Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Should I Stop Having Sex With Him Until He Commits? Read These 7 Tips Before You Make Your Decision

A lot of women do leverage sex to make a man commit however, once the newness of sex wears of the man starts wavering and ultimately the breakup does happen. If you are confounded by this question whether to hold back sex from him till he commits then just look at the following points and answer them as honestly as you can. By the end of the article you will have your answer.

What type of guy he is
If your guy listens to you and is easily malleable then you can hold back sex and he will commit. But if he is stubborn then he may just ignore you and look for sex elsewhere. Take your call after careful assessment.

Does he control the relationship or do you
Is your guy a control freak and does like to have all the levers in his hand. If he is then you can certainly hold back the sex and turn the tables on him. It will not please him much but he will eventually realize that commitment has its incentives.

How was he raised
If your guy was raised in a conservative atmosphere then he will understand your compulsions and will commit if he truly loves you. If he does not commit he will himself not press for sex and you can then take your call.

His religious views
If your guy is religious in the classical sense of the word he will not mind you holding back on sex. Especially if he is a southern Baptist he will know that what you are doing is right. However, some southern Baptists do have double standards and you need to see if he is one of them.

How great is the sex
If the sex is great then you too stand to lose a great deal of fun. Take your call and decide only if the pros outnumber the cons. Another way you can circumvent the problem is by convincing him that sex will be even better if he commits. This will be a win-win situation for both of you.

Status of his libido
Does your guy have an insatiable libido? If he does then you can easily make him commit by holding back the sex. Although not a great way to extract commitment if it works for you then fine, go ahead and try it for a couple of months.

Does he love you
If your guy loves you and you know it but you don't understand his reluctance to commit. In such cases you will have to find out the underlying reasons for his refusal to commit and address them one by one. Once he is convinced that commitment is not such a bad deal he will do so. However, since his love for you is strong and is tested then don't hold back sex from him.

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