Sunday, June 26, 2011

Want To Be More Attractive To Women?

You are shy about approaching women to start conversations. This shyness actually works against you very much because it is very difficult for you to make new female friends if you do not approach them and at the same time, girls are turned off by shy guys because shyness means a lack of self esteem and girls find that unattractive. Look, self confidence is a very masculine trait and that is why girls always fall for confident men.

So one way to banish your shyness with women is to assume that you are already a very attractive man and women simply adore you. You may feel uncomfortable with this assumption at first as a little voice in your head is screaming that it is not true. There are methods in which you can get that voice to shut up and in this article, we will explore some of them.

Affirmations - Affirm to yourself several times a day that, "I am attractive and confident with women" or "I am very sexy and attractive." Say them out loud to yourself. The repetition in time will cause your mind to believe that you are indeed attractive and confident and so, that little voice will shut up.

Visualizations - To make your affirmations even more powerful, while repeating your affirmations, say them with feelings that you are already very attractive and sexy. Then imagine that you are already attractive and sexy with women falling for you. Imagine yourself to be in the company of women and how the girls just want to get a piece of you.

After doing the above for some time, your mind will begin to accept it as a fact that you are indeed sexy and attractive to women. With that acceptance, you will then gain the confidence to start approaching women and start conversations with alpha male confidence.

Hypnosis - If after a month or so of repeating your affirmations and visualizations, your results are not forthcoming, then you may want to consider trying out hypnosis to shore up your confidence. Many people have the irrational fear of hypnosis sessions because of the mistaken belief that they will be under the control of the therapist. This is completely untrue.

You will be conscious of your surroundings during the hypnosis session unless you fall asleep. You will know what is going on and what the therapist is saying. You certainly will not be made to bark like a dog or prance around like a monkey and as such, you can get up and attend to other matters as and when you feel like it.

However, hypnosis sessions don't come cheap. Furthermore, you may have to attend a few sessions before you see results and that may cost you somewhat where money is concerned.

Fortunately, there are now many hypnosis CDs and MP3s for home therapy self-hypnosis created by hypno-therapists for people who cannot afford one-on-one sessions or who may have difficulties to attend the sessions.

Want to be attractive to women? Then boost your confidence with the methods shown in this article and see how women want more of you in a jiffy.

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