Friday, January 7, 2011

The Basic Rule To Attracting Women

George has been learning the secrets of how to meet and attract women for over 7 years now. He has developed a unique approach to ...
If you are one of those men who went to workshops and are attending seminars about attracting girls then you probably aware of the rules of every pick-up. You are also familiar with opening and transitions. Lastly, you are very well aware that you only have a few minutes to put everything you have learned into action once you are out trying to pick-up someone. Since you know there is a kind of period in every approach, you have the tendency to squeeze everything into that particular period. What is the result? You rush on things. From your opener to the transition, you tend to speak fast in order to make the shift. This may get things done within the allotted time but it will convey a different message.
While you are too busy trying to squeeze everything within the allotted time by speaking and rushing, you inadvertently give out the message that you are not just in a hurry but you are nervous and could not get away. When she senses this message, your chances of landing a date with her decreases or worse it disappear. If you really want to attract a woman, stop trying to do anything. It is also best that you stop rushing into things especially when you are conversing with her.
When it comes to attracting women, there is one basic rule that you must keep in mind. What is this basic rule? This basic rule is called "slow it down". Yes, slowing down does not only apply to your speech but it also applies to your body movements as well. As much as possible you should move deliberately, slowly, and calmly. When you do this you are conveying a message that you do not care whether she rejects you or not. You also give out the message that you are not trying to do anything and that you are comfortable being where you are. In other words, women will associate your demeanor to confidence and women like confident men.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Tips To Mend Your Broken Heart

A broken heart may feel like it will never go away. It may make you feel sick to your stomach and like life will never be the same. Luckily, this couldn't be further from the truth. You can move on from a broken heart, and these three tips will help you do it quickly.

Tip 1

Face your emotions.

It can be tempting to give in and give up and just try and push your emotions away, but this is not the way to deal with or cope with your broken heart.

In fact, not addressing your feelings and your emotions is a surefire way to dwell on the past and drive yourself into a depression. It could also make it so that you are doomed to repeat the break up with your next partner due to unresolved feelings and emotions.

Tip 2

Don't stay alone too long.

It can be tempting to hide away in your room and pretend the world doesn't exist, but doing so will not help heal your wounds. It is understandable to take some time to yourself to help heal your wounds and move on from your broken relationship, but there is a limit to how long is too long. And exceeding those limits can actually be harmful to you, both physically and emotionally.

You need to get back out into the world and living your life. Give yourself the time to grieve and heal, but don't over do it. If you feel like you'll never get over your break up or you are thinking of hurting yourself or others, you need to seek help. Being upset and needing time to yourself is normal, just know when you've been alone too long.

Tip 3

Move on.

This one may seem so simple on paper, but it can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. You're going to go through a whole wealth of emotions, and this is perfectly normal. But continuing to move on with your life will make your life better and will help heal your heart. Getting out and living life will allow you to live life more.

Time heals all wounds and your broken heart will be no different. A major part of it though relies on you and your wanting to move on. No one can give you back your life and allow you to begin living again except you. Keep these tips in mind and your heart will mend.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tips on How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend

So you have been friends with this hot girl for some time already and always had some sort of a crush on her. You have always wanted to bring the friendship level into something more intimate - getting her to be your girlfriend.

However, you have no idea on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend and you are also afraid your friendship with her may be jeopardized when you wish to bring the relationship to a whole new level. Does this scenario ring a bell in your life?

If it does, then you are not alone!

Most guys will have come across this scenario at least once in their life, and some encountered more than once. Here are a few tips on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend without jeopardizing your friendship with her:

1st tip on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend - Become even better friends with the person.

Probably, both or you are already good friends or just buddies.. Whatever your relationship with her is, strive to become a better friend. Show her that you are her best friend and will be there for her when something goes wrong! Show her that your care for her is beyond the friendship level.

2nd tip on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend - Don't tell her that you like her YET!
Do not commit this grave mistake by telling her you like her as soon as you discover you have a thing for her! Your relationship with her is just friends for NOW... if you will to suddenly blurt out that you like her out of the blue, she will be in a terrible shock as she is not emotionally ready to hear these words when her definition of you in her dictionary is just a "friend"! In the worst case scenario, she may even avoid you - making the process of escaping the friendship zone even tougher!

3rd tip on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend - She might also have the same feelings towards you!

The process of turning a friend into a girlfriend will be much easier if you discovered that she has also the same feeling towards you! You can know this by reading her body language... Does she always find a chance to set closer to you in group outings? Does she always like to stick with you during group friends outing? Is she always making eye contact with you? If both of you have mutual friends, does she only like to spend time alone with you? These are all telltale signs that she is interested in you too!

Turning a friend into a girlfriend can be quite a challenging and uphill task for some... especially if the friend boundary have been drawn out clearly ( "I prefer you as a friend" ) But don't be discouraged as yet!

People do change feelings can be developed over time!

Just keep in mind these 3 tips on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend and remember to put it into practice!

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Relationships 101 - The Reality of Smothering Your Girlfriend

Daniel has been writing for over four years now and enjoys covering a multitude of topics from diet, health and fitness to relationships and dating ...

In any relationship, there is a fine line between loving her enough so that she feels validated by you, and the point where your love and affection becomes purely smothering and so suffocating for her, that it eventually leads to her becoming unfaithful to you. Despite however or whatever you think, there is no real and validated means by which you can safely prevent your woman from ever cheating on you, whether it be sexual mastery, the attainment of fame or whatever you think it is, there will never be a true, clear cut method to definably state that your woman will never ever cheat on you. Often times, for any women, her life would present her with a multitude of challenges both in her working life and her love life, and in conjunction with the fact that women are naturally inclined to be subjected to a host of overwhelming emotions beyond her conceivable control - often times it is the man's role to stop these floods of emotion from allowing her to behave in such an irrational and erratic manner. However problems arise when the man is either emotionally unavailable or more commonly emotional over-available to the point, where so many emotions run through her body that she does something stupid or ill-granted like cheat on you.

Probably and most definitely one of the most difficult tasks presented in any relationship, is the capacity for the man to keep his woman interested in him, and to make her constantly realize the problematic circumstances which would arise had she cheated on something she had invested so much time and effort to establish in the first place. Maintaining attraction and investment on her part is by far one of the most difficult things a man can definably achieve, and smothering only makes this more difficult.

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Tips on What Men Want in a Relationship

Any relationship can be fragile. Relationships can be easily broken due to the fact that either one or both people involved could not talk to the other to patch things up. You know pretty much what you want, but to communicate successfully, you need to have some idea of what the other person wants. If you want to have a relationship that is long lasting, you need to figure out what your man wants, and since men differ from women, you need an answer to the question, "What do men want in a relationship?" and more broadly, "What do men want in a woman?"

To give you some ideas for understanding what your man wants, we will look at some things men typically look for in a relationship. What men want in women is not the same as what they want in a relationship. From many women, men may only want a deeply meaningful, overnight relationship.

What do men most want in a relationship? Men want a compatible partner. "It takes two to tango," and they need to know the same steps. It is ideal for most men to share a loving and harmonious relationship with a spouse or partner who is their match both physically and mentally. Incompatibilities lead to conflict.

More often than not, men do not like to be manipulated in any situation, and they dislike to be hurried into any kind of relationship. They commit themselves willingly when they are ready.

Men want to be able to talk to a woman. You have to know that men get bored with a woman who is just beautiful, but does not possess the brainpower to have interesting discussions. A single guy can be turned on by a woman who has brains as well as a beautiful body.

Above that, men need women of substance. The question is, "Do you add to his life, or do you limit it?"

Men want a woman who is a credit to them. When her beauty fades, men still want other men to envy them for their mate. A secure, confident, and self sufficient woman is impressive. Such qualities will make your man feel that your relationship will continue to be worth his effort to preserve.

Men don't want emotional nut cases in a relationship. Without a foundation of emotional strength and courage, no relationship will grow strong. Men want their partner to be responsible for her own experiences emotionally. What a man wants in a relationship is for you to be mature enough to handle your emotions in a grown-up way. He does NOT want you to loose your head and blame it on him.

Men want their partner in a relationship to be trustworthy. In a marriage, a man must trust his wife with his fortune and with decisions on his medical treatment when he cannot make those decisions himself. Your husband must trust you with his life.

Men want you to be faithful in a relationship; even though evolution has made fidelity much more difficult for your man than for you. Infidelity doesn't much increase the number of a female's genes in the gene pool, but it can significantly increase the number of a male's; thus infidelity is selected for in males. Natural selection also selects for men being committed to raising a family. But while men know that they can remain committed even if they have episodes of infidelity, they know that when women are unfaithful, they are most likely transferring their commitment. Like women, every man wants his relationship to be true and honest. You will be considered a total catch if you are faithful and trustworthy. Men want a woman who stays committed and never attempts to cheat.

Lastly, what men crave in a relationship is intimacy. This is the secret of any loving and long relationship. You will be considered highly attractive if can lead your partner in sharing intimate feelings. He needs to be led because emotional intimacy will feel threatening to him. The only form of closeness to another human being that many men experience is physical intimacy. You may need to experience emotional intimacy before you want physical intimacy, but for your man, it is likely to be the reverse. He needs the closeness of physical intimacy before he can trust enough to open up emotionally. Valuable times in any relationship can be made possible by intimacy, and intimacy needs to be both physical and emotional to satisfy both of you.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She Can't Stop Talking

The moment is perfect and you can't help but notice the way her eyes sparkle under the glow of the candle center table. You feel your heart skip a beat, for the first time in over a year, and you feel like this girl could be something special. Then it happens, like a pitcher of cold water being thrown in your face the reality hits you that this gal just can't stop talking about herself.

Guys I know you have all been there and I'm here to tell you that you need to run, run like an armed robber with the five-o hot on his tail. Women who can only focus inward are selfish, self-absorbed souls who will in the end deprive you of any self-gratification you seek within a relationship.

A relationship is two sided, you have to give in order to get and if your partner is only willing to take, then you will never get. And I have to ask, what fun is that? Who the heck wants to be bogged down with a woman who can't do anything for you but make you wish you where deaf? Guys, you deserve the full Monte and that means a woman who is willing to listen as well as she can gab.

So, the next time your date takes center stage, turn off the lights, clear the auditorium and roll down the curtain, because this is one show you will want to leave early. And as far as those back stage passes, you might as well give them to someone else because there is nothing behind the curtain that you will want an autograph from.

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Top 10 Pick Up Lines For Guys To Use On Girls

Well, before I reveal to you the top 10 pick up lines for guys to use on girls, you will first need to know how to deliver your pick up lines effectively.

You need to be confident when delivering a cute pick up line and at the same time, not appearing to be too serious or even worse - stammer when you are delivering your pick up line.

Good eye contact should be made all the times and you need to let her know from your voice that you are just trying to be cheeky.

With these pointers in mind, here are the top 10 pick up lines for guys to use on girls

1) Hey! I know You! You resemble someone I know! My next girlfriend to be!
2) Have you encountered before a guy following you street after street (or into a shopping mall or bookshop) just because he liked your smile?
3) Are you a denture in disguise? Because I find myself unable to smile without you.
4) You are in my top list to blog about today!
5) Hi, did you just drop this? (Hold out a penny, pen.)
6) What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl on the streets/in this room/in the pub/in the bar?
7) Hi. Can I borrow a quarter please? I promised my mom that I would call her when I met the girl of my dreams.
8) Wow. I didn't know that angels are given off days to roam on earth. You surprise me!
9) If I am given a chance to rearrange the alphabets, I would put U and I next to each other.
10) Hi. Can I take a picture of you please? I would like to show Santa Clause my Christmas wish.

You may have encountered these pick up lines before or may have even found better pick up lines than these. However, do remember that it is not the pickup lines that is important, its how you execute the pick up lines that is crucial towards getting a higher chance for the girl to be interested into striking a conversation with you!

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Should I Stop Having Sex With Him Until He Commits? Read These 7 Tips Before You Make Your Decision

A lot of women do leverage sex to make a man commit however, once the newness of sex wears of the man starts wavering and ultimately the breakup does happen. If you are confounded by this question whether to hold back sex from him till he commits then just look at the following points and answer them as honestly as you can. By the end of the article you will have your answer.

What type of guy he is
If your guy listens to you and is easily malleable then you can hold back sex and he will commit. But if he is stubborn then he may just ignore you and look for sex elsewhere. Take your call after careful assessment.

Does he control the relationship or do you
Is your guy a control freak and does like to have all the levers in his hand. If he is then you can certainly hold back the sex and turn the tables on him. It will not please him much but he will eventually realize that commitment has its incentives.

How was he raised
If your guy was raised in a conservative atmosphere then he will understand your compulsions and will commit if he truly loves you. If he does not commit he will himself not press for sex and you can then take your call.

His religious views
If your guy is religious in the classical sense of the word he will not mind you holding back on sex. Especially if he is a southern Baptist he will know that what you are doing is right. However, some southern Baptists do have double standards and you need to see if he is one of them.

How great is the sex
If the sex is great then you too stand to lose a great deal of fun. Take your call and decide only if the pros outnumber the cons. Another way you can circumvent the problem is by convincing him that sex will be even better if he commits. This will be a win-win situation for both of you.

Status of his libido
Does your guy have an insatiable libido? If he does then you can easily make him commit by holding back the sex. Although not a great way to extract commitment if it works for you then fine, go ahead and try it for a couple of months.

Does he love you
If your guy loves you and you know it but you don't understand his reluctance to commit. In such cases you will have to find out the underlying reasons for his refusal to commit and address them one by one. Once he is convinced that commitment is not such a bad deal he will do so. However, since his love for you is strong and is tested then don't hold back sex from him.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Start To Approach Beautiful Women Now

Can you imagine this scenario? You have just walked out of a grocery store and there in front of you is the most stunning woman you've ever seen. She is so gorgeous that your mind is frantically racing about how to approach her and strike up a conversation.

As usual, right at this critical moment, your mind starts to play tricks on you and giving you excuses why you should not approach the girl. You mind convinced you that you may utter something she may find offensive and thus screwing everything up. So you just stood there in awe and doing nothing until she is gone. As usual, you have just passed the opportunity to meet this stunning beauty.

Is this scenario sound familiar to you? If it is, it will be of little consolation for you to know that this kind of thing has happened to almost every man at one time or another and will continue to happen until the human race cease to exist. Guys, do think about it, if you let this happen everytime, how on earth are you ever going have beautiful girlfriends?

Beautiful women meet male strangers all the time. That woman whom you just saw would have probably met a male stranger who sold her a lunch set earlier the afternoon or will soon meet a man who is going to be her future boyfriend for the first time. Hey, that lucky guy could have been you if you had made the approach earlier.

Guys, real beauties rarely if ever fall into your lap just like that. If you don't do anything to make friends with these beautiful creations, your chances of dating anyone of them are almost zilch. So do you want to meet and date beautiful women? If you do, then why are you sitting there, just go out and start approaching them.

Yes, we do know that women are being approached by men all the time. However, it is that the most beautiful ones are left alone most of the time because of the fears guys have on approaching and talking to them. So these stunning beauties could ironically be very lonesome creatures waiting for someone like you to approach them. Are you still with me?

You are? Good. The next question is so what are you terrified of? At the very most, she will just ignore you and this probably will not happen unless you happened to approach someone who happened to be in a very bad mood. Okay, let's just say that she ignores you, so what is the big deal? It is not as if it is the end of the world, right?

Now, if you keep your gap shut and are not doing anything, you are de facto signaling to beautiful women that you are a weak wussy and we all know that women are not attracted to wussies, but confident men who have the courage to approach them to start conversations and to make friends with.

So can you stop scaring yourself about all the negative things that you think will happen when you try to approach beautiful women? Why beat up yourself over some silly things that probably are not going happen and missing the chances of knowing beautiful women?

What you should to do now is to start getting some lessons to learn how to approach beautiful women and start doing that now. Pronto!

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Top 10 Second Date Tips

A lot of people think that the first date is the most crucial as it is filled with tons of firsts. But have you ever thought about the possibility of a second date? Equipping yourself with various helpful tips on how to land you a second date and on how to make it work out well could definitely help out a lot.

The following are ten effective tips you can consider to get yourself a second date and to also make sure that it works out well:

Prepare Yourself

You might be wondering why you would not prepare yourself properly for a possibility of a second date. You should think three steps ahead and wonder what you should do to successfully get a second date. How should you act? What is your date attracted to? Think about certain steps you can do ahead to make sure that you get a second date.

Who Should Ask For One First

According to relationship experts, men should be the one who should do the asking out for a second date. Relationships tend to get a lot more successful when single men pursue single women and not the opposite.

Develop, Maintain, and Cultivate Interest

Interest is a very important factor involved in getting you a second date. You should first develop, maintain, and continuously cultivate an interest to your date as this is a way of getting a lot closer to each other.

Make Sure you are Both Interested

A successful second date only involves two people who are interested with each other. Make sure that you and your date are both as interested with each other as your second date will not be that successful if one or the other is not.

A Second Date Should be Well Planned

Successful second dates are always special and it definitely lead to more dates and a great relationship. To make sure that your second date is successful, it must be planned well so that you and your date get enough time to prepare yourselves. Planning the second date a week before will definitely help out a lot.

The Truth Matters a Lot

If you want your second date to serve as a stepping stone towards a long lasting relationship, then make sure that you and your date stays truthful at all times. Being honest shows that you are respecting your date and you don't want to hurt their feelings.

Give the Right Treatment

On a second date, it is important that you become more comfortable with each other and get to know each other more. Treating each other right can help out a lot and it can definitely bring you closer.

No Intimacy if Possible

Being intimate on a second date will only spell disaster as early intimacy often leads to a short term relationship. As much as possible, single men should not propose sex and single women should not give in to the proposal on the second date.

Just Have Fun

Make your second date is a joyful experience that both of you won't ever forget. Make each other happy so that you get to feel that you are great together.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Keeping these tips for a second date in mind will assure you of a successful second date that will most likely lead to a great and long-lasting relationship in the future.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 5 Must Do New Years Resolutions for Singles

If you are ringing in the New Year all alone, chances are you're ready to finally find love in 2011. Of course, January is the perfect time to wipe your slate clean of last year's love mistakes to ensure that next year really is filled with lasting love. If you are serious about fast forwarding to the relationship of your dreams, it's time to commit to the following six resolutions.

1. Bust Old Patterns

If your luck in love is going to be different next year, the first thing you need to do is get honest with yourself about the patterns that are holding you back. Think back through the last few years- which experiences have you had over and over? Do you pursue while he withdraws? Are you forever rescuing her? Resolve to catch yourself making the same mistakes, then walk away, so you can create new, healthy habits pronto.

2. Date Outside Your Type

Chances are if "your type" hasn't panned out for you by now, it's time to discover a new type. Quirky artist not working out so well? Mr. Wall Street never emotionally available? Resolve to date outside your normal comfort zone. Consider opening up your expectations in regard to age, height, income, race, job, etc. Soulmates come in unexpected packages- broaden your horizon and you're more apt to stumble upon an unexpected perfect match.

3. Ditch the Duds Fast

The best way to fast forward to The One? Stop wasting your time with people who are clearly only Mr./Ms. Right Now. As long as you give away your valuable time, attention, and emotion to the wrong partner, you'll never find the right relationship. Limit yourself to three months of dating, if the bond doesn't obviously have more potential by then, move on.

4. Blast through Dating Ruts

Yup- doing what you've always done, will get you what you've always gotten. If you haven't found the right partner during your usual routine, it's time to get creative in your daily & dating activities. Join new groups, take novel classes, or frequent different coffee shops, bookstores, hiking trails, & grocery stores. Your ideal mate is out there- if you are always somewhere new, doing something different, you maximize the chances of serendipity working it's magic.

5. Share Your Best Self

Maybe it's not just what you are doing that needs a makeover, but who you are and how you show up! Get real with yourself by asking: What about you isn't as attractive as it could be? Ask your closest friend for honest feedback. Do you tend to be overly anxious or pessimistic? Are quick to pass judgment or so shy you fade into the background? Maybe it's time to hit the gym, get some cute clothes, or try a new hairstyle?

When you step into your best self, you'll more naturally attract a better partner- the one you truly deserve.

By making these 5 commitments, you'll be well on your way to making 2011 the year you finally find true love!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tests to Find Out What a Man Really Wants From You! These 7 Tests Will Make It Crystal Clear

If you are not sure of your man's agenda then it is better you run a few tests so that you don't get hurt in the long run. These tests will tell you exactly where you stand in his scheme of things and you can then reset the relationship.

Set the terms
To test his nerve set very high standards of what you expect from your man. Even if they are a little intimidating so be it. Now observe if he tries to meet them. If you notice that he is doing all in his power to meet your requirements then it means that he wants a long term relationship.

Talk of your career being very important
Discuss your career with him and tell him that you intend to take it seriously and other things can wait. If he stands by you and supports you in this then he surely wants you to be successful and happy. He is one guy you should hang on to.

Discuss open marriages
To check his views on fidelity bring up the topic of open marriages. If the guy is in the relationship only for physical pleasures he will speak in its favor. If he does not approve of it and defends the sanctity of marriage as an institution it means that he is a one woman man and will stick to you forever.

Ask a friend to get a bit physical with him
Another common test that most women try on their guy is by asking their best friend to hit on him or flirt with him. If your guy does not take it seriously and does come back and confides in you about what happened then he is the guy for you.

Make an extravagant demand
You can also test him by making a demand that will test his resolve. If he really loves you and wants to make you happy he will try to fulfill your demand. However, just when he is about to do so, dissuade him and save him some money.

Act a little loose
Act a little loose after drinking a few drinks. If he stops you and admonishes you for going overboard then he surely likes you in the true sense. A guy that is just fooling around with you will not do so and in fact will encourage you so that he can take advantage of you.

Visit his den
Visit his place often. If you notice that he does not attempt to get physical with you when no one is around then it means he truly loves you. Any other guy will try to have sex or at least make such suggestions.

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