Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Subconsciously Attract Women: 2 Hidden Secrets to Attracting Women Subconsciously

Subconsciously Attract Women 101- An Alpha Male Secret #1: the Deep, Bass Voice

It is a known fact that based on biological instinct, a woman yearns for a need to feel protected. She wants to find a strong partner who's capable of providing her physical and emotional stability. So how exactly can you trigger this emotional stability in a woman to subconsciously attract women? The surprising answer lies in how a man uses his voice.

A deep, bass voice demonstrates a man's masculine power. This is also based on a more biological explanation that a man with stronger testosterone level tends to have a deeper voice as a result of secondary sexual characteristics.

According to a featured documentary on sex appeal from the "discovery channel", it is also shown that having a deep voice gives an impression of maturity mentally and a sense of trust from the opposite gender to subconsciously attract women. Woman feels more secure when they are with someone reliable and someone whom they trust.

Another interesting fact is sometimes a strong powerful voice is enough to subconsciously attract women even if you don't have the looks, money, or all the other things that the women want.

You might be asking: What the heck are you talking about? Well, a very good example is a guy named Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh is one of the top star actors in the Hindi Film Industry. From the outward appearance, you might never thought he could be an actor but if you just hear his voice, you will understand why he's top notch in his industry.

Subconsciously Attract Women 201: Resemblance to Her Parents

There are usually 2 scenarios in the area of biological attraction between a man or a woman:

A) You are attracted to him/her because she/he has opposite trait that you don't have and you want to seek to acquire into your own personality

B) You are attracted to someone who is really a reflection of your parents.

Let's discuss scenario B in details:

You might be able to subconsciously attract women if you display characteristics that resembles her own father. You might be thinking, WOW this sounds absurd... but if you think about the psychology, it actually does make sense. Think about it, when we are all young, the only relationship that most people have is seeing the relationship between their parents. Whoever influence you the most ultimately forms your image of what you think a responsible adults should be when you grow up.

Same ideas apply to subconsciously attract women, women either later on seeks a man who resembles his father or will go to opposite route and find someone totally opposite to fulfill her need to acquire something "which she doesn't have." So if you want to subconsciously attract women you are currently engaging with, an advice would be "get to know her parents."

Often times, you will find that by knowing her parents, you can get a sense of how her parents have shaped her and you can incorporate this data to subconsciously attract women.

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