Friday, May 27, 2011

Dating - Tips To Help You Have Good Dating Experiences

Having good dates might mean finding someone who you really like and having fun at the same time. There are however various other things that can help make your dates fun and enjoyable. Below is a run down of tips to help you have great dating experiences!

Be Free

This might sound silly but what this really means is that you should try to allow yourself to be yourself. If you, and your date, like doing a particular activity or going to a certain place then don't feel like you have to conform to conventions about what to do on a date, or where to go. If you both enjoy it and it's safe then just enjoy it!

Take Action

If you want something to happen then you can either wait, or you can make it happen yourself. Take action, take a risk or two (legally) and enjoy yourself. If you like someone ask them out and go for it.

Stay Realistic

Avoid seeking the prefect potential partner. In reality, the perfect partner for you might be the person you least expect it to be. Be open to all opportunities.

Have Reasonable Expectations

Trying not to expect too much out of situations can avoid you feeling disappointed and disillusioned. At the same time, it's important to remain positive. Talk to your friends about your dating and try to keep your expectations in balance.

Be Honest

Being honest, especially with yourself, is important if you want to be able to learn from dating mistakes and move on. If you had a bad dating experience then recognising if it was your fault can turn it into a positive thing in the long run.

Be Flexible - But Don't Make Do

Whilst being reasonable and flexible, and not seeking perfection, is important, so is knowing when and how to compromise, or not. Be truthful with your feelings and avoid making do with a situation where you can't honestly say you are happy.

Have Awareness

Be aware of you and your date's feelings. Evaluate occasionally to see whether the experience is successful or whether actually things aren't going as well as maybe you first thought.

Good Luck!

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