Friday, June 17, 2011

Where to Find a Man? Best Top Five Places

Many women have asked where can I find a man? What are the really juicy places to find your future husband? The truth is most places to find the really good men are all right within your grasp. In this article, we will go into deal the top five places to find a man.

Where to Find a Man Spot # 1 - Where to find a good man? Most women have found the man of their dreams by going to church. Yes, ladies get your Amen on and head down to church and grab your next man. There are a lot of ways to snag a man at church. Key point # 1, the church does not have to be in your back yard. Do some research based on what your faith believes are. Find the locations that have the age group of men you are looking for and go for it. The really cool thing about this way is that you can travel the country to places you liked to live with Mr. Right. Hint, let's say you live in Chicago, IL and you hate the cold. However, you found out that there is a really could church in Dallas, TX that you like to check out. Ladies pack your bags you're going on a trip. If all is well with the area, the new found church and you're found Mr. Right. Then its history as they say.

Where to Find a Man Spot # 2 - Ok some ladies are asking find me a man, now! Friends / Family could be a great place in where to find a nice man, as most friends and family know you and what you like. Family members may go a bit over board and set you up with people they feel is right for you and not what's right for you. But for the most part friends and family members are a great source when it comes to finding men that have similar interest in the things you love to do. Cool tip when it comes to friends and family. You can go to social places like Harry Potter movie parties based on facts that you like Harry Potter and/or your avid move goer. Social places with friends and family can really work if you work them to your chosen goals.

Where to Find a Man Spot # 3 - Going to the gym has been the spot where many women have found their new found love. How can i find a man at the gym? Getting your work out on and looking for a man can be challenging. See the gym for what it is a place to work out and relive stress; Going to the gym knowing that you're there for a good work out. Why? Think about it, when you're working out you know that the end result of looking good will make you feel awesome. Now, at the sometime from time to time you will find men who notice your abs of steal. Upon careful review of your new work out buddy you find that he has a lot of qualities of the man you're looking for. Take your time, go on a few dates to get to know him outside the gym and see if he meets what you are really looking for. Who knows Mr. Right could be on the machine right next to you!

Where to Find a Man Spot # 4- Got Kids, yes! How can I find a man with me having children? After school events or even day care pickups and drop offs can be ideal for finding your knight and shining armor. What better way to find a man when you're dropping off or picking up your little one. Most single women today have children. These women want to start over but just don't know how. As you're picking up the kids or going to your children sporting events. Down a few seats from you, you notice that a nice man has his eye on you. It wouldn't hurt to start small talk conversation about the event. You may find this works really well, if he has a little one also and you too have an instant bond that could build with time. Again, take your time with a few dates to feel him out and if all is well go for the gusto!

Where to Find a Man Spot # 5 My number one spot that my wife and I agree would be that going online and finding the diamond is priceless. My wife and I had a chat this morning about the best places where to find a man. She said hands down when you have kids and a busy schedule. Online dating websites are ideal. We both met on a website called POF or Plenty of Fish. Sounds a little weird but the payoffs are awesome. Online dating sites have been hitting it big in places where to find a husband. We just spent the last two days rolling in bed and watching movies. In August of this year we will be kicking off our 1 year anniversary. Online dating has worked for us and it can work for you. Take your time there is no need to rush when looking for Mr. Right. It both took us months to find each other. Tips from us - We knew what we wanted, We liked to have fun and knew that if we didn't try to outside our comfort zones we would have never ended up married.

The best places where to find a man can be used in combination with each other as one place will lead to another and vice versa. Just make sure you take the time to get know the person you are seeing and not rushing into something just because or he is pressuring to do it. Most women have a clock that they must follow. Know your clock but don't race it! Find the man that meets your needs while meeting his. It won't be long until you have the post on our blog of where you found your man!

Cliff Davis is an blogger who loves to help people going through relationship problems. Cliff has been through the many ups and downs of relationships. Cliff is currently married with 5 children. Check out his blog for great tips on dating and marriage. Click here >> Where to Find a Man,

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