Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lasting Loving Relationships - Can You Really Have One Or Should You Settle For Less?

Okay Boys! You can get all the paid for or free flirting advice you can stomach, but ya better be careful about what you go after. We all know that men and women are different but if you ask a woman she will tell you she has men figured out. There are very few men that will say the same about women. Flirting and dating is all well and good but every time you start a conversation with a woman you are starting a relationship. It will be up to you where the relationship goes from there.

There have been scientific studies done about why a person does what they do, and they have found answers about how relationships work too. What attracts a certain type of man or woman for one person can be totally different from one person to the next.

What makes a person stay in an unfulfilling relationship or an abusive one?

Unfortunately, children have no say in these matters between partners and no control over how they must suffer through their parent's choices. If you find yourself in a relationship with a single parent please, act responsibly. It does not matter how dysfunctional the parent is, they can do no wrong in the eyes of their children. If you find yourself involved with a single parent and you know the relationship will not be long term be careful of the bond you create with the children..

As an adult you do have choices and you might need to take a step back and a hard look at what is happening in your life. It is possible to decide whether a date is worth more than one night during the first conversation, you just need to ask the right questions and let her do a little talking.

According to the results of various studies there are a few different types of women, fortunately for you, they are easy to separate quickly. Believe me there are some women you do not want to get involved with at any cost no matter how beautiful they are.

Men and women get into a relationship and settle for less than they need. They are in a rush to be married and think they can work through things, live without others or hope to be able to change their partner. These types of relationships usually end in heartache for someone involved.

If you are truly looking for a long lasting loving relationship, you need to recognize it when it slaps you in the face. Know what you want and do not be intimidated by an overpowering whining woman! Do not tell her what she wants to hear just to keep her from crying or throwing a tantrum, be honest and say what you feel.

Prioritize the things you must get from your relationship and the things that you can't tolerate. You may think you can be happy living with some things you can't tolerate or doing without the things you need but you will quickly discover that is not true.

An online dating profile should spark interest and a little mystery that builds relationships. Do you know how to keep a relationship growing after the first date? There is no magic answer but, you can read more of our findings about flirting, dating and relationships at: All of our articles are free for reprinting on your website provided all links and the resource box remain intact.


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