Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tips on What Men Want in a Relationship

Any relationship can be fragile. Relationships can be easily broken due to the fact that either one or both people involved could not talk to the other to patch things up. You know pretty much what you want, but to communicate successfully, you need to have some idea of what the other person wants. If you want to have a relationship that is long lasting, you need to figure out what your man wants, and since men differ from women, you need an answer to the question, "What do men want in a relationship?" and more broadly, "What do men want in a woman?"

To give you some ideas for understanding what your man wants, we will look at some things men typically look for in a relationship. What men want in women is not the same as what they want in a relationship. From many women, men may only want a deeply meaningful, overnight relationship.

What do men most want in a relationship? Men want a compatible partner. "It takes two to tango," and they need to know the same steps. It is ideal for most men to share a loving and harmonious relationship with a spouse or partner who is their match both physically and mentally. Incompatibilities lead to conflict.

More often than not, men do not like to be manipulated in any situation, and they dislike to be hurried into any kind of relationship. They commit themselves willingly when they are ready.

Men want to be able to talk to a woman. You have to know that men get bored with a woman who is just beautiful, but does not possess the brainpower to have interesting discussions. A single guy can be turned on by a woman who has brains as well as a beautiful body.

Above that, men need women of substance. The question is, "Do you add to his life, or do you limit it?"

Men want a woman who is a credit to them. When her beauty fades, men still want other men to envy them for their mate. A secure, confident, and self sufficient woman is impressive. Such qualities will make your man feel that your relationship will continue to be worth his effort to preserve.

Men don't want emotional nut cases in a relationship. Without a foundation of emotional strength and courage, no relationship will grow strong. Men want their partner to be responsible for her own experiences emotionally. What a man wants in a relationship is for you to be mature enough to handle your emotions in a grown-up way. He does NOT want you to loose your head and blame it on him.

Men want their partner in a relationship to be trustworthy. In a marriage, a man must trust his wife with his fortune and with decisions on his medical treatment when he cannot make those decisions himself. Your husband must trust you with his life.

Men want you to be faithful in a relationship; even though evolution has made fidelity much more difficult for your man than for you. Infidelity doesn't much increase the number of a female's genes in the gene pool, but it can significantly increase the number of a male's; thus infidelity is selected for in males. Natural selection also selects for men being committed to raising a family. But while men know that they can remain committed even if they have episodes of infidelity, they know that when women are unfaithful, they are most likely transferring their commitment. Like women, every man wants his relationship to be true and honest. You will be considered a total catch if you are faithful and trustworthy. Men want a woman who stays committed and never attempts to cheat.

Lastly, what men crave in a relationship is intimacy. This is the secret of any loving and long relationship. You will be considered highly attractive if can lead your partner in sharing intimate feelings. He needs to be led because emotional intimacy will feel threatening to him. The only form of closeness to another human being that many men experience is physical intimacy. You may need to experience emotional intimacy before you want physical intimacy, but for your man, it is likely to be the reverse. He needs the closeness of physical intimacy before he can trust enough to open up emotionally. Valuable times in any relationship can be made possible by intimacy, and intimacy needs to be both physical and emotional to satisfy both of you.

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