Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can Making a Relationship Dating Blog Help With Your Own Relationship Communication?

A blog derives its name from the word "weblog" (which is a publication that is created and meant for circulation on the world wide web). Blogs have become the best thing since sliced cheese because it offers the chance to be heard (*cough*and feel important*cough*) to everyone and their grandmother's dog, as well.

Relationships are not exactly a new convention.

In fact, I would even venture so far as to say that they started showing up many, many thousands of years ago (regardless of what Facebook may tell you). Relationships have a very important place within the stucture of society as well as within the foundation of each individual's life.

Furthermore, communication is one of the key factors that influence if a relationship will begin to thrive or end, to turn positive or negative. It follows that relationship communication therefore also has an important place within our society today - if my no other means, affiliation.

So, can you effectively and efficiently kill two bird with one stone? Can you improve your relationship communication by blogging about it?

Of course, you can - anything is possible if you use this tool tactfully and with a few key points in mind:

Write about issues of communication that you have a passion for: If you love the topic of nonverbal communication, hitting the blog with new submissions will be a pleasure.
Write frequently: If you continuously proclaim to the blogging world just how important it is to have "open communication with your partner", there is a good chance that you will remember the phrase when it becomes applicable to you.
Write about topics that you may not feel comfortable discussing within your own relationship: No need to provide specific details to the world about your love life, but if discussing the issue of rebuilding trust with your partner after an affair has your stomach in a ball - discuss it on your blog to begin with. After writing about the topic, researching solutions, and providing advice you will be in a better place to using your own suggestions.
Make your blog popular: the more readers you have on your blog about relationship dating, the more likely you will have the urge to present them with new reading material. Advertise and market your tool.

There are 4 ways that you can improve your own relationship communication by creating and maintaining a blog about relationship dating. Keep up the good work and who knows, maybe you'll have your own relationship advice column one day.

You can learn more about the relationship dating blog at the website of


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