Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tests to Find Out What a Man Really Wants From You! These 7 Tests Will Make It Crystal Clear

If you are not sure of your man's agenda then it is better you run a few tests so that you don't get hurt in the long run. These tests will tell you exactly where you stand in his scheme of things and you can then reset the relationship.

Set the terms
To test his nerve set very high standards of what you expect from your man. Even if they are a little intimidating so be it. Now observe if he tries to meet them. If you notice that he is doing all in his power to meet your requirements then it means that he wants a long term relationship.

Talk of your career being very important
Discuss your career with him and tell him that you intend to take it seriously and other things can wait. If he stands by you and supports you in this then he surely wants you to be successful and happy. He is one guy you should hang on to.

Discuss open marriages
To check his views on fidelity bring up the topic of open marriages. If the guy is in the relationship only for physical pleasures he will speak in its favor. If he does not approve of it and defends the sanctity of marriage as an institution it means that he is a one woman man and will stick to you forever.

Ask a friend to get a bit physical with him
Another common test that most women try on their guy is by asking their best friend to hit on him or flirt with him. If your guy does not take it seriously and does come back and confides in you about what happened then he is the guy for you.

Make an extravagant demand
You can also test him by making a demand that will test his resolve. If he really loves you and wants to make you happy he will try to fulfill your demand. However, just when he is about to do so, dissuade him and save him some money.

Act a little loose
Act a little loose after drinking a few drinks. If he stops you and admonishes you for going overboard then he surely likes you in the true sense. A guy that is just fooling around with you will not do so and in fact will encourage you so that he can take advantage of you.

Visit his den
Visit his place often. If you notice that he does not attempt to get physical with you when no one is around then it means he truly loves you. Any other guy will try to have sex or at least make such suggestions.

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