Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tips for Nightclub Romeos

Copious books and articles regarding how to impress girls in nightclubs have been written over centuries. The art of attracting women in a nightclub still seem to evade our eligible bachelors. When it comes to approaching gorgeous women in pubs and bars our guys still shrink within themselves and start thinking twice for the first time in their life. Nightclubs and bars are the only places where girls are completely ready to consider any dating offer they get. But sadly, most young men don't make the best use of it or select absolutely wrong matches.

How to Select Your Women

Trust your instinct is the best word. Getting attracted to the best looking girl in the crowd is everyone's first choice. But there are other girls too, who are much better than the skinny blond every guy adores in the club. You can get much better chances if you start with girls fewer boys compete for. Build up your friend's circle gradually. If you are a regular visitor of a particular club, you would become the Casanova of the place in a few months. The best looking girls will die to try their luck with you after that.

How to Start Dating

Once you pick up a girl in the nightclub and spend some time with her dancing and chatting, try to maintain contact throughout the week. Don't spend hours chatting. Just talk for a few minutes. Leave a good morning, a 'hi' or a 'hello' during the lunch and a goodnight joke without fail. Show yourself as a busy person. Act like you squeeze time to talk to them and are quite happy about it. Use the community websites and online after party applications to check for their profiles. Know their interests. If you have anything in common, like the favorite food mention it to them.

Schedule Meetings

Even though you use the digital media to create friendship, it will never be equivalent to personal visits. Try to visit them whenever possible in the same nightclub, in the restaurant or in the road accidentally. Take your other friends with you if possible. Make the meeting as casual as possible. Girls get confused over little things. They will pluck their head, wondering whether you are into them or not. Most of them will agree to date you if you ask them out after a fortnight of such meetings and messages. Some smart girls might figure out what you are up to easily, but they will still appreciate your subtle efforts to keep in touch. Thank the Cupid and start dating the nightclub heart-throb regularly using these tips.

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