes "commitments" and marriage vows seem scary. It seems that when relationships are faced with challenges, people quit trying. Dating is more like a marathon, trying to date as many people as possible, instead of taking time to get to know someone on a deeper level. For married couples, divorce is not biased. Whether married for thirty years or eight months, the outcome can be the same.

The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard. Things do not always go perfectly, fighting does occur, and it takes a 100% commitment from both parties to make it a success. Often when people break off a relationship, they feel as though something is missing. The "spark" has gone, leaving one or both people feeling inadequate and unfulfilled.

However, even though the odds are not very good, it has been proven by many people that healthy and long-lasting relationships are definitely possible. Look at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodard, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman, or Nancy and Ronald Regan. What secrets do and did they possess? The answer is: work hard at the relationship. They made a decision of choosing to love their mate rather than relying on the "warm and fuzzy" feelings, which everyone knows will fade. By making love a choice, you are making a decision that even in the bad times, you stick it out.

There are hundreds of things you can do to build, strengthen, and enhance your relationship. You can find lots of relationship self help resources online. Remember, little steps taken every day will add up to big successes.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website Terje is a Sociologist who enjoys contributing to the personal growth and happiness of others. He tries to accomplish this by writing about personal development issues from his own experience and knowledge. For example, self help resources and how to enhance your relationship.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love Relationships and Secret Numbers

As love cries out to quench our soul,
To fill our heart and make us whole,
Within our names the secret slumbers.
Behold! The answer lies within our numbers!

Love. Ah, love! How profound. How grand. How majestic and magnetic. Arguably, nothing in the history of man has captivated him more than love. It is the elixir that quenches both heart, mind and soul, and yet its secrets remain hidden, or do they?

With the rise of broken marriages, broken homes, unhappy children separated from the loving embrace of both a mother and father, as well as an endless stream of individuals experiencing ephemeral and empty relationships, it is all too apparent that the process of love and the choosing of a life partner need overhauling. There is far too much pain, too many tears, too much heartache and heartbreak to maintain the current direction of generating fulfilling love matches. The method for creating relationships needs to be revolutionized and that revolution is centered, as remarkably as it may seem, in the birth names and birth dates of each of us.

Numbers rule the universe said the famed mathematician and scientist Pythagoras. Because numbers rule the universe, they rule everything in it including love and relationships. The key numbers of each individual's name and birth date contain the secrets to love for the individual. When those numbers are matched correctly to another person's numbers, a strong, fulfilling, and enduring relationship can be achieved. Divorces will be fewer, as will broken homes, broken relationships, broken hearts, heartbroken children and broken lives.

For example, let's say that person 'A' has a 5 Lifepath. The Lifepath is determined from the birthdate and can be likened to the script of a person's life. Now we'll assume that person 'B' has a 4 Lifepath. If these two people attempted to create a relationship, would each of them find fulfillment through the other's life script and thereby enhance the possibility of them having a meaningful relationship? The answer is probably not. The numbers 4 and 5 are diametrically opposed. The 4 is conventional; the 5 is unconventional. The 4 loves stability; the 5 loves motion. The 4 is practical; the 5 is adventurous. The 4 doesn't like change; the 5 loves change. See the problem?

Now let's assume that the 4 and 5 didn't govern their Lifepaths but their Expressions. The Expression is derived from a person's name and describes the individual as a whole. With one person being a 4 and the other person being a 5, the chances of them finding harmony together are practically nil. Again, the same problem arises except the Expression is the person while the Lifepath is the script of the person's life. Thus, the Expression carries greater weight. The 4 versus 5 conflict is thus intensified when it's in the Expressions [the names] rather than the Lifepaths [the birth dates] of the people involved. This combination would not bode well for a happy couple nor a fulfilling relationship. The 4 would hold the 5 back, smothering his adventurous nature, while the 5's desire to move, change and experience life would cause the root-loving 4 a great deal of stress.

Although there are many factors in a numerology chart that determine the compatibility of a relationship, this simple example of the 4 versus 5 illustrates that if these two people were to form a committed bond, their Lifepaths and/or Expressions would potentially create tension because of the inherent opposition and confliction between the 4 and 5. It is therefore important that people look beyond the superficial attributes of a potential partner such as wealth, power, possessions, celebrity and looks to the deeper energies comprising their lives and destinies as determined from the numbers in their names and birth dates.

Summary Notes
1. Numbers rule the universe.
2. Our personal numbers are contained within our birth name and birth date.
3. Each of our numbers contains the secrets to love.
4. Loving relationships are created when the key numbers of two individuals match harmoniously.

Copyright Richard Andrew King
All rights reserved.

Richard Andrew King, whose website is is a numerologist, martial artist, author and public speaker residing in Southern California. For knowledge regarding love, attraction and relationships, read The 5 Minute Lover: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves and Relationships in 5 Minutes or learn love's secrets at Other works by King include The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I: Foundations & Fundamentals; The King's Book of Numerology II: Forecasting - Part I; 99 Poems of the Spirit; Messages from the Masters - Timeless Truths for Spiritual Seekers; Blueprint of a Princess: Diana Frances Spencer - Queen of Hearts; The Black Belt Book of Life: Secrets of a Martial Arts Master; The Age of the Female - Volumes I and II. A complete listing of King's works including his books, audio books, home study courses and CDs is available on his website and at King is available for speaking engagements, workshops and personal appearances.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now Revealed! Where Comic Book Fans Like Me Can Find Love and Dates

I want your ugly, I want your disease / I want your everything as long as it's free / I want your love / Love, love, love, I want your love - Lady Gaga, Bad Romance lyrics

I refuse to call myself a nerd, dork, or any other possibly self-deflating term. But, I have always loved comic books and super heroes, so let me use that as a way to open this article about dating and finding love. Comic book fans can find love and happiness, too.

Yes, we all know it can be tough finding a date and love match. I remember how it was back before I met my wife. You hear talk about love and dating and get tired of hearing it. It's always love, love, love. And not everyone finds someone as easily as Clark Kent found Lois Lane. (And even then it took them decades to tie the knot.). But, I am confident with my experience and advice that you can find dates and love.

I met my wife in college by taking the initiative and asking her out. That is one piece to the love puzzle, stepping out of your comfort zone. Another piece is being on the lookout. Do not leave everything up to destiny when it comes to love. You have to take the love bull by the horns and make him work for you. Finding love and a quality relationship starts by putting out the effort and looking. While the tight and toned athletes and those with much money have women chasing them, you need to look if you are among the 90 percent of other guys.

Furthermore, while it would be amazing and sexy to find love and a relationship at a comic book store (I'm being serious!), that likely won't happen. Not every woman appreciates super heroes and the world of four color panels like my wife. That said, I believe you will not find love and a quality relationship at the bar. So, where to start?

I suggest trying online dating sites to find love. They are all over the Internet now like love kiosks. Some dating sites like SinglesNet and PlentyofFish are even free. I have known many people who use the Internet to find love and dates. It can work. Let me run some numbers by you.

One in 5 singles have dated someone they met on a dating site, according to Finding a match online is not uncommon these days. It is perfectly acceptable to find love and a date online.
Also, according to, married couples who met online have an average courtship period of 18.5 months. Married couples who met offline have a courtship period that lasts on average 42 months. So, dating online is a faster way to find your perfect match and love.

If you are looking for love, take a small step out of your comfort zone and try an online dating site. Many sites are simple to use and will not even take much time. For example, I know at SinglesNet, you can search for matches by only putting in your Zip code and telling the Web site if you are looking for a man or woman. The database then brings up love matches in your area. You can become one of those lucky people who one day say, "I love Love."

And face it, who does not love Love. Love is a concept and feeling we all need in our lives. I am confident if you take a chance and try searching an online site for a date, you will find some good ones. Then, maybe next time you hear of someone bragging about his or her spouse, you won't think, "Love, love, love, bah humbug."

One final note, when you do meet your love match, move confidently. The article Attracting Women With Body Language - Using Your Body To Attract Girls 101 by Dean James states moving confidently means "...not fidgeting, or shaking, just because you see the girl you like, or your dream girl sits beside you. A lot of females get turned off when they see men who are nervous, or don't have enough confidence."

Fellow fanboys, love and happiness await. And who knows, maybe every guy has a Lois Lane, Shiera Hall, or Mary Jane Watson out there. Maybe it just takes a little work to find her.

Scott Faubion offers dating advice at

Scott is also an owner of Halloween Hill, an online business that provides Halloween props to haunted house owners and home haunters at

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