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Top Dating Tips - Can You Find Your True Soul Mate?

Top Dating Tips from my personal experience are not for the faint of heart and only for those serious on their quest to find their true soul mate. First let me share a short story that changed me from the inside out on finding my soul mate that I am married to today and thoroughly in love with.

Top Dating Tips For Those With Conviction

I am so excited to share the turning point in my life that lead me to my soul mate I get to make our memories together with today! Let me share with you, it is not easy to find that special someone who is going to be your best friend and lover at the same time. People are born into this World with so many different personalities and likes and dislikes. It is a wonder how any of us find that soul mate who we settle down the rest of our lives with.

First I had two prior serious relationships, the first one left me after five years together. We started dating as teenagers and were not mature when it came to give and take in a relationship. Then my second one was for beautiful looks, fun personality...yet destroyed my self esteem when they were anger for any reason. It was an awful break up, even though we attempted to make a clean break.

Then a turn of fate happened that changed my life for the better shortly after that. I had stopped by a doctors office while I was marketing for the company I worked for and was reading a brochure on the wall, while waiting for the doctor to invite me back to his office. I was shocked to realize 4 of the 5 signs were me, ugh! Why I was suffering with Co-dependency issues with low self-worth and I had to look to others to feel good about myself.

I had always strived to dress sharper as I matured in age, I pushed myself to be the best in my career, so now it was time to step up and prepared myself for a mature rewarding relationship. I finally realized just being with someone is not a true relationship, you both have to want the best for the other person.

I know there are single people reading this right now, please do not be impatient to get married. Not only do you have to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for your future soul mate...they are out there right now, this very minute experiencing challenges of their own, being shaped and formed for you!

Top Dating Tips To Find That Special Person

- Stop Being Serious: Once I made my mind up that I wanted to find my soul mate, I purposed in my heart not to every settle for just anyone. I began to date around three people at one time and was completely truthful with each one. First tell them that you want to find that special someone where both of you know without a doubt, you were made for each other. Do not let anyone tell you it is a dream, I personally waiting six years until I found mine!

- Learn To Grow And Find What You Like: Your future partner will find you attractive from learning your hobbies, likes and knowing that you are well rounded. Okay, so you are looking for that perfect person to find as a mate. You want him or her to be in good shape and well groomed as well as an alert and a smart personality. Question, do you think that this person would want those same things from you?

- Be Open Minded, But Know What you Want: So you are looking for someone who likes Sports? Enjoys dressing up for dates? Cannot wait to go out boating on weekends? So you have dated others that share your passion, but now you finally found someone that you both connect. The point is be open minded because there are available, quality people everywhere.

- Persistence Is Key: Three years after I made my decision to date or play the field until I found the right person, I pretty much thought I would grow old and retire single. I even prayed to God at that point in my life, I have yet to find that special person after avoiding serious relationships, what is wrong with me God? The creator had me wait another three years, but it was worth it. My only concern is that the both of us can grow as old as we can together. I know of several friends who are in their forties now and they have just completely given up in trying to find a mate. Avoid this please! Because it is a numbers game and sooner or later if you are persistent it will pay off.

If your friends give you a hard time for not having a serious relationship, say what I did, " I might be alone, but I am happy!" My last relationship I felt so lonely and miserable, that I never want to experience that be strong and begin to date around.

It is not wrong to date around, especially when you are up front with everyone you not lie to anyone! If someone gives you a hard time then share with them this response, "If you and I are to be together, our journey will unfold and if it is to be, we will know". You see, you are dating around learning to relate better to others and when the right person comes along, you will be available!

I hope this is helpful in your quest to find love from my top dating tips!

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