Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dating Tips - How Do You Find The Right Person To Spend Your Life With?

Last night I was watching the game and I heard some advice by Lou Holtz. Now for those of you who aren't football fans Lou is a retired coach and is now a broadcaster. Lou often has tidbits of wise advice that he gives out. The other night though he said something that made me get a piece of paper and write it down. So many times we talk about finding the right person. When really we are missing the point, here is what Lou said, "It is very important to find the right person in life, but it is just as important to BE the right person." That is profound!

So how do we become the right person.

Step 1, you base your life on principles. Every decision you make in life has an impact on your direction whether you realize it or not. Judge every decision you make in your life on how it will impact you and your future goals. If a decision moves you away from your future goals it is easy to not do whatever that thing is.

Step 2, you become a person of value. This means more than money, in fact money is the least part of this. When I say value I mean what do you bring to the table in a relationship? What areas in life are you an expert, what talents do you have, how can you expand on these things to make yourself more attractive, more exciting, and more valuable to the other person?

Step 3, you become your partner's fiduciary. What does that mean? Well in business certain types of jobs hold a fiduciary relationship to their clients. Think of your relationship in these terms, look out for your lovers interests over your own.

So follow these steps and you will BE the right person that someone else is looking for. In turn you will find the right person because this works on the principle of reciprocity. What goes around comes around!

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