Monday, June 27, 2011

Understand Women to Woo Them With Ease

One of the most underrated qualities of human beings is conviction, be it in actions, words or simply in their eyes. In fact, when we are talking about conviction, we are combining many aspects of it. It starts with eyes, goes on via body language, spills via words to provide conviction in the form of intent. Many proponents of destiny and opponents of conviction have been asking questions like; will I become the president of United States if I believe? Will I become rich if I start believing or picturizing? The answer is yes and no.

When you are about to sleep, if someone asks you to be ready, 16 hours from now, would it be possible? It would be more than possible, and you will promise with a conviction, right? (Not many can sleep for more than 14 hours at a stretch) Why does conviction work this time? It is because you believe in the possibility. Same way, becoming rich requires a lot of effort, and only when you put it that kind of effort, your conviction changes.

There are hundreds of books describing better than the best ways of how to woo a woman, but what are the results? Results are more confusing than the problem itself. And, the problem is not in entirety with the tricks, tips, ideas or whatever you may call those snippets. The problem on most occasions lies with the lack of belief, not only in the tricks but in us as well.

Failure takes its toll even on the most confident!! Hence, if we get rebuked on the first occasion (when it is assumed, we give our 100 %), then on the next occasion, punctured hearts may have confidence slipped out.

Now coming to some specific aspects of wooing women, some great tips are discussed below:

- Most of the decisions, perceptions, love affairs, marriages owe a lot on the first impression. Hence, dress soberly today, and every day.

- Give respect, take respect!! Be polite, courteous and maintain a healthy eye contact. 'The bad boy' story works mostly for teenagers; today's woman is intelligent and knows what she wants in life.

- Some people say, women have the best sense of smell, or to say in other words - their sense of smell is powerful. Hence, get yourself wrapped with the best of masculine fragrances.

- While getting introduced, try getting help from one of your common friends for breaking the ice. Have smaller conversations, keep it to 'hi' and 'bye' for a day or so and move slowly, but with confidence.

- When you start talking, be attentive to what she says. Listening is one of the easiest skills which men get wrong, time and again.

- Days of social networking have opened the doors wide. Check her profile on any leading social networking site to understand her persona, interests etc. Instead of talking in terms of your topics, concentrate as to what interests her and try to talk in correspondence to her interests (gain knowledge about the subject before you talk, as most women detest frequent lairs and flyers).

Lastly, never be a wannabe in life; be brave enough to be true!!

Knowing how to attract women is not a challenge that you cannot overcome. Learn how to be a player and what it takes to attract hot women around with confidence and ease.

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