Saturday, July 9, 2011

The 6 Essentials Signs Of Body Language Flirting

Body language is one of the most accurate ways of telling how one person feels about another. Being able to read body language signals is an invaluable skill to have when flirting with somebody. It is a wide and complex subject, but the following body language flirting examples should provide a basic understanding.

It's All In The Eyes
The eyes can be used very effectively to flirt. When two strangers' eyes meet across a room this will be the very first signal of attraction between them. If they nervously look away, but then can't stop themselves from continually looking back again, the indication is that they would both like to meet properly.

Flirt With A Smile
Often the result of two people looking at each other across a room will be a reciprocated smile. This is universally understood to show friendliness. In addition, when two people are talking if there is a lot of smiling happening then they are clearly happy to be in each other's company. Incidentally, at this point they may well be looking into each other's eyes, again emphasizing the importance of this part of the body in flirting.

This is often a subconscious way of flirting, but one which nevertheless is a sign of attraction. Two people who are attracted to each other will naturally fall into a rhythm of copying each other's movements. It could be something as simple as taking a drink at the same time. Mirroring shows that two people are very relaxed together, and because of this their patterns of behaviour become the same.

Body Posture
Rather than slouching, which would be a sign of disinterest, two people who are flirting will be sitting or standing up straight. This shows that they are excited to be together. Their bodies will also be open to each other, meaning they will be directly facing each other with arms unfolded. If standing there may be a slight subconscious movement of the hips towards the other person.

Personal Space
When personal space is violated it can be an uncomfortable experience, and the natural reaction is to move away. However, when there is an attraction involved between two people moving into each other's personal space can be a sign of flirting. It shows a desire to be more intimate, as well as feelings of relaxation and being comfortable.

Touching when flirting is not anything overtly sexual. Instead it should be subtle, playful, and may even appear to be accidental. It might be a slight brushing of the arm or one person's hand lightly placed on the other's. The slightest contact will be enough between two people who are just getting to know each other to generate excitement.

As can be seen, there is a lot to be learned when it comes to body language. These are just some of the examples of body language flirting signals. Learning how to read body language is a very effective way of being able to develop close relationships with people.

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