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Dating Tips For Men - 21 Insider Tips For Success!

The following 21 dating tips for men are based on research and personal experience. Most of them are exclusive to men and not applicable for use by women, although they may benefit by reading them. The same is true of the ones for women; men may benefit by reading them as well.

Dating Tips for Men #1: Ask her for a date like a man. Pick the day before you call. If she tells you that it's not a good day, do not negotiate unless she offers a specific alternative that fits into YOUR plan. If she doesn't offer a specific alternative (This would NOT include, "Call me next week."), say to her, "Perhaps some other time." That's it! If she is interested, she will re-arrange her schedule. Think it over for a week or more and if you feel in your gut that you should give it second try, go for it. If not, move on!

Dating Tips for Men #2: Make dates in advance. Ask her to go out with you well in advance of the actual date. 1-2 weeks is good at the beginning. This strategy gives you time to make arrangements for your date and it also creates romantic anticipation.

Dating Tips for Men #3: Have it all planned. Have the entire date planned, scheduled, and reserved before you pick her up. Not only will she be impressed by your organization, but you'll also have a better time.

Dating Tips for Men #4: Invest your time and money wisely. There is no sense investing a lot of your time or money until you determine if you like each other. Most women will only become uncomfortable, or perceive you as being foolish, if you spend a month's pay on the first date.

Dating Tips for Men #5: Use a progressive dating strategy. Start with inexpensive dates during the week and work your way up to more expensive dates on the weekends.

Dating Tips for Men #6: Timeliness is classiness. Be on time to pick up your date. This does NOT mean getting there early. Many women, and men, schedule their preparations for going out down to the last minute. If you are running late by more then 10 minutes, call and let her know when to expect you.

Dating Tips for Men #7: Being yourself is your best act. Don't try to impress your date with your money, your position, your car, or your body measurements. Using these things to win a woman over will only attract those with superficial intentions. Win them over by showing them the qualities you have inside by simply being yourself.

Dating Tips for Men #8: Be like a movie star. Almost all of the male movie stars who attract an abundance of women on and off the screen have exquisite manners. Women love being treated like ladies. You see these men opening a door for her, letting her walk into a room first, and helping her with a chair. I once witnessed two (2) young army combat veterans instantly stand up when a poor, unattractive teenage girl entered the room. They had no obligation or incentive whatsoever to respond as they did. It was beautiful!

Dating Tips for Men #9: Keep your eyes on the ball. Do not check out other women. Even when done on the sly, women will pick it up. Nothing is more classy and warrior-like than a man who keeps his attention on the woman he's with regardless of who she is.

Dating Tips for Men #10: Cleanliness is coolness personified. Be sure that all areas of your body are clean and fresh. This includes your hair, ears, body, and especially your teeth. Bad breath, which is often caused by a dental or periodontal problem, is usually not noticeable by the person who has it. Nothing is more of a turn off than bad breath. If you haven't had your teeth cleaned in the last six months, get it done!

Dating Tips for Men #11: Hold your flattery. Save your compliments about her beauty for the right time. Although you might be intoxicated by her beauty, do not reveal the full extent of your feelings on your first few dates. Save that for the right moment several dates down the road. Just say, "You look very nice this evening." and leave it at that. In regard to sexual innuendoes, they have no place during the early stages of dating.

Dating Tips for Men #12: Put it in your autobiography. Don't tell her your whole life story and all your secrets right away. In fact, always try to maintain some degree of anonymity in some area of your personality or life, as it naturally provokes more excitement. Mystery is a mental aphrodisiac!

Dating Tips for Men #13: One night to stand. Do not expect to have sex on your first date. Consider these scenarios: If you do have long-term interest in a particular woman and your main focus is sex on the first date, her opinion of you will be lowered. If you do NOT have any long-term interest in a particular woman and she willingly has sex with you on the first date, she has probably done it before! Maybe several times, maybe hundreds of times! Having sex with a woman like this GREATLY increases the chances of you contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Here's my advice: Take the pressure off yourself and don't expect sex on the first date. This will enable you to more clearly evaluate the person and you'll have a better time.

Dating Tips for Men #14: Sex without full mutual agreement is rape. Do not pressure a woman to have sex. Regardless of how you feel about a particular woman, it is inappropriate to pressure a woman to have sex at anytime.

Dating Tips for Men #15: Patience equals unimaginable pleasure.. Do not rush a woman to have sex. If you're really interested in a long-term relationship with a particular woman, do NOT rush her to have sex with you based on any kind of "timetable." If you want to have the BEST sexual experience of your life, become best friends FIRST and then have sex. I assure you, it is worth the wait!

Dating Tips for Men #16: Romance is the key to receiving a woman's best. Women love romance! They need it in order to feel complete. It literally fulfills a part of their sexual needs. It's what they require for true satisfaction. So, include romance into your dating plans.

Dating Tips for Men #17: Be a creative romantic. The traditional methods for creating romance remain unchanged. These include buying her flowers, candy, jewelry, perfume, and romantic music; sending her love letters and notes; taking her to dinner at unique restaurants; taking her dancing at nightclubs; and taking her to movies, operas, or plays that depict a love story. The key to having the outcome that you want, however, is to come up with your own unique twists to these ancient practices. In other words, be CREATIVE!

Dating Tips for Men #18: Keep your grip. Do not get lazy about your relationship or you might get a letter from her one day that says, "Goodbye." Keep yourself looking your best. Keep the relationship alive by continually telling her and showing her how much you care. And don't ever forget to do something for her birthday and any other holidays that are important to her.

Dating Tips for Men #19: Warrior's goodnight kiss. Don't liger after the goodnight kiss at the beginning of your dating activity with a particular person. Kiss her once to the duration that feels right. Then say good night, turn, and walk away. Do not linger, talk more, try to kiss her again, or ask her for another date! This practice creates the mystery/romance that women love and prevents you from getting catch up by the heat of the moment and acting like a fool. Take a deep breath and go home. Take a few days to think things over. Is she right for you? Do you want to see her again or move on? It's a lot easier to move on at the beginning than down the road.

Dating Tips for Men #20: Trust your gut. Do not continue to date a woman if you know she's not right for you. Don't keep her around until you find someone better. That's not fair to her or you. Don't waste your time. Do what's right. Have the courage to move on!

Dating Tips for Men #21: Smart moves pay lifetime dividends. No matter how truthful, safe, and healthy your partner/friend seems, make certain that an adequate birth control method is being used, and that you both get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) BEFORE your first sexual encounter. If you don't have medical insurance to cover these expenses, most local health departments offer birth control counseling and STD testing for free or at a nominal fee. One bad choice in this area can instantly ruin your life forever!

I wish you much dating and relationship success!

Brad Paul

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