Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lasting Loving Relationships Require Commitment From Both Partners

Dating and marriage are different than they were for our parents and in modern society more than half of all marriages fail. The idea of commitment is scary for many people and it seems that a lot of people just quit trying when things start getting tough in their relationship. Instead of taking time and getting to know each other on a deeper level, we quit the relationship at the first sign of discontent and look for another. In order to enjoy a lasting loving relationship you are going to have to commit to its success.

It does not matter if you are dating or married, relationships take work from both partners to succeed. There will be disagreements but if you are committed to your partner it is possible to have a lasting loving relationship. There are many marriages that survive the test of time but unfortunately there are more that do not.

What makes a relationship last? It is not a single factor but all the factors can be summed up in one word, commitment. These couples decided to love each other through thick and thin. They realize the value of a true friend and confidant, someone that knows you and keeps your secrets, someone that loves you in spite of your bad or annoying habits. There is a great joy and peace that comes from knowing that you are loved for who you truly are. It is the relationship one shares with family, and that is exactly what a person becomes when two families are joined together in holy matrimony.

Dating is like marriage because, you are bonding and introducing family members into the relationship, still creating a new relationship. Often partners in a long term relationship maintain contact with an ex partners family after a break up, because they have created bonds with these people that are separate from the one you shared.

No matter how long any relationship lasts each partner makes a contribution. The intent and amount of commitment determines the outcome of the relationship. But both partners must be determined to succeed.

The first few weeks and months of a relationship are new and exciting. In the early stages of getting to know each other we will often overlook little things that would normally bother us. We smile when we see each other and tend to offer a lot of compliments. Then we become comfortable and don't even ask each other how things are going, we don't smile and don't spend as much time together.

In order to enjoy a lasting loving relationship you need to commit yourself to its success and work every day to maintain and protect it.

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