Sunday, May 22, 2011

Follow These 5 Dating Tips and Avoid Common Mistakes

For much of human history, people got married when and to whom they were told to. Dating - the idea of having fun with someone without necessarily being committed for life - is a relatively newer concept. Maybe that's why it can be so difficult. Dating can feel like either the best or worst thing you do! Here are some top dating tips to help you have more fun and feel more confident about the game of love.

Dating Tip #1: Maintain Eye Contact

Looking into someone's eyes while speaking sends a lot of good messages; for example, it says you can be trustworthy, that you are interested in the conversation, and that you are also confident in what you are saying. On the other hand, a wandering eye can get you into trouble!

If you are the kind of person who gets really nervous, try looking at the person's eyebrows, this can help you feel like you're not staring, and it's less intimidating, but you'll still be focused on your date!

Dating Tip #2: Don't Talk About Yourself Too Much

While it is important to share information about yourself as you get to know each other better, it must be just that-sharing. Avoid monopolizing the conversation and give your date time to answer questions and talk about herself, too!

Don't be too intimidated by short silences. A great way of realizing if you are talking about yourself too much is by keeping track of how many of your sentences begin with a personal pronoun.

Dating Tip #3: Be on Your Best Behavior

It is amazing the number of people who simply forget to have good manners, like calling well ahead of time if canceling is necessary. Never stand up a date, or forget your wallet! Say please and thank you when appropriate. Also don't forget proper grooming and attire. Compliment your date at some point, but remember to be sincere. Treat your date as you would want to your mother or your sister be treated.

Dating Tip #4: Choose Your Plans with Care

While sometimes dating can be an adventure, you don't necessarily want everything to be a surprise. Go to places you have been before or at least are prepared for. One or two activities can definitely fill an evening while allowing time to talk, instead of a marathon of events that leaves you both exhausted and grumpy.

Dating Tip #5: Avoid Certain Topics

Try to avoid topics that are overly emotional, like politics or religion, until you know the person better. If you do state your opinions, make sure you realize that other opinions exist. Some subjects, like your ex, or money, should probably be avoided until you and your date are much closer. Don't tell your whole life story, especially on the first date. Leave something to talk about on date number two!

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