Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dating Tips For Muslims

Among the main 7 religions of the world Islam is one. Muslims are the followers of the religion Islam. But love and relationships should not be based solely on caste, creed, race or religion even if many people do prefer to date and marry people belonging to their own origins. It is a matter of choice and many have this feeling of belonging with the people from their own background. But with changing times people do look beyond their own castes and falling in love is one of the main reasons. While some take this change positively, some do not.

Some families and communities are liberal about inter religion relationships while some are not. If you are not a Muslim and dating someone from that origin you must first figure out how liberal her family and community is, whether you would be welcomed with arms wide open or not. This information is highly crucial because if the family or community does not welcome someone coming from a different background then it will lead to a lot of difficulties and things might not remain cordial. Hence you must be careful about getting into the relationship and committing. So what can you do? Well probably the most important thing to realize is that most families are usually quite relaxed when it comes to this sort of thing these days. So try not get too stressed about it. The main thing to remember is to treat your girlfriend or boyfriend well and respect her. Give him or her your time and make them feel loved and wanted.

You may find that the best course of action is to keep your relationship hidden away from others for a while until you are truly ready to tell people about it. This way your parents and peers do not have to know about what you get up to. If you plan on keeping your relationship a secret, then make sure to never talk about it in font of anybody that you don't trust or that you may feel would tell others about it. Interestingly this secrecy can make your relationship all the more exciting and romantic just like in a movie. However at the end of the day, the time will come when you do have to tell someone about your relationship. So rather than just surprising them, instead slowly build up to telling them so that they are not shocked with the news.

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