Monday, July 18, 2011

Popular Activities for Couples After a Wedding

All the bridal and wedding magazines tell you what to do to lead up to the wedding. But, what do you do after the wedding? Aside from a honeymoon this question can plague some married couples who have not yet learned the difference between dating and marriage. The key to understanding what to do after you have married is to find activities that you both can enjoy together but won't break the bank.

Some of the most popular post-honeymoon activities that you and your partner can do together include:

Catch a dinner theatre. Treat yourselves to a comedy dinner show or a mystery dinner show one weekend night. This is a great way to do something you both enjoy together and have a fun night out!

Visit a local attraction - Whether you live near a theme park or a local museum, spend the day with one another enjoying each other's company and having fun!

Sign up for a dance class - Even if you both are experienced dancers, a dance class is a great weekly way to work out and be close to one another. It can be a romantic way to show one another how much you love each other.

Visit local flea markets - For the collector couple that doesn't want to spend hundreds; you can visit the local flea market together. Here you can find pieces for your home, or even conversation pieces that just can spark controversy between you two.

Take bike rides together - If you are outdoor lovers, consider taking a bike ride through a different part of the city or country once a week. This is another way to work out and share in the beauty of nature together.

Complete a home improvement project together - If you have recently moved into a home that you both seek to fix up, work on a project together. Whether you are tiling the hallway or painting a bedroom, completing a home project together can be fun and a great way to share in responsibilities.

Attend a concert - For the music-loving couple, attending a concert for a favorite band or even cover bands at a local restaurant can make for a relaxing evening together.

Attend a wine tasting - Oftentimes you will find local businesses that are conducting wine tastings. A wine tasting can be an enjoyable chance to come together over tastes and favorite aromas you share in common.

Go to the movies - With new movies out every weekend there is sure to be one that will draw you both in and keep you cuddling in the movie theater.

There is no right or wrong way to spend time with your new spouse. Generally a married couple will marry because they share common interests anyway, now you can find other common interests you share. The idea behind these activities is to be with the one you love and participate in an activity that gives you both joy. So consider each other's likes and dislikes when planning your couple's activity and you will be sure to have a great time with your new spouse!

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