Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can You Be Lonely in a Loving Relationship - Ladies, Face the Truth

Who can you consider as lonely people? Are single people the only lonely people in this world? Wouldn't it be so surprising to know that even people engaged in a relationship can consider themselves as lonely people? And you, can you be lonely in a loving relationship that you are in? There are actually many factors that affect your happiness in your relationship. May it be personal reasons or external situations; if you are experiencing loneliness in your relationship, you should determine the reasons why. You should be able to know the root of the feeling. Is it you? Or, is it your guy?

How can you be lonely in a loving relationship? Here are just some relationship situations that make a woman lonely that you might find familiar and learn from.

Can you be lonely in a loving relationship after years of being together? Yes. This might be a cause of boredom and familiarity. For the longest time, you always do things with your guy, even getting your nails and hair done. You make yourself so attached to him that you don't get to experience having fun with your friends anymore. And, you don't give yourselves enough time to miss each other. You just want to be with him all the time that you don't get to spend time for yourself-to grow individually and discover new things about yourself alone.

Can you be lonely in a loving relationship even if you have done everything to make him happy? Yes. It is because it was never reciprocated. You always give him what he wants. You always show him that you will do everything to satisfy him. But have you thought about what you want or what he can do to make you happy? Your guy should know that and he should know what to do about it. But sometimes, we should express it and let him know what we want and what we don't want. It cannot always be all about him. Ladies, there should also be a "what-about-me" time. It's a two-way relationship and we should know that guys can also do things more than what we can do for them.

Can you be lonely in a loving relationship even if your guy treats you like a queen? Yes. The more he treats you nice, the more pressured you feel. Ladies, we know our limitations and up to a certain point we can identify what we can only give to our guy. Say your guy shows you all the love in the world and the only thing to reciprocate it is to give yourself to him. What if we are not yet ready to do it? What if you have been saving yourself for the night after you get married? This can become a reason for you not to anymore enjoy what he does for you. The mere fact that you feel the pressure of doing it with him can actually affect how you relate to him and how you handle your relationship. Be very vocal and honest. Let him know that you are aware of your limitations. You might be surprised that he may give solutions that will lessen the pressure that you have been feeling. All you just need to do is to speak up.

Being lonely in a relationship is tough but it becomes tougher because the guy is not aware of this feeling. We can't just settle to being lonely in the relationship just to prevent him from getting hurt. But as we hide the loneliness from our guy, we make things worst and we expose ourselves into bigger chances of getting hurt the most in the end.

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