Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why He Has Not Called - How To React and What You Can Do To Win His Heart

The phone - it sits there all quiet like upon the tabletop, ticking away the seconds as you stare at its screen. You anticipate it ringing now countless times that you can almost hear its ring tone going off in your mind.

Yet still, it does not.

You pick it up, flip it over in your hand, check the time, then see if maybe you got any new messages. You have no unread messages.

For the umpteenth time you let out a sigh and set the phone back down. After staring at it a few moments more, you go back to whatever business you were previously attending to.

Then, just like clock-work you repeat the same cycle long into the night until you eventually turn in.

This is usually how it goes; you gradually make yourself sick with exhaustion at the thought of why he hasn't called you yet:

Does he like me? Did I say something to offend him? Did I do anything that made him uncomfortable? Does he think I'm weird? Does he even want to see me again? Will he ever call!?


There are a number of reasons why he may not have called yet, each with their own different shades of variables. Being able to understand exactly why he hasn't called and how you can respond, will make the difference between a long-term relationship or another bite in the dust.

Let me help you determine why he may not have called yet and the best way of handling it either way.

First, think back to everything that happened between the two of you that led up to the last encounter you had. Have the two of you been getting along well thus far?

Have you felt a strong yet invisible connection, like an electrical charge? Or, have the two of you experienced a lot of awkward moments that left you a little unsure of each others' feelings?

Now, think back to the very last encounter you had with him; was it a good or a bad experience? Did you leave each other on a positive or negative note?

If he hasn't called you yet he could be genuinely busy and accidentally have forgotten.

Then again, he could also be playing things cool and trying his best not to appear desperate and/or over-infatuated.

On the same token, he may also wish to slow things in the relationship down a bit.

If he hasn't called you because he is emotionally distant, it may indicate that he has been hurt in a previous relationship and doesn't wish to move into another quite as quickly.

Of course, the least appealing option of all, is that he may not be that into you. If you've gotten a distant vibe from him the last time the two of you hung out then you can almost bet on this one.

There are several reasons why he may not have called, although just because he hasn't yet does not mean that he doesn't intend too. Regardless of what happened in your previous encounter you should try not to worry about him calling and allow some time to pass.

Some view that the longer your man chooses not call after your last date, shows his lack of interest in the relationship. This technically is and is not true.

It is, because if you waited a few days, then a few weeks, then ultimately a few months and he still hasn't bothered to call you - you can be fairly assured that he is longer interested.

On the other hand it isn't, simply because a lot of men don't view the 'post-date' phone call the same way as women do. When several days or even a week goes by without contact, it is nothing but that, time that has gone by.

So the moral is, more often than not you should occupy yourself with something else until he decides to call you. Typically if he hasn't called within a week to two weeks time, you can go ahead and call inquiring about his day and engaging in small talk, or to invite him out somewhere.

If you do happen to call in the end, don't even mention the time that has gone by or ask why he hasn't called. You'll get your answer in the way he responds to you in conversation. If he seems rushed and refuses an opportunity to spend time with you again, then he must have surely lost interest.

However if he seems pleased to hear from you and accepts your invitation then the time that has gone by without a phone call can easily be overlooked.


Do not call too early to avoid coming off as desperate or needy, this is unattractive to most males. Also, you are at your own risk of potentially deflating some of what interest he has in you, by no longer prolonging the suspension of your company, be it physical or vocal.

If you wait to make a phone call or wait until you receive one from him, it will help build the perspective that he has of you, that you are independent and happy without his intervention.

This will make him want you all the more!

There are several other ways to make him fall head over heels for you aside from standing firm on a phone call. Ways he has never even imagined and ways that you probably aren't aware of.

There are ways to create an attraction so intense it transcends all forms of telephone communication!

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