Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What To Do On Your First Mature Date

Many people find it hard to plan the perfect first date. The first date is always important as a first impression means everything. If you get the location or even the principle of the date wrong then this affects the outcome of the relationship. Here are a few options to help make your night ideal:

Meal and Movie

I always find that going for something to eat followed by the cinema is a popular choice with a first dates. By going to a swanky restaurant followed by a new release are on the top of many peoples lists. By starting the date with a meal means you can both get to know one another better and share interests with each other. The cinema then gives you a chance to spend time together and watch a film that you will both enjoy which will also show you have the same tastes. However, there's nothing worse than the guy choosing a movie, and it's really not her taste, or going to a restaurant and finding she's a vegetarian so ask prier to the date.

Home cooked meal

Cooking someone a meal is a very romantic idea for a first date as it shows that you have also made a lot of effort. It gives you the opportunity to get to know one another over a nice meal and a glass of wine. However, as for a first date, if it is someone you do not know then a public place is a better idea due to safety precautions.

Walks in the park followed by a picnic

A walk in the park on a sunny day can be a romantic start to a relationship. This gives you both the chance to get to know one another and take in the beautiful scenery. A flask of coffee and a blanket to sit on whilst sat under the sun or the stars can be a great date. Just driving through the country at night can be nice, drive on the hilltops so that you can look at the 'town/city lights' below, then really get down to communication and finding out about each other, make it a 'special quiet place, just somewhere where only you both know.

Visits to Popular Sites; Theatres, Museums, Historical Sites and Public Gardens

Visiting well know sites or museums can be an interesting and casual date. It gives you the chance to get to know one another and share interests. If there was any awkward quiet moments it also means that you can talk about the sites.

Keep these options in consideration when planning your first date!

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