Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Don't Need Tricks to Get a Date and a Mate

Many women and even men think they need to have tricks or game to get mates. Yes the game is important when it comes to meeting potential mates but once you have met them, then the game becomes less relevant with every passing day. The game is simply a state of mind which puts you in a confident moment to enable you to make that first move. If the move is genuine, then rejection is irrelevant. You will be rejected - count on it but you should not take it personally because you don't really know the person rejecting you so it doesn't matter. Once you get that number, the game ends but the fun really begins.

Once you go out on that first date, it is in your best self interest to lose the pretense and drop the charade. You have to be yourself. This will make you appear genuine and confident because you will be saying to the other person "This is who I am - Love me or Hate me." This also protects you from making a bad relationship decision and regretting it in the future. If you pretend to be interested in the Opera because you know the beautiful girl you are dating is into Opera, then later on down the line you can fully expect some confrontation over Opera tickets which all could have been avoided if only you told the truth. If she doesn't like you because you don't like the Opera, then so be it; you are better off that way.

What you are looking for is a first date where you are completely yourself and the other person responds positively. Then you are really on to something. The more positively the person responds, the more honest you should be. If they are fine with everything about the real you, then you really have struck gold but most people will be OK with most things about you. There will always be certain quirks that will get on the other person's nerves. But people will make their own decisions to either overlook them or try to get you to change them.

Now from my experience, most people don't change. You can date them thinking that you can change them but they will resent you trying to change them into someone they aren't. If you are trying to do that then let me tell you that you are better off finding someone with the qualities that you desire but that person may not have other qualities that you also want in a romantic partner. No one is perfect and everyone needs a break. So if your partner is not perfect, cut them a break because guess what? You are far from perfect yourself.

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