Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Relationships 101 - The Reality of Smothering Your Girlfriend

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In any relationship, there is a fine line between loving her enough so that she feels validated by you, and the point where your love and affection becomes purely smothering and so suffocating for her, that it eventually leads to her becoming unfaithful to you. Despite however or whatever you think, there is no real and validated means by which you can safely prevent your woman from ever cheating on you, whether it be sexual mastery, the attainment of fame or whatever you think it is, there will never be a true, clear cut method to definably state that your woman will never ever cheat on you. Often times, for any women, her life would present her with a multitude of challenges both in her working life and her love life, and in conjunction with the fact that women are naturally inclined to be subjected to a host of overwhelming emotions beyond her conceivable control - often times it is the man's role to stop these floods of emotion from allowing her to behave in such an irrational and erratic manner. However problems arise when the man is either emotionally unavailable or more commonly emotional over-available to the point, where so many emotions run through her body that she does something stupid or ill-granted like cheat on you.

Probably and most definitely one of the most difficult tasks presented in any relationship, is the capacity for the man to keep his woman interested in him, and to make her constantly realize the problematic circumstances which would arise had she cheated on something she had invested so much time and effort to establish in the first place. Maintaining attraction and investment on her part is by far one of the most difficult things a man can definably achieve, and smothering only makes this more difficult.

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