Friday, January 7, 2011

The Basic Rule To Attracting Women

George has been learning the secrets of how to meet and attract women for over 7 years now. He has developed a unique approach to ...
If you are one of those men who went to workshops and are attending seminars about attracting girls then you probably aware of the rules of every pick-up. You are also familiar with opening and transitions. Lastly, you are very well aware that you only have a few minutes to put everything you have learned into action once you are out trying to pick-up someone. Since you know there is a kind of period in every approach, you have the tendency to squeeze everything into that particular period. What is the result? You rush on things. From your opener to the transition, you tend to speak fast in order to make the shift. This may get things done within the allotted time but it will convey a different message.
While you are too busy trying to squeeze everything within the allotted time by speaking and rushing, you inadvertently give out the message that you are not just in a hurry but you are nervous and could not get away. When she senses this message, your chances of landing a date with her decreases or worse it disappear. If you really want to attract a woman, stop trying to do anything. It is also best that you stop rushing into things especially when you are conversing with her.
When it comes to attracting women, there is one basic rule that you must keep in mind. What is this basic rule? This basic rule is called "slow it down". Yes, slowing down does not only apply to your speech but it also applies to your body movements as well. As much as possible you should move deliberately, slowly, and calmly. When you do this you are conveying a message that you do not care whether she rejects you or not. You also give out the message that you are not trying to do anything and that you are comfortable being where you are. In other words, women will associate your demeanor to confidence and women like confident men.
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