Saturday, March 5, 2011

The True Meaning of "Love" - Relationship & Dating Advice

I love you - the three magic words which keep the world going round. Never seem to have enough of it in our lives. We look for it, most of our waking hours - hoping, waiting or hoping it to guide us to that one true "love" of our lives. Has it ever occurred to you where exactly do you get it ?And how much of it is "enough"

How many times have we said I love You to the person who have stepped into our lives with some magic. And how many times have we heard it ourselves ? Why do we say "I love You " - what do we mean by it really ? Do we say because it's the normal thing to say, because for the sake of saying it only, because we have nothing else to say or is it that the words are music to the ears of that other person. What do you understand of the meaning of Love ? And where do you find it ?

Before hunting for the answers, let us first recap of our own understanding of the word LOVE.

Love according to me is strictly a low of warm energy that bonds two people in a sharing and common relationship, on a single platform. If a relationship is a tiny sapling, love is the water of life which makes it grow into a mammoth. So if love is that secret life force, life energy, and its freely available in all our hearts, why are so miserly to give it ? Is it our fear of loss, feeling of insecurity or vulnerability tht holds us back ?

If you look carefully, love is something that grows inside us. It does not grow on trees that you pick at random when you want it. To be able to get love, we must learn how to give it first. Love exists in the deepest part of all our souls, as a jewel or a lamp that needs to be kindled for the energy to flow out.

If you start by having a closer re-look at your self, think how much love do you have for your own self ? How far do you accept your self the way you are ?

The quantum of love that you attract from those around you is exactly the same amount you give away. We mirror what is already existing in our souls. Never expect love from something, if you don't have love for it your self. This brings us to the critical question - are you prepared enough to fall in love ? Can you let go of your ego, pride and insecurities, and be ready just to give ?

Don't hold back your love for the fear of hurt, just because you lost out on one relationship. Stopping to love is equal to stopping to love yourself. While we look for love, its management, and the consequent happiness is in our hands. So open up your mind's eyes and let love roll in.

If you are looking for true love, stop looking else where. Start from within. Your own mind and soul is a treasure house of true, pure and genuine love, only the way God made it. Learn to love yourself, for the way you are. And not the way people want you to be. If people do not accept and love the way you are, then those people are not for you anyway !

Then comes the critical question - do we know the difference between true love and infatuation, often called "calf love". Think about it - do you really mean to say what you say, when you confess to some one "I love You". This is important according to me, to appreciate the difference between the two concepts - it makes your motives and actions clearer. For instance, when a person floods his partner with material gifts, I feel, its done because they cant offer anything more substantial (love) or there is something which is covered up under those gifts.

The crux of what my message is Love is Invaluable ! It has no fixed value and there is no fixed quantity of love which a person can give away. You have it inside your soul, or you don't. Simple. Do not live any longer in a make-believe world. Love ceases to be love when you attach a monetary value to it. Love worth $50 ! It's a flow of inner energy - is there any price tag for the contents of our soul ?

While you go on searching for that "true love" keep enjoying the bits of sorrow and happiness which life throws up everyday. Live life Kingsize, so to speak !

And last but not least important, love someone for the way they are, you cnt change someone to be the way you want them to be. Happy hunting !

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