Thursday, March 17, 2011

Relationship Advice - The Issue of Sincerity in Love Relationships

Usually we see guys using sincerity to 'buy' love from a girl, to win the heart of the girl, or a girl persuades her boyfriend that she is very sincere in doing things for him, and demands that her boyfriend show her the same amount of love and appreciation back.

Somehow I do not get it; if we are truly sincere in showing love and appreciation to others, why are we expecting anything back in return?

This reduces sincerity to a loan that demands repayment in future for every good thing that one has received, instead of a beautiful free will gift that it once ever was.

And sincerity has ever since been a source of conflict in many couples' relationship. Girlfriends yell at their boyfriend, saying that with all the love, appreciation and sincerity that they give to their boyfriend, they demand why is their love not reciprocated in return in the same manner and form.

Boyfriends do the similar things by saying telling a girl that he is sincere to change himself, to prove himself as a better guy, and yet he fails to deliver at the end.

Let us be honest with ourselves. Sincerity should never be a currency, or it will always become a source of conflict. That is because we usually use what we contribute to the relationship as a major reason to state our stand.

However in order to minimize conflict with your loved ones, let not what you gave them freely to be treated as a loan.

Otherwise when both parties are demanding standards of each other, it results to major heartaches and a broken relationship instead of improving the love relationship between each other.

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