Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Historical Roots of Direct Dating - Where Did The Dating Agency Concept Start?

In the 1970's, a new type of Dating Agency, claimed that by using a special dating formula, it could match you up to your perfect partner. As a concept it was a brilliant Marketing hoax, that was believed by literally millions of desperate people looking for love. The truth is, that this type of technique just doesn't work, and if it did, the world would be a very boring place.

It is true, that it is possible to match up people on a Dating Register, with other existing clients that like the same sort of things, and if you use a massive questionnaire system and a computer you can get some very specific results; but would you want to date someone who is exactly the same as you? Think about it for a minute; were you Mother and Father's personality the same? Probable not, and this is the X Factor of finding love; we don't know why or how it happens and the first person that finds the solution will invariable make a lot of money. Matching people by using an expert, is actually at the very root of the Dating Agency concept and started a long time ago, and we have to go back to the 16th Century to see where it all began.

Britain has given the world many things, including Tennis, Cricket, the Hovercraft and The Dating Agency. It all started off, when the Clergy in 16th Century England, decided that it would be a good idea to help people in their Parishes to get married. Marriage for the whole economy at the time was very important, as it was based on the Agricultural System, and so the production of Children was vital. Obviously there were no computers around, and matching people's personalities was a bit too sophisticated a concept for your local Vicar, so the roots of the Dating Club used Class, as a means of matching up suitable couples. It was very simple; you approached the local Priest, and explained that you wanted to get married. The Priest then put your name on to one of his lists, and Matched you up to someone on the same list. The list that you were put on, depended on you position in Society, so if you were a Peasant, you would be on a list with other Peasants, and if you where Aristocratic, then likewise you would be on that list, and so on.

The List concept could not happen today, as this would be classed as illegal segregation. In the 21st Century the majority of Dating Services are online, and members use a more 'Direct' Dating method, without the help of a computer or Priest. We don't know why Humans are attracted to each other, but Internet Dating lets them get on with the search to find that perfect match, without 'expert' interference.

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