Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Speed Dating Tips: How to Make the Most of the Event

At speed dating events, there are two ways to meet new people. The obvious one is during the actual, pre-arranged mini-dates. The second and often forgotten, is during the before, after and break-time mingling, which can be equally valuable.

First, let's tackle the mini-dates. Smile, act interested, and make the time fun! Ask simple questions that will help uncover a person's passions. Since the time is short with each person, there is more to consider to read between the lines of your date's answers. Here are some things to think about:

Give your date a break in case of any nervousness.

Did the person show any passion in the responses?

Is s/he in touch with what is fun, what makes him/her happy, and how to relax?

Did the responses show any creativity, sense of adventure or humor?

Of course, in evaluating the responses, you can also consider if the person likes to do some of the same things you enjoy, has desires that you respect, or even shares similar values.

Next, think about the mingling time as another opportunity to connect. With 8 Minute Dating for example, you'll only meet eight potential partners. But often the events have more than sixteen participants (eight of each gender)- so there are other candidates that you can meet!

During waiting periods, smile and make brief eye-contact to put people at ease and appear approachable. Then, try being friendly. Start conversations with simple questions like "Have you don't this before?" Or, "Have you ever been to this restaurant for dinner?"

Everyone at the event gets a code number so that you can look them up online after the event. Keep track of potential partners outside the mini-dates, so you can connect with them again later. Some speed dating sites offer a way to email other people you met, even if they weren't official dates.

Stretch yourself to find as many acceptable matches as possible. The more prospects you agree to meet, the better your chances for getting a follow up date. This is just the initial screening process and you can always say no thank you later.

Giving more people a chance can lead to new friendships and new prospects who might be worthwhile, but were a little shy during the process. Relaxing, taking the pressure of yourself, and simply enjoying meeting new people is the key to making the most of speed dating events.

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