Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't Kill Your Love Relationship - Keep Your Boyfriend !

You've found a great man and the relationship is progressing well... but then things start falling off track or so it seems. You begin to wonder, "What happened to my relationship?"  "We both seemed to like dating." He doesn't call you anymore. Your boyfriend is slow to respond to your phone calls. And he seems distant when you speak.

Wake up Woman! If that boyfriend of yours is just your kind of guy, catch that man before he officially becomes your ex. Tighten your love relationship and get your boyfriend back in arms before another woman beats you to the punch.

In fact, there are a couple of specific things that you might find yourself doing that will kill your relationship with a man.

1. Ringing Him Incessantly

One of the biggest ways to kill your love relationship is to always be the first to call him. This is especially the case early on in the relationship. Being too "keen" may cause your man to start wondering what is wrong with you. Apart from that, if you are calling him incessantly you just may become unbearable!

2. Bending Over Backwards For Him

Another dating tip biggie is this - are you doing EVERYTHING he tells you to do? Are you bending over backwards to accommodate his every whim? That's not the way to earn his respect. And not only may he end up taking advantage of you, but he may lose his romantic interest in you too. This is kind of like playing "easy to get" and, the truth is, that's more likely to reduce - not increase - your appeal. Know this, your dating relationship is rather fragile in the beginning.  Don't become a doormat.  That is a good way to soon be calling him your ex.

When looked at in the cold light of day you may agree that these behaviors would logically kill any love relationship. But when you're actually in such a relationship you could find yourself doing one or more of these things without even knowing. When dating relationship starts getting stale, get busy and fix things between you. Look at yourself and see what you can change or implement and then just do it!  Get your boyfriend back before you get your heart broken. Now that you have caught him,  Keep that Man!

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From Bj Moorer and The Magic of Making Up System.


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