Monday, January 3, 2011

Start To Approach Beautiful Women Now

Can you imagine this scenario? You have just walked out of a grocery store and there in front of you is the most stunning woman you've ever seen. She is so gorgeous that your mind is frantically racing about how to approach her and strike up a conversation.

As usual, right at this critical moment, your mind starts to play tricks on you and giving you excuses why you should not approach the girl. You mind convinced you that you may utter something she may find offensive and thus screwing everything up. So you just stood there in awe and doing nothing until she is gone. As usual, you have just passed the opportunity to meet this stunning beauty.

Is this scenario sound familiar to you? If it is, it will be of little consolation for you to know that this kind of thing has happened to almost every man at one time or another and will continue to happen until the human race cease to exist. Guys, do think about it, if you let this happen everytime, how on earth are you ever going have beautiful girlfriends?

Beautiful women meet male strangers all the time. That woman whom you just saw would have probably met a male stranger who sold her a lunch set earlier the afternoon or will soon meet a man who is going to be her future boyfriend for the first time. Hey, that lucky guy could have been you if you had made the approach earlier.

Guys, real beauties rarely if ever fall into your lap just like that. If you don't do anything to make friends with these beautiful creations, your chances of dating anyone of them are almost zilch. So do you want to meet and date beautiful women? If you do, then why are you sitting there, just go out and start approaching them.

Yes, we do know that women are being approached by men all the time. However, it is that the most beautiful ones are left alone most of the time because of the fears guys have on approaching and talking to them. So these stunning beauties could ironically be very lonesome creatures waiting for someone like you to approach them. Are you still with me?

You are? Good. The next question is so what are you terrified of? At the very most, she will just ignore you and this probably will not happen unless you happened to approach someone who happened to be in a very bad mood. Okay, let's just say that she ignores you, so what is the big deal? It is not as if it is the end of the world, right?

Now, if you keep your gap shut and are not doing anything, you are de facto signaling to beautiful women that you are a weak wussy and we all know that women are not attracted to wussies, but confident men who have the courage to approach them to start conversations and to make friends with.

So can you stop scaring yourself about all the negative things that you think will happen when you try to approach beautiful women? Why beat up yourself over some silly things that probably are not going happen and missing the chances of knowing beautiful women?

What you should to do now is to start getting some lessons to learn how to approach beautiful women and start doing that now. Pronto!

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