Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relationship Advice: 3 Dating Tips for Guys

There are many different types of relationships and different types of guys. There are the playboys, the bad boys, Mr. Nice Guy and the he's just a friend guy. Then there is the Mr. Right Guy. Not all men want to be him. Many would rather play the role of the others listed above, but for those of you interested in being Mr. Right, this is the article for you.

The definition of Mr. Right will vary from woman to woman, but Mr. Right is usually a man that is not the playboy, and most likely not the just a friend guy. The majority of women look for Mr. Right at some point of time and he is out there but many men don't have a clue what it takes to be him.

Tip # 1: Simply be Yourself

This sounds simple enough, but many men try to give the impression that they make more money than they really do, or that they are funnier than they really are. The truth is, women usually see right through this and the ones that don't, are faking. The best dating tip you can ever receive is to be real. If you are looking for a great dating relationship, you will appreciate being able to be yourself and not have to back track to cover the lies you have told in the past.

Tip # 2: Be a Gentleman

It is understood that men have a nature to hunt and women enjoy being pursued, but men that are overly aggressive are offensive. Obviously, there are women that believe they are okay with over aggression at the beginning but it eventually becomes a problem. I encourage you to approach a woman politely and please leave the come on lines at home. It is absolutely okay to complement her upon approach but if you are complimenting her body or asking her if she is "happily married", you have already missed the point. Be polite and bring your best conversation and your guaranteed to at least find out some interesting facts about her.

Tip # 3: Listen

This tip speaks for itself. The majority of people do not listen when they are in conversation with someone else. When others are speaking most people are thinking of a response instead of actually hearing the other person. If you find that you are constantly bragging about you or only discussing your interest, stop yourself. Ask a question about her and listen to her response. Give her feedback concerning her response and reiterate what she said. Women love to know that they have been seriously heard and that you take interest in what has been said.

When it comes to dating, nobody is perfect but sticking to these simple tips can be beneficial. Being yourself is essential and allows you to grow in a relationship comfortably. Be careful not to come on too strong and be respectful and polite. Last but not least, practice listening skills and work on reflecting what has been said in the relationship. Following these tips can lead you to the love connection of a life time.

About The Author:

Tanika Forestal who is an online relationship expert has experience in coaching couples and individuals as they face life challenges either by phone or face-to-face. If you're interested in online marriage counseling, Individual counseling, or self improvement coaching visit my Online Life Coach web page for a free video course.


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