Thursday, July 21, 2011

Male Body Language That Attracts Women: The 7 Secrets to Maximize Attraction of Any Woman

In order to get women to attract to you, there are certain things a man must do. The most important of which is how we use our body language to express our self-image.

It is a universal trait that most women around the world would rather be with someone who's confident with himself and understands the male body language that attracts women because a woman would be more comfortable and secure to stay with these men.

Here are 7 male body language that attracts women to enhance your self-image and extrude confidence so women will be naturally attracted to you!!

1) Chest UP

2) Strut Slowly

3) Keep Chin Up

4) Don't Slouch

5) Don't act needy and shy away when there's a chance to engage in small talk

6) Don't lean forward

7) Don't break eye contact too fast, maintain eye contact but also don't STARE!!

The key point is you want to give an impression that you are someone who is confident. You want to show her that if worry comes, you are someone who doesn't panic and can handle the situation in a decisive manner. Girls don't like a guy that can easily gets push around. They want to give you control and power but you have to first ALLOW yourself to be in the position of power to do so.

How to Tell that She's Interested?

When you take the above advice to the letter and start seeing success with women, the next thing is how exactly do you know if she's interested.... or if she's even attracted to you or not?

Luckily, there are several ways to find out from HER body language without getting into the trouble of calling her friends, her parents...etc.

Here are the list of signs girl would do subconsciously to show that she's interested in you

1) While engaging in the conversation, she keeps playing with her hair or fixing herself.

2) Dead-giveaway signs: if she catch your eye and smile and then look down... 70% chance that she's interested.

3) If you do have a chance to be within distance, notice her pupil. The pupil becomes bigger if they're interested in you.

4) If she's from a distance and wearing boots/heels at the same time, she will look at you with her leg crossed. If she look at the floor after she smiled at you and raises her toe high for a few seconds... this could be a subliminal message that she's interested and inviting you in.

5) Smiling from a distance and winks at you.

About the Author

It doesn't matter what race you are in, attraction is universal. Chun Tak Nicholas Tsoi, a Chinese Canadian, learns the male body language that attracts women from a successful dating program and he ended up finding the Japanese girl of his dreams!! Find out how YOU too, can learn the secrets to attract any beautiful women today at

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