Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Attracts Women to a Guy? Discover the Secrets to Being Hot to the Ladies!

If you are trying to get the girl of your dreams to notice you, you first have to know what attracts women. The first thing to do would be to look at your own life and make changes if necessary. Remember that women will always choose a responsible and confident man over a handsome yet careless and immature jock. With the following tips, you will surely get the right idea as to what attracts women.

Be confident. Women are attracted to men who accept and are happy with whom they are. When a man knows how to lead, a woman will always find this appealing. It makes a woman feel that this man can take care of her properly if given the time.

Women love to converse. And when a guy initiates a good conversation, they become captivated. If the man talks with a gentle voice and an air of confidence, women become delighted. When you ask about her, her work, her goals and her interests, you will surely get her attention. You should also be able to give your own opinions about certain matters and shed a light on your own interests. The thing to avoid is to brag about your accomplishments as women are turned-off by men who are boastful. Be a fun, flirty and positive speaker and listener.

Women get tickled pink when flattered. This does not mean that you have to swoon over her appearance but you have to show appreciation for her hobbies, skills and accomplishments. Women always remember compliments that flatter her and will make her remember the guy who showed admiration.

When you are together, make your girl have a good and sincere laugh. Women base a fun time when they are able to laugh. It also relaxes and makes them feel comfortable. She will always keep coming back for more as she has had an enjoyable time with you.

Dress with confidence. This does not mean that you should wear designer clothes. Put on outfits that make you look good and feel comfortable. Never wear clothes that mismatch as this signifies carelessness. Make sure you have a good perfume on so that you smell good. Women are captivated by men who smell great because it shows that men are careful and responsible enough to pay attention to their appearance. Remember that women love responsible men.

Following these tips will get you somewhere with the woman you are interested in. Apply the personality that has all these attitudes and you will know for yourself that this type of personality is what attracts women the most.

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