Thursday, May 19, 2011

Men's Dating Tips to Deal With a Difficult Woman

Depending on your dating experience, some of you guys out there have come face to face with an obnoxious woman. I don't mean in the work place or in a retail store. I'm talking about in a dating relationship. Maybe the woman started out as so sweet, and then she slowly changed. This is important to know about and be ready for, as these types of women are life damaging.

Such women always work with different motivations but they all have one central drive in their tactics. To get their way by slowly pushing the boundaries and eventually they will begin to make changes in your personal life. This can't be tolerated; it will never work as the relationship will certainly implode. Unless you are a "she" man that likes to be walked on. But for a real man, there must be boundaries that are discussed so both can agree on the terms.

There are many types of women we could talk about, but this particular kind is being addressed because many men aren't equipped to deal with it. When you get the right one, women are beautiful, but there are an increasing number of the dramatic ones. Many times the woman wants to change her man according to a set idea. She will want you to dress a certain way, she will insist that you be with her all the time and many other combinations of things. If she always wants you around, and going out with your guy friends isn't a possibility then that would have to be looked at as unreasonable. But there are ways to deal with things that aren't right. The way you handle it should be firm but at the same time be understanding as you don't need to fight.

If you don't give in to their advances sometimes the dramatic women will act very pouty, complain and even start fights. I would recommend that no matter what, you don't give in. As if you do then she will try to use her tactics more and more. She won't be able to stay mad for very long as you haven't done anything wrong. By you holding your ground it isn't a crime against your relationship. Using such tactics to get their way should be a crime but many men don't see what's happening. The tips here can only help as you wade through the dating world, and ultimately you will find that perfect dating relationship we all long for.

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